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Blue Boy

Blue Boy

The Blue Boy is a true ghost story about Stevens Hall in Gettysburg College and the ghost of a little boy who froze to death.

Blue Boy

Over a hundred years ago, Stevens Hall was a preparatory school for girls. Nearby, there was an orphanage. The children who lived there were abused and mistreated.

One freezing cold night in the middle of Winter, a little boy escaped from the orphanage and ran away. He made it as far as Gettysburg college, but he couldn’t go any further. When he knocked on the window of the dormitory in Stevens Hall, some of the girls let him in.

That night, the headmistress was doing her rounds, checking on all of the girls before bed. When the girls saw her coming, they were afraid she would find the little boy, so they decided to hide him. The only place they could think of to hide him was on the ledge outside their window.

It was freezing outside and the headmistress took her time talking to the girls. Over an hour passed by before she finally left. The girls hurried over to the window and opened it, but the little boy was gone. All they found was a trail of small footprints in the snow.

Nobody knows exactly what happened to the little boy, but it is presumed that he froze to death that night. Ever since then, girls who stay in Stevens Hall have reported seeing the ghost of a frozen little boy whose face is all blue. They call him The Blue Boy.

One girl saw the ghost and it gave her such a fright that she almost ran out of the room. His face was pressed up against the window, peering inside. When she looked back at the window, the little blue boy was gone, but written backwards on the frosted glass in the window were the words: “Help Me”.

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  • I liked it…. According to it’s all headmistress’s fault as she was who is strict and made the children get scared from her… I think if she was kind then they won’t be so scared to hide the boy in the room itself…..

  • They could have hidden him under the bed. Or even in the loo. There are so many places in the room itself. The girls lacked common sense.

  • It kind of is the boy’s fault. Why didn’t he just wait over there? And the girls didn’t have to hide the boy, they didn’t do anything wrong by letting a little boy in. They could have taken him to the headmistress. Anyways, it was a nice story, could have ended in a better way. I will give it 7 out of 10.

  • Poor boy. It’s not really scary. You can do better SFK! Please update a TINY BIT MORE!!! Thanks

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