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Fear Street

Fear Street

Fear Street was a collection of horror books for teenagers that were written by R.L. Stine, the author of the Goosebumps books. The novels were set in a fictional place called Shadyside. The protagonist was almost always a new girl who moves into the Fear Street area. She was always beautiful but didn’t fit in with the popular crowd at first. Weird things started to happen and one or more people get killed. Everyone suspects everybody else. The girl suspects the bad boy and falls in love with the cute boy. Then in the final twist, it turns out that the cute boy is the killer and the bad boy saves her.

Fear StreetFear Street

1. The New Girl

8. Halloween Party

9. The Stepsister

16. First Date

31. Switched

36. Secret Admirer

37. The Perfect Date

Fear Street Super Chiller: Silent Night

A spoiled rich girl Reva is in for a not-so Merry Christmas when someone begins stalking her.

Ghosts of Fear Street

Ghosts of Fear Street was created for younger readers, and were more like the Goosebumps books, featuring paranormal adversaries like ghosts, vampires, monsters and aliens.

99 Fear Street: The House of Evil

Fear Street Seniors

Fear Street Cheerleaders

Fear Street Sagas

The title of the series comes from the name of a fictional street in Shadyside, which was named after the Fear family. Their name was originally spelled as Fier, however after being told that the family was cursed and that the letters could be rearranged to spell “fire”, Simon Fier changed it to Fear in the 19th century. The curse survived, however, and Simon and his wife Angelica brought it with them when they moved to Shadyside sometime after the Civil War. It all started in Puritan times when Benjamin and Matthew Fier had an innocent girl and her mother, Susannah and Martha Goode, burned at the stake for allegedly practicing witchcraft. The father and husband, William Goode, put the curse on the Fiers to avenge their deaths, bringing misery and death to the previously mentioned family. Although a fire allegedly burned the last of the Fears (preventing a Fear and Goode from marrying), the series features some surviving Fears suggesting one of the brothers survived. These events are described in the Fear Street Sagas, a spinoff of the main series.

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