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Bride Dolls

Bride Dolls

Bride Dolls is a creepy story about a strange tradition in rural Japan where unmarried men are buried with dolls so that they will be married in the next world.

Bride Dolls

When I was in elementary school, I read in an article in a magazine that scared me. Even today when I think about it, I still find it disturbing.

The article was about a strange tradition practiced in rural villages in Japan.

There, when a young man died without being married, they put a bride doll in the coffin with him. The bride doll would be given a name and they would cremate them together. They believed that if they did this, the young man would have a happy married life in the next world.

The article mentioned one young man who committed suicide because he was rejected by a woman. His parents put a bride doll in the coffin with him. They named the doll after the woman who rejected him. They also placed a photo of the woman in the coffin with her name written on the back before it was cremated.

Usually, they would give the bride doll a fictitious woman’s name, but in this case, they used the name of a woman who was still alive.

The next day, the woman was found dead.

In the article, it was supposed to be a sad story about the love of the parents for their son, but somehow it gave me the creeps.

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