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Scariest Stories

Scariest Stories

The Scariest Stories You’ve Ever Heard is a series of 3 books. Some people say they are even better than the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, but they just never gained the same popularity. They contain stories based on popular urban legends and folklore.

Scariest Stories

The Scariest Stories You’ve Ever Heard (Mark Mills, 1988)

1. The Horrible Hook – “hanging on the handle of the car door”
2. Never Walk There at Night – “she had pinned herself to the grave.”
3. A Deadly Night at the Dew Drop Inn – “you’re not going anywhere.”
4. The Hand – “still hung from the string, but now its muscles were strained”
5. The Horror in the Backseat – “flashing my lights was the only way”
6. The Baby-Sitter – “toying with an electronic voice-changer.”
7. Prom Fright! – “his lifeless feet were hitting the hood of the car.”
8. The Night of the Sasquatch – “WoooooOOOOOOOOOoooooo.”
9. The Night He Came Back – “lovingly tied, was Bridgette’s scarf.”
10. The Headless Brakeman – “down the tracks on that fateful curve.”
11. The Viper – “he rolled up his pant leg and unbuckled his artificial leg.”
12. The Incredible Case of Captain Hanson’s Leg – “it doesn’t rain salt water.”
13. The Dog Man – “tearing voraciously at their old master’s body.”
14. The Terrifying Tale of Taily-Po – “all I want’s my taily-po…”

The Scariest Stories You’ve Ever Heard Part II (Katherine Burt, 1989)

1. The Doctor’s Visit – “she’s been dead for over three years.”
2. Brenda’s New Dress – “a chemical that stopped her blood from flowing.”
3. The Deadly Dare – “bloody from having scratched on the door to get in.”
4. The Doggie’s Treat – “she was choking on two human fingers.”
5. Terror Trip – “there was the red ribbon she wore around her neck.”
6. The Last Initiation – “he was pretending to be hanged.”
7. The Rose Garden – “I didn’t want the house down here in the valley.”
8. The Man on the Dock – “fishing over near the flooded locust grove.”
9. The Hitchhiker – “these are special gloves.”
10. Trick or Treat – “his awkward walk and his hospital name tag”
11. It Walks at Midnight – “the name on the dog tag was Midnight.”

The Scariest Stories You’ve Ever Heard Part III (Tracey E. Dils, 1990)

1. Hide-and-Seek – “it was the skeleton of Mr. Mackinbecker’s bride.”
2. Dead Man’s Hill – “what’s even better than taking the curve solo”
3. The Secret of the Dollhouse – “her grandmother’s rocking chair”
4. The Slasher – “you must get off at the next stop.”
5. Horror Weekend – “Mac Tolliver had come back.”
6. Midnight – “on top of Midnight’s grave, was Thomas’ blue baby blanket.”
7. The Sea of the Dead – “a fungus, Mr. Gray paused, that only grows…”
8. Killer Cactus – “where the tarantula eggs had come from.”
9. The Man with the Skeleton Face – “engine expoded and I guess the captain…”

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