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Difficult Riddles

Difficult Riddles

Here are some riddles that are difficult to understand. You may have to spend longer trying to figure out what the solution is.

Difficult Riddles

Riddle 1. Bus

A family was taking a journey through Colorado on a cross-country bus. The parents were bringing their children to visit some relatives who lived in a remote rural area. When the bus reached the foot of a mountain, the children began complaining that they were hungry. The parents decided to get off the bus at the next shop or restaurant they passed.

After a few minutes, they spotted a little roadside diner where they could all grab a bite to eat, so the wife pushed the stop button. The bus pulled over to the side of the road and the family got off, one by one.

Inside the diner, the parents and children were happily eating dinner, when they happened to look up at the TV. There was a news report on the screen that said a terrible accident had just taken place nearby. A bus had been crushed by falling rocks and everybody on board had been killed.

The parents were shocked. It was the same bus they had just been traveling on.

“I wish we had never gotten off that bus…” said the wife.

When the husband heard this, he spat out his food.

“What are you saying?” he shouted. “How could you say that?”

Then he thought for a second.

“Oh, I see,” he said. “You’re right. We shouldn’t have gotten off.”

Why did they say this?

Riddle 2. Soldier

At the end of the war in Iraq, an American soldier made a phone call to his parents.

“Hi Mom and Dad,” he said. “They’ll be sending me home in a few days. When I get home, do you think I could stay with you guys for a while?”

His parents were overjoyed at the news that he would be coming home.

“Of course!” cried his father. “You can live with us for as long as you like.”

“One of my buddies here has no place to go”,” he said. “Would you mind if he came to stay with us for a while too?”

“That’s fine, son” said his mother. “Your friends are always welcome in our house.”

“But, there’s something you should know”, said the son. “My buddy stepped on a land mine. He lost his arms and legs.”

There was a long silence on the other end of the line.

“Well, that would be fine for a few days,” said his mother. “But caring for a disabled person is hard. It would be a big burden on your father and I. Perhaps you could find him a nursing home or some sort of veteran’s hospital instead.”

Without another word, the son hung up the phone.

The next day, the parents received a phone call from their son’s commanding officer. He regretfully informed them that their son had committed suicide. The parents were devastated.

A few days later, the son’s corpse was flown back to the USA and his parents were there to collect the body. When they opened the coffin and saw their son, they both broke down crying.


Riddle 3. Public Bathroom

I was walking home last night, when I felt the urge to poop. I had to use a creepy, old public bathroom. It was down at the end of a street full of abandoned houses. Very spooky. I went into the bathroom, opened the door of the first stall and peeked inside. There was graffiti on the walls. On the right, it said “This bathroom is haunted” and on the left it said “This writing will change”. Creepy, huh?

I went into the stall, pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. While I was pooping, I started thinking about the strange graffiti. Maybe I’m superstitious, but I just had to take another look. On my right, it said “This bathroom is haunted” and on my left it said “This writing will change”. Hmmm…. So if the writing didn’t change, that means the bathroom isn’t haunted, right?

Riddle 4. Lottery

I really miss my sister. I’m 8 years old and my sister is 12. Ever since I can remember, our family has always been poor. My sister and I had to wear the same clothes every day and the kids at school used to make fun of us. Last year, my sister ran away from home. Even though we shared a bedroom, she never warned me she was going to leave. If I’d known, I probably would have begged her to take me with her. When I woke up in the morning, my mother told me my sister was gone. My parents said they are still searching for her, but I don’t think they’re putting in a lot of effort.

Not long after that, my parents won the lottery. My mom said she found the winning ticket in a dumpster. When I saw all the money in the briefcase, I thought our problems were over. I was wrong. My parents immediately went on a spending spree. My dad bought himself a new car and a big TV. My mom bought herself some nice new dresses and lots of jewelery. They didn’t buy me anything.

“What happens when all the money runs out,” I asked them.

