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Beach House

Beach House

The Beach House is a spooky story for kids written by a member of this website called prettydeadgirl5. It’s about three girls who investigate an eerie-looking old house on the beach.

Beach House

My name is Ashley and my friends are Rihanna and Simone. We hang out all the time and love talking about scary things. Yesterday, we went to a house that was rumored to be haunted. we went inside and saw nothing spectacular, just some spider webs and dirty things inside the house. After a while, we were utterly bored with the house and left.

Today, one of my friends said they saw a house on the beach that looked deserted and broken down. we decided to go there and check it out. That night at twelve o’ clock we went inside the house. my friend Rihanna was videotaping everything and my friend Simone kept saying that we shouldn’t go inside, but she continued walking with us right up to the door.

we went inside the beach house. From the outside it looked like a tiny old shack, but on the inside it looked rather huge. There were fifteen doors and we noticed dust and bloodstains on the walls.

Simone tried to run out of the house, but the door closed in her face. we all screamed and started violently kicking at the door, but it wouldn’t budge. Simone started crying as she fell to her knees and Rihanna screamed as she hugged her tight. We all wished we hadn’t come to the house.

I decided I was going to check the rooms inside the house. maybe I could find something to help us escape. My friends all screamed and told me I shouldn’t. I ignored their warnings.

In one of the rooms, I found a cute doll and picked it up. It reminded me of my mother who had died when I was five. I decided to keep it. I looked in room after room for supplies, but I couldn’t find anything. I went back to the front door and realized to my horror that my friends weren’t there.
I immediately freaked out and started calling their names. They didn’t answer.

I wanted to hug the doll for confidence and realized it wasn’t there either. I went to the room where I found the doll, thinking I must have dropped it. on the bed, I saw two dolls that looked exactly like my friends, Rihanna and Simone.

I screamed and fell to the floor. I saw the doll that looked like my mother coming toward me with a sewing needle in one hand and a knife in the other. She kept saying, “Come join us! Come join us! Come join us!”

I tried to scream , but no sound came out. At that moment, everything went black.

Days later, two policemen walked into the house. They were searching for three missing girls. They walked into one room and noticed three dolls lying on the bed. They picked up the dolls and one policeman thought they would be perfect for his little daughter. He took them all home with him that evening and placed them on his daughter’s bed.

The next morning, when the policeman awoke, he saw a fourth doll with his daughter’s face on it. He screamed and noticed three other dolls coming at him, chanting “Come join us! Come join us! Come join us!”

The next day, the policeman was found dead in his bed. He had two sewing needles stuck through his heart and two buttons placed over his eyes. Written in blood on his forehead, were the words, “Come join us! Come join us! Come join us!”

Bonus Story: My Boyfriend’s Mom

(By prettydeadgirl5)

The story I am about to tell you is true please believe me!

I was at my boyfriend’s house and his mother was in the kitchen, making dinner. He asked me to come up to his room and I agreed. On the way up the stairs, I heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen. It sounded like two people fighting.

When I told him about it, a worried expression came over his face as he quickly said, “It’s nothing! Come on!”

I should have been worried then, but I thought little of it. When I was in his room, he tossed me on his bed and started to kiss me. We were making out when, all of a sudden, I heard a loud BANG! It sounded like it came from downstairs.

I immediately jumped off his bed and looked around. I told him about the sound I had heard. He just shrugged. I told him we should go check on his mother. He groaned and tried to kiss me again. I refused to do anything until he agreed to go downstairs and check it out. He rolled his eyes, grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs.

I saw his mother standing there, cooking as usual. I felt so confused and afraid. I thought I had heard a loud Bang. He grabbed me and started to pull me back to his room. I followed him and he started kissing me again. This time, I heard a loud scream. I immediately ran down the stairs.

I saw his mother in the kitchen cooking as usual. I was so much more confused now. Then, his mother turned around to say dinner was ready. The moment I saw her face, I screamed in horror. At that moment, my boyfriend came down the stairs and hugged me. I fainted and fell to the floor.

When I awoke, he was holding me in his arms. I screamed again when I saw his mother. Her face was bloody and mangled. Her eyes were dangling from their sockets and her jaw was hanging on by a thread.

My boyfriend looked at me like I was mental and asked me what was wrong. I babbled for a moment then turned to look back at his mother. Her face now looked normal. I told them everything I had seen and they just laughed.

“What happened?” I thought to myself.

He kissed me again and this time he carried me up to his room and threw me on the bed. We started to make out again and I fell asleep. When I awoke it was morning and police officers were surrounding the house.

It turns out his mother was a serial killer and she had tried to kill me during the night. He bravely defended me and killed her to save my life. Her face was bloody and mangled as they carried her into an ambulance. She died on the way to the hospital. Her funeral was a week later.

When I went to the funeral, the coffin was open. I could have sworn she moved. I turned to my boyfriend and told him, but he just ignored me.

When they were burying her in the ground, I yelled and screamed, “SHE IS STILL ALIVE!!!”

Everyone looked at me as if I were crazy.

The next night, I went to the cemetery by myself, armed with a shovel. By the light of the moon, I dug up her grave until I unearthed her coffin. The top of it was all scratched up and ripped. I opened it and right before my eyes, the corpse of his mother sat up and looked at me. I screamed in horror, dropped the shovel and ran away.

I didn’t stop running until I reached my boyfriend’s house. When I saw him, I ran up and hugged him. I told him what I saw and he looked at me in disbelief. He told me his mother wasn’t dead at all, she was still alive and cooking dinner in the kitchen. I looked around and realized I was naked and in his room. It couldn’t have been a dream could it?

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  • No offense, though, but the second story didn’t make any sense. It also disturbed me when you mentioned the character being naked. :P

  • Nice job PrettyDeadGirl5! Congrats, I remember the thrill I felt when I got “Tree House” published…I got a lot of criticism on that one too, but you shouldn’t take it personally…Actually, I used my critics’ comments to help me improve! Keep it up, I actually loved this one! :D
    Five puppies, good for a first story! Really good!

  • the first one was good. But after reading the second one I was like wtf!!! No offense but the second story doesn’t make any sense!!!

  • Wait a min …Naked…..wat the…..Stupid & Disturbing story. 2 out of 10 cookies!

  • No offense, prettydeadgirl5, but these stories were BAD… Like seriously, none of them made sense, and had bad grammar… I don’t even get why Sfk would even post this one up… I give it a 1 out of 10… Sorry if my review was too cruel

  • Gah bad writing!(no offense)boring and lame btw my name is Ashley and that ust makes this story worse.

  • The beach house one is not so bad thought it’s so cliché and predictable. But the second story….One of the lamest stories here… SFK what’s got into you lately with all these lame stories? We want the old SFK back….

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