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Old Man in the Picture

Old Man in the Picture

The Old Man in the Picture is a scary story for kids about a young boy who is sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office when he notices a strange portrait on the wall.

The Old Man in the Picture

Jake’s mother promised him that if he sat quietly in the waiting room while she saw her new doctor, he could have three bowls of ice cream afterwards.

Despite this promise, Jake was not happy. He didn’t like waiting and he didn’t like the room. He especially didn’t like the painting that was hanging on the opposite him.

It was an ugly portrait of an old man. Jake didn’t like the way the old man in the painting seemed to be staring right at him. There was a strange and awful look in his eyes. It was so disturbing that it sent a chill down his spine.

The Old Man in the Picture

Jake tried moving, but the old man’s eyes seemed to follow him around the room. It was a creepy picture, but Jake didn’t want to admit to himself that he was scared of it.

He went closer to the painting and that’s when he suddenly noticed something that struck him as odd. The old man’s hands were gnarled and twisted with long bony fingers and pointed nails.

The Old Man in the Picture

When his mother finally came out of the doctor’s office, Jake was nowhere to be found. She caught a glimpse of an old man slipping out the door. She called her son’s name, but he didn’t answer. The waiting room was empty.

Then, she turned around and noticed the portrait hanging on the wall.

The Old Man in the Picture

The young boy in the picture looked oddly familiar…

…and her screams could be heard all the way down the street.

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  • Cool! 4.5 out of 10 scream! I don’t want to be replaced with the man in the painting :(

  • Thanks xx scaryboy xx there’s another one for ya. It may be not that good though.
    Stupid story: Stuck in a Coalshed

    Hayley and David were friends. One day they decided to visit an abandoned coalshed.
    “OOH, this thing has a lock!” said Hayley, pointing at the coalshed door and locking it!
    “What have I done!” Hayley screamed.
    They both tried to open the door. But they couldn’t.
    “Now, to live we have to eat our own poop!” David cried.
    So they did. It was a month since they were there. They already ate their clothes and hair, and now they had nothing.
    “I’m hungry!!!!” moaned Hayley.
    “I have an idea!” cried David.
    With that, David took an axe and cut off the tip of Hayley’s skull and scooped out some of her brains, and they both enjoyed it. It was extremely delicious!
    “Let’s have some more!” cried Hayley.
    They ate until the brains were finished. By then Hayley was dead. David screamed, but he was hungry, so he cut her up, and ate her, eyes, ears, fingers, intestines and all. When he finished, he had an idea. He used the the axe to break the coalshed door and scurried off to his home.
    The End.

    (Haha it’s too weird though.)

  • Good creative story although I did kinda see it coming ._. 6/10 nightmares it was good anyway :)

  • I’m gonna give this story a solid 3/10. I saw that ending coming from a mile away.

  • xx scary boy xx thanks for responding. it is supposed to be stupid though :p I like making stupid stories btw :/

  • nice cartoon …. I hope sfk makes like comics of all story from now on…. Anyway 4 out of 10 scream …. For that disturbing portrait

  • Aren’t there usually a lady in the waiting room at the front desk but she didn’t even care…? Wow

  • Hey! I can try that potrait on my little sister! She is terrible!
    Just let me know where i can get it! :D
    well… 5 out of 10 cookies!

  • Jelly beans

    Once a pink jellybean called Zapto wanted to be the strongest jellybean ever. His best friend is a poo-colored jellybean, Zozeebo, who can do spells. One day, Zapto went to Zozeebo and requested a spell to be cast upon him so that he can become strong. “Sorry, buddy. No can do.” With that, Zapto kicked Zozeebo’s poo-face and tore the tip of his head. “Oh, my head is torn.” He said, and placed a napkin on it. Then he agreed to make Zapto strong and started making a potion. However, he mixed kangaroo poop with cow vomit and when Zapto drank it, he gave a enormous belch, that flew directly to Zozeebo’s face. “Bye bye!” Zozeebo said “PS: you will never get strong!” And then he turned inside out and died. With anger, Zapto ate himself up.
    The End.

    (Pretty weird, eh?)

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