“Don’t worry,” replied my mom. “We’ll still have you.”

I guess that means they love me. Doesn’t it?

Riddle 5. Parents

A young girl was locked in a coalshed. She was crying. Through her tears, she noticed an old lamp sitting among the pieces of coal. She picked it up and began rubbing off the coal dust.

Suddenly a genie appeared and said, “I will grant you one wish. Choose wisely, for one wish is all I can grant.”

“Please make my parents disappear!” cried the girl. “I really hate them!”

“Your wish is my command,” said the genie. “Go to sleep tonight. Before you wake up in the morning, your wish will be granted.”

The next morning, the girl woke up and went downstairs. She found her mother and father sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. The girl immediately regretted making the wish. She ran out to the coalshed and began rubbing the lamp.

The genie appeared and asked, “Are you happy now?”

“Please let me take back the wish I made yesterday”, begged the girl.

“I am sorry,” said the genie. “Once a wish has been granted, it cannot be taken back.”

The young girl began crying bitterly.

Riddle 6. Identical Twins

There were two young girls, named Mandy and Melissa, who were identical twins. They lived with their parents and older brother in a large mansion on the edge of town. Everybody was jealous of the girls because their father was rich and he bought them everything they wanted.

One dark night, the girls were kidnapped. When they awoke, they found themselves blindfolded and tied to chairs. The girls were extremely frightened and began to cry.

Suddenly, Mandy heard a high-pitched voice whispering in her ear. It was the kidnapper.

“I have contacted your parents and I am demanding one million dollars ransom,” he said. “If you try to escape, I will kill Melissa.”

Then, Melissa heard the kidnapper whispering in her ear.

“I have contacted your parents and I am demanding one million dollars ransom,” he said. “If you try to escape, I will kill Mandy.”

Riddle 7. Ball Bearing

A man was working in his toolshed when his son came in crying.

“What’s wrong, Son,” asked the father.

“Daddy, I was playing marbles with the other boys at school,” whimpered the little boy. “One of them stuffed a ball bearing in my ear and it won’t come out.”

“Don’t worry son,” said the father. “I’m sure I have something here that will get it out.”

The father’s favorite hobbies were science and woodwork. His workshop was filled with all manner of contraptions, gizmos and inventions. He gazed around his toolshed and his eyes settled on a super-strong electro-magnet he had built himself.

“This machine here is a magnet,” he told his son. “The ball bearing is metal, so when I turn this machine on, it will yank the ball bearing out.”

The man placed his son’s ear up against the magnet. He flicked the switch and there was a loud clang. His son crumpled to the floor, killed instantly.

How did the son die?

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  • #2 The son was the one who was in the accident. Not his friend
    #4 They’re going to sell her

  • 1) They feel so because had they not asked to stop the bus and gotten down then the bus would have passed the area where landslide occured.
    2) The land mine incident actually happened with him and not his friend.
    3) when he peeked inside the bathroom the writing was on his right but when he sat on the toilet his view changed but the writing was still on his right.
    4) The parents sold her sister and got a lots of money and now if their money runs out they will sold her too.
    5) They were not her real parents.
    6) The kidnapper was their brother as they were identical and nobody else could have known who was Melissa and who was Mandy.
    7) The father put the magnet on the opposite side as to where the ball bearing was. so when he switched it on the ball bearing ripped his brain and the boy died.
    Am I the only one who thinks that these riddles are not that scary!?

  • 1. If the family had not gotten off the bus, the bus would have already passed the rocks falling, but the family getting off delayed the bus and caused it to be in the spot where the rocks will fall.

    2. The soldier was actually the one that was disabled, not his “buddy”. The family said the “buddy” was going to be too much of a burden, meaning HE was going to be a burden. So he commit suicide.

    3. The writing would have switched places after walking out of the stall. Basically, if something is on your right and then you turn around, that thing would now be on your left. Same with the writing, if the words “This bathroom is haunted” was on his right while walking in, after walking out of the stall it should have now been on his left, but it was on the right again.

