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Door Chain

Door Chain

The Door Chain is a scary riddle about a young man who stays in his sister’s apartment one night. See if you can figure out the solution to this riddle.

Door Chain

My sister is an art teacher and, ten months ago, she rented a cheap two-bedroom apartment to use as a studio. She never actually lived there. She just used it as a place where she could paint and store her art supplies.

When I left college, I started a new job in the city. I desperately needed a place to stay, but I hadn’t received my first paycheck, so I couldn’t afford to pay rent. Luckily enough, my sister offered to let me stay in her apartment until I got on my feet. She gave me the keys and I moved my stuff in the next morning.

That evening, I arrived home from work. I was excited about having my own place for the first time. My sister had told me that there was a lot of crime in the neighborhood and to always be sure I locked the front door. To be extra safe, I locked the door with the deadbolt and the chain.

In the kitchen, I made myself some chicken curry with rice. Then I read some comics until it was time for bed. I checked the door and the gas and went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. It must have been around 2 or 3 in the morning and I heard the sound of someone unlocking the deadbolt on the front door.

Must be my sister coming to paint, I thought to myself. I heard her go into the the room next door to my bedroom. That was the room she used as a studio. I’d been in there earlier and it was empty except for some canvas and paints.

I was tired and I had work again the next morning so I stayed in bed. Through the wall, I could hear her mumbling and laughing to herself.

“These artists are weird people,” I said to myself and it wasn’t long until I fell asleep again.

When I woke up the next morning, my sister was gone and I was alone in the apartment. I got out of bed, showered and dressed myself. I quickly poured myself a bowl of cornflakes and ate it hungrily.

Then I grabbed my briefcase and went out the front door. When I turned around to lock the front door, I was suddenly terrified.

After work, I went home to my parents’ house. I never went back into the apartment after that. I was too scared.

Why was he scared?

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    Yes. According to the story, he locked the door with a deadbolt and a chain. A deadbolt is safe because it can only be opened from the inside. Yet, in the night, he hears the sound of the door being unlocked and muttering and mumbling which means that there was someone with him in the building the entire time he thought the door was locked. When he went to sleep, that person with him unlocked the door to let someone else in. They both talked and laughed at the man’s stupidity, as he didn’t even realise that there was another person with him. They probably left the house in the morning. The next morning when he went out, he realised that the deadbolt was actually unlocked, means whoever came in the night before, went out and since they went out, they couldn’t lock the deadbolt which led to another thought being crossed across his mind, that since a person cannot lock the deadbolt from outside, they cannot unlock it from outside either, that means that someone was with him this entire time.

  • You can’t unlock a door chain from the outside, so the person must have been inside for them to unlock the door chain. @Scaryforkids, am I right?

  • His sister pretended to be a painter and he saw her with red “paint” on her but he saw a dead body at the door ┐(‘~`;)┌

  • Wait u can only unlock the dead lock from the inside right so someone must have been inside the house already and since the sister doesn’t live there it must have been someone else. So the boy must of realised this and ran out. Right?

  • I think the reason why he was scared was because the sister went out of the house and the lock is inside the house so how could she lock it? So the reason why he ran off because he realised that the front door was unlocked all day. He probably thought that someone had entered the house and was still inside. He realised this because the door was unlocked.

  • 1. The sister said that he must lock the door because of the criminal so it gotta be a robber or a killer.
    2. He locked the door with a deadbolt and a chain. No one can get in. So there is someone already inside.
    3. He heard his sister so she is a victim or a killer. (He heard her laughing so she is probably a psycho killer.)
    4. In the morning he saw something.
    Now I think he saw a dead and tortured body. Its because the intruder was in the flat all the time. And its easier to hide a dead body from someone. Its not easy to keep an alive person hidden.

    Believe me… (*_*)

  • I loved this story it was so good but if someone broke in from outside they must of had to break the chain or something but what did he see a dead body something that he never wanted to see again I don’t know?

  • Do you know that if you wake up between 3 to 5 at night without any reason that means that someone is dreaming about you or remembering you

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