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Cassandra is a spooky story written by a member of this website named AngelofyourNightmares. It’s about a new girl in school who makes frinds with another girl that has a very disturbing secret.


I was new to Middle Brook School. All the girls were popular and rich, so they really weren’t interested in me, a daughter of two teachers. As a result, I was the odd one out. I was bullied, tormented and lonely until Kaitlin came to school.

She was a tall, slender girl who had emerald green eyes. Kaitlin had an engineer dad and a doctor mom, so I was afraid they’d take her in. They did try, but Kaitlin chose to hang out with me. She said that I resembled the “earlier her”, whatever that meant.

However, there was a strange thing about her. I always found her glaring at Mr. Edgewood, the old man who owned the company next to our school building. Mr. Edgewood was a kind old man who even offered the girls rides home. It seemed so ridiculous that she didn’t like him.

As our friendship grew, she told me more and more about herself. She said that she had been to a very similar school and was a victim of jealousy. She shuddered then, as if she had remembered something terrible. I dared not ask what.

The next day, I went to the library to read and research about a school project. Kaitlin was to meet me there. As I was reading an encyclopedia, I spotted an almanac about the last 100 years in Middle Town, where we lived. I picked it up and started reading.

It was full of pretty boring stuff actually, but then, I saw the page. It was a page on Kaitlin, and her death 50 years ago. My mouth popped open as I understood everything she said and did. Kaitlin was bullied by the grandparents of the “popular gang” and was killed when they tricked her into coming outside in the dead of night and pushed her in front of a car, the car of Mr. Edgewood, young and drunk then. It said that the whole thing was ruled an accident, and Mr. Edgewood received only two years in prison.

I closed the almanac and slammed it on the table, then immediately picked up my encyclopedia. I had picked it up just in time, for Kaitlin came in right after that. She looked at me and asked me if I were alright. I nodded. We sat and did homework then as if nothing happened.

The next day, Jenna, the head of the popular gang went missing, then Eliza, then Barbara and then Melinda. A change came over Kaitlin as well, she now seemed more relaxed, as if a load was off her shoulders, but still uncomfortable when she saw Mr. Edgewood who also disappeared the next week. I probably knew what had happened, but dared not talk.

One day, Kaitlin invited me over. She had quite the nice home, so posh and well furnished. Her parents weren’t home so it was just us girls. We were in her room when she remembered that there was a stack of board games in the basement and told me to go get them. I reluctantly walked down the steps.

The cellar was dark, and smelled horrible. I blocked my nose and began looking for both the light switch and the stack. The light from the open door was not enough and I kept stumbling and falling down. Suddenly the door slammed. I was left in the pitch dark. I let out a scream. Then the lights went on. I wish they hadn’t.

The bodies of Eliza, Jenna, Barbara, Melinda and Mr. Edgewood were hanging from the ceiling, body parts twisted in odd angles, various objects sticking out of their bodies. The ground was covered in a pool of dried blood, which caused the stench. Then something nudged me in the back. It was Kaitlin.

“So, you found out about my secret Angel. Well, that’s ok, because you will take it to your grave! My parents died of grief and I killed the ones who caused it, one by one with my own bare hands! Now, the same thing will happen to you!” she said and hit me on the head with a hammer. I blacked out.

Now I am in the hospital and I am terrified. I was found in the middle of the road in front of Kaitlin’s house. People don’t believe what I tell them, because Kaitlin disappeared, but she is around, because I found a note on my table which was in her handwriting.

It read: “I know you’re alive. I’m coming for you.”

scary for kids


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    WOWIE. Great Story!

  • I liked the story, I would freak out if I had a ghost friend 👻 In a good way!

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