    4. The parents sold her sister for lots of money. By “We’ll still have you.” They mean that once they run out of money they will just sell her, too.

    5. The girl asked for her parents to be gone, but then they were still there in the morning, meaning those aren’t her REAL parents. She is adopted.

    6. If they’re identical twins, then how would someone tell them apart? The killer would have to be their brother or a close friend (since the story did say that their friends were jealous) who would know them well enough to tell them apart.

    7. The father placed the magnet on the opposite side of where the ball bearing was, so when he turned on the magnet, the ball bearing ripped through one side of the head to the other, going through his brain and killing him.


  • #2 A soldier called his parents because he already lost his arms and legs, so the soldier is holding the phone while their son is talking to them, he was testing them and he pretended that his ” BUDDY ” was disabled, and when the family heard that they would have a burden if he stayed. When the son heard that he committed suicide because he knows now he will be a burden to his family because he has no arms or legs.

  • 1: The reason they said they wished they were on the bus is because if they had not asked the bus to stop, then the bus wouldn’t have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    2: The soldier called his parents and tested them by asking if they could take care of his disabled “friend” when in reality he was the disabled one. When his parents said it would be too much of a burden, he became overcome with depression, which led him to kill himself
    3: When the guy looked at the graffiti at one perspective, but after he got out of the stall, he was looking at it from another perspective; therefore, the bathroom is haunted.
    4: The girl’s parents were people traffickers and they were so overcome with greediness that they trafficked their daughter and spent all their money. In conclusion, the reason the parents told their kid, “We’ll still have you.” was not because they loved their child, but rather so they could sell the kid.
    5: The girl’s parents weren’t acually her parents.
    6: The brother kidnapped his sisters because their father favored the twins more than him. The reasoning for this is because in the first paragraph, it said that everyone was jealous of the girls yet it did not mention the brother and it also mentioned the twins were identical. Yet their kidnapper was able to tell them apart and who else could tell them apart then their own brother, whom they lived with their whole lives.
    7: The reason the boy died was because the magnet was supposedly extremly powerful and the father accidentally put the magnet on the wrong side. In turn, the marble acted as a bullet, slicing through the child’s brain and killing him instantly. No hope 4 him!! If it hadn’t gone through his brain, the father could’ve put him in a cyrogenisis chamber (freezer) as long as it was within 10 minutes of his “death” because even after your heart stops beating, your brain has 10 minutes of activity left so if he put him in a freezer while constantly massaging his nerves (so that his nerves wouldn’t freeze and break, causing permanent nerve damage) then that would’ve saved his son. But it went through his brain, not his various other parts so he was instantly dead. Again, NO HOPE 4 HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (All information was from my brain as i remembered the book from the Artemis Fowl series, so blame them if any info is wrong, not me.)

    my friend told me all of de answers… I’m not THAT intelligent, I don’t use wierd terms like people trafficking, I don’t even know what it means (O_O)
    – Max Ride and her sidekick, Superdude.

  • As for 6. they were identical twins so it would be very hard for a stranger to tell them apart. since it was mentioned that her friends were jealous of them, then we can think they did so.

  • Come on guys, 5 is 2 damn easy. The girl was being abused by what she thought were her “parents” seemingly when she wished for her parents to disappear she thought that those “parents” will disappear but they didn’t meaning that they weren’t her real parents. SHE WISHED FOR HER “””””””””””REAL”””””””” parents to disappear.

  • 2: He was the guy without the legs nor arms
    3: if your were facing forwards my left right now would be your left so since he was facing the other way he grafiti did change but it only changed sides…
    4: They traded the child for lots of money
    5: He replaced her parents i think :s
    6: he could tell them appart so it had to be someone they knew

  • ARGH I figured everyone but the #5 one

    Im not satisfied with the idea of her being adopted, because she wouldn’t cry about it, she wouldn’t try to reverse it.

