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Long Nails

Long Nails

The Long Nails is a scary story for children about a girl whose mother keeps her fingernails very long. It is based on a Russian urban legend for kids. I think the story is meant to be funny… in a stupid kind of way.

Long Nails

There was a girl whose mother had very long nails. Her fingernails were at least 7 or 8 inches long. The girl kept asking her mother why she had such long fingernails, but her mother refused to give her a straight answer.

Because of her long nails, the mother never washed the dishes and avoided doing any housework. The girl had to do all that instead. Even when her mother was on the computer, instead of typing, she would tap the keyboard with a pencil.

One day, the girl was rummaging through her mother’s purse when she found a strange set of keys. The keys were old and rusty, but they looked like they had been used recently. The girl went around thri apartment, trying the keys in every door, but she wasn’t able to figure out which door the keys were supposed to open.

A few days later, the girl went to visit her friend in a nearby apartment building. As she walked through the entrance, the girl spotted her mother coming out of one of the apartments. She was closing the door and locking it with the set of old, rusty keys.

The girl realized that her mother had a secret and she wondered what it was. That evening, she stole the keys from her mother’s purse and went to the apartment building. She found the apartment, put the keys in the lock and opened the door.

Inside, the apartment was very dirty and everything in it was very old. The wallpaper was peeling off the walls and the floor was covered in dust.

All of a sudden, she heard an old, croaking voice coming from the bedroom, which said, “Come here and scratch my back!”

The girl nervously went into the room. There, on the bed, lay an old man. The girl reached out, her hand shaking, and she began to scratch his back.

The old man swore angrily and said, “That’s no good! You’re not scratching it hard enough!”

The girl began to make excuses, but the old man snapped, “Remember! if you don’t scratch my back properly, then I will kill your daughter!”

The girl realized that the old man was blind and could not hear very well. He must be confusing her with her mother. She realized that the old man was threatening to kill her. She tried her best, scratching harder and harder, but the old man was still cursing. Eventually, the girl got so scared that she ran out of the apartment and never went back.

A month later, the girl’s mother slipped in the street and broke her leg. She was taken to the hospital. Her mother didn’t want to go to the hospital, but her father insisted.

When her mother was discharged from the hospital, she somehow managed to walk on crutches. She asked the girl to go with her to a nearby apartment building.

“There’s something I need to do,” she said.

The girl knew immediately what apartment she was talking about.

When they got to the apartment, her mother took out the rusty set of keys and unlocked the door. They went inside and found the old man lying on the bed. He was dead. Next to his corpse, they found a note. It read: “You have been bad, so kill your daughter!”

The mother thought for a long time, then she picked up one of her crutches and beat the girl to death…

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