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Dolls For Girls

Dolls For Girls

Dolls for Girls is a scary story about a doll that sits forgotten and unwanted in a toy shop and the young girl who eventually buys it.

Dolls for Girls

The doll had been sitting on the top shelf of the old toy store for many years. It had pale skin and delicate features. The arms and legs were held together by screws at the joints. It had a glamorous blue dress with a gold ribbon on the top. There were no other dolls in the world like this doll.

The doll stared at the people as they came and went. Perched on that high shelf all by itself, the doll felt lonely and unwanted. It longed to have someone who would cuddle it and hug it and sleep beside it at night.

One day, the doll’s dreams came true. A little girl came into the shop with her mother. She stood in front of the shelf and pointed at the doll. The owner got a step-ladder, took the doll down and put it in a bag. The little girl carried it home. For the first time, the doll was happy.

The next day, the doll lay on the floor of the girl’s bedroom. It was discarded like a piece of old rubbish. The girl was having an argument with her mother.

“I never wanted that stupid doll anyway!” she cried. “I wish you never bought it!”

The doll listened silently, staring up at the ceiling with glassy eyes. The girl came running into her bedroom and slammed the door behind her. She didn’t want to play with the doll. Instead, she stripped off its beautiful dress and tossed it in the corner. Whenever she passed the doll, she would kick it and punch it.

That night, as the little girl lay in her bed, sleeping peacefully, the doll stirred. It stood up and quietly made its way across the bedroom floor to the door. Silently, the doll walked down the hallway, down the stairs, through the kitchen and down into the basement.

The next morning, the girl’s mother knocked on her door and told her it was time for school. When she didn’t get an answer, the mother walked into the room and screamed in horror.

Her daughter was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Her limbs were splayed out in strange positions, like a disjointed doll. The girl was still alive and she was writhing in pain. Her mouth had been sewn shut and long, steel nails had been driven through all of her joints… her elbows, her knees, her wrists, her ankles, her shoulders and her hips.

On the table, there was a note written in blood.

It read: “Now you know what it is to be a doll.”

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