    Im asking myself these questions:

    How did she get out of there? And why was she crying in the end seeing here Parents? It doesn’t make sense….now a lot of people figured she might be dead…but that wouldn’t make sense either, since that wouldn’t make her parents disappear but her! The genie didn’t do his job properly.

    Don’t know….im not satisfied with the outcomes of this one…

    scaryforkid plz give me the answer!

  • 3) When he peeped into the bathroom the writing was on his right.
    and when he sat it in the toilet it was still on his right

  • @sas1509 Hey there! This is not the place to post your stories. Go to the section called “Your Story” and post it there in the comments.

    1) They were already dead. I got this as soon as I read that the bus reached the foot of the mountain. I guessed that the bus had somehow crashed so it came rolling down the mountain. They wished they had never gotten off that bus because they still didn’t realize that they were dead. They thought that if they hadn’t stopped their bus there then the bus would have been safe OR they wished so because they never wanted to know the fact that they died.
    2) The son had already committed suicide. The phone-call-maker was the son’s spirit so he referred to his body as his buddy OR another possibility is that the son called his parents but didn’t tell them that he was the one who lost their arms and legs. He told it to his parents in an indirect way. Because he knew that even if his parents would have problems they would still accept him as he is their son. So, when he knew that they would have problems, he hung up the phone and committed suicide. The parents looked inside the coffin to see his son and immediately knew why he had committed suicide.
    3) Even I didn’t get it. looks I will have to seek for this one’s answer…
    4) The parents were just purely evil. The mom said that they’ll still have him, not by affection, but she meant that they would sell him in order to get money. SUPPOSEDLY, he didn’t know but maybe the parents sold their daughter to earn the money and just lied to their son like “Your sister’s gone”. And the narrator thought that she ran away.
    5) This one was a little too hard for me…
    6) TOO HARD!
    7) The son’s brain and heart were made of metal and were programmed. So when the so-called father turned on the magnet, it gave a shock (it pulled so hard) to the heart and brain of the robot-like programmed boy.

  • #1) if they didnt stop the bus would have just passed the rock slid

    #2)he stepped on rhe mine and he committed suicide b cause they called him a burden

  • 1. They told the bus to stop so they could eat. If they hadn’t gotten off, the bus would not have been where it was when the rock slide happened, and everyone on board would have lived.

    2. He lied about the friend. He lost his limbs, and committed suicide after hearing that his parents would consider him to be a burden.

    3. The first time he looked, the right and left wall were from the perspective of outside the stall. The second time he looked, they were from the opposite perspective, meaning that the text on the walls had changed sides.

    4. The older daughter didn’t run away, the parents sold her. When they run out of money, they intend to sell the other daughter as well.

    5. She’s adopted, so the genie made her real parents disappear instead of her adopted parents.

    6. They are identical, yet the kidnapper could tell them apart, and was disguising his voice. It was their older brother.

    7. The father held the magnet on the wrong side, and pulled the ball bearing through the child’s head instead of out of the ear.

  • These stories are great for improving comprehension, sentence structure and vocabulary. I started reading these and i got A* in all subjects including English. I am very thankful to the creator of this website.

  • 2.i think it was their son who lost his hand and leg he wanted to know his parents reaction thats why he said his friend.
    3.the bathroom was haunted because writing switched their place.
    4.parents have sold their older daughter and they will sell her too.
    5.they wasn’t her real parents i guess.
    6.dont know abt it
    7.father choose wrong ear and ball pass threw it made him die.

  • (I read over and over to answer #1. i hope it is right.makes sense to me.)

