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Department Store Mannequins

Department Store Mannequins

The Department Store Mannequins is a creepy picture from Japan that is said to be cursed. If you want to be safe, you can read the text, but do not look at the image.

In 1972, there was a terrible fire in a department store in Sennichi, Osaka in Japan. The fire started shortly after the stores closed and it spread quickly. There was a cabaret on the top floor and many employees and customers were trapped.

Some died of smoke inhalation. Others who couldn’t stand the heat and the smoke jumped out the windows. All that could be heard was the sound of breaking glass and horrible screams followed by a sickening thud as people fell to their deaths.

They say it was a gruesome sight. The street below was covered in pools of blood. In all, 118 people died and 78 were seriously injured. It was the worst building fire that had ever ocurred in Japan.

Ever since then, they say the area is haunted. The ghosts of those who died roam the streets after dark and in the building’s toilets, may people have seen ghostly figures reflected in the mirrors.

The photo you will see below is of some department store mannequins that were burned in the fire. They say that the picture is cursed.

People who view the picture claim to have horrible recurring nightmares about the mannequins. In each dream, they hear a voice saying a number and each time, the number gets lower as if it is some kind of countdown.

They also hear strange knocking sounds on windows and doors when they are awake and catch fleeting glimpses of ghostly figures out of the corner of their eye.

Sometimes they die in an accident, under suspicious circumstances.

If you don’t want to experience any of these symptoms, please do not look at the image below. You have been warned.

Department Store Mannequins

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