    #1- IF they had not stopped the bus would have passed the spot by the time the rocks fell saving everyone.It’s their stopping that timed the bus under the falling rocks.
    #2-No friend.It was the soldier himself who was handicapped and did not want to be a burden to his parents after hearing what they had to say.
    #3-Before and after entering the stall, the narrator’s left and right changed but what was written on the right was still on the right and that in the left was on the left.
    #4-The sister was sold. when the money runs out he will be sold.They still have him.
    #5- i read and read and read but still cannot make sense of this one.
    #6-Must be someone who knows them well enough to be able to tell them apart like their brother?cause everyone was jealous of the girls for their father bought them whatever they want.nobody jealous of the brother?his father didn’t pamper him?sad
    #7-Wrong ear. the ball passed from ear to ear like a bullet, killing him.

  • 5 invisible parents (disappeared but still there)
    7 he’s in tool shed so the magnet attracted the tool’s so some sharp tool’s gone through the boy’s head

  • 1. It was their fault that the bus was crushed?

    2. The son was the one who stepped on the mine… he didn’t want to be a burden so he just killed himself. How’d he kill himself though? Meh.

    3. The graffiti changed! They, like, switched places.

    4. They sold his sister. He’s next.

    5. She’s adopted.. OR.. she didn’t exist because her parents didn’t exist. OR BOTH!

    6. Probably their brother kidnapped them (or someone who really knows them) because:
    a. Their dad was rich and he bought them everything they want (probably sooo jealous)

    b. He can identify them


    7. Maybe all the iron in his body was sucked out too? OR (based from the other comments.. the ball passed through his BRAIN!!!!!!)

    Are these correct???

  • #1: First of all, it said that the mother pushed the stop button. I’m not sure if buses have stop buttons. Second of all, the bus was crushed by falling rocks. That’s an avalanche. So, somehow, the family caused an avalanche by getting off the bus. How? I don’t know. Maybe the sound of wheels grinding to a halt was too loud and made the avalanche happen. Or maybe where the bus stopped was the place that was going to have an avalanche. There’s also the remote possibility of the bus driver being a robot, and the mother had a remote control that could control him. She pressed stop and got off. But the movement of the family getting off the bus caused an avalanche. The bus driver didn’t drive the bus out of the way because he was a robot and the mother was the only one with the control.
    #2: The son was the one that had stepped on a land mine, and was just lying about his friend. He was seeing if his parents were able to tolerate someone with no arms or legs. The parents cried when they saw their son because they saw that he had no arms or legs, and realized that it was their refusal to care for a disabled person that had driven him to suicide.
    #3: When he went IN to the bathroom, “This bathroom is haunted” was on the right and “This writing will change” was on the left. When he was double-checking, he was IN the bathroom, and therefore, the writing SHOULD have switched sides because he was looking at it from the other side.
    #4: The parents murdered the sister so they wouldn’t have to spend as much money on food. The mother lied about finding the ticket in the dumpster. She actually bought it with the money she saved from not having to buy so much food. When they won the lottery, the parents went on a spending spree. When all the money runs out, they’re going to still have the younger sibling – so they can kill him/her and save more money for a lottery ticket. There is also the possibility of the parents buying a cheat ticket off of the black market.
    #5: The girl was locked in the coal shed. That means that the next morning, she could not have gone downstairs and then back out to the shed. The genie must not have granted her wish, but rather move her out of the coal shed. If he had made her parents disappear, then when she woke up in the morning, she wouldn’t have known anything was different. No one would tell her because no one knew she was in there. The genie could tell her, but it wouldn’t matter if her parents were gone or not because the girl was stuck in the shed and so wouldn’t have any contact with them anyway. Basically, to grant the girl’s wish, the genie would have to move her out of the coal shed. And he can only grant one wish, so he decided to take the first step.
    #6: They were identical twins, so that means no one could tell them apart unless they’d lived with them. So the kidnapper was the older brother, because he could tell the girls apart. He wanted one million dollars from the parents so he could get a car or something. Also, everyone was jealous of the girls, not him, so maybe if he had one million dollars, people would be jealous of him.
    #7: The father put the machine against the wrong ear, and it was so strong that it pulled the ball bearing through the boy’s brain. Since it ripped a giant hole in the brain, the boy was obviously killed.

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