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No One Loves Me

No One Loves Me

No One Loves Me is a spooky story written by a member of this website called Dead scary. It’s about a girl, her best friend, his new girlfriend and a sleepover in dorm room.

No One Loves Me

I want to tell you about my best friend, Kris. He’s quite tall, very handsome… and very dead. He was murdered on his 18th birthday. I knew him ever since I was 12 years old and he was the first friend I ever had who was a boy and didn’t mind spending lots of time with me. When I first found out about his death, I was heartbroken, but now I think I’m ready to share this information. (For safety reasons, I will use an assumed name – Skye.)


January 7th 19:16 (Blackberry Messenger)

Kris: Hey, Skye, i met this girl called Raina at my Music class and i wanna know some tips on how to impress her. Seeing as your a girl, you might know how to handle these situations and how i should react?

Skye: yeah sure. its really simple, just follow these rules and you’ll have her under your arm :)1. No cheesy pick-up lines 2. No lying 3. No swearing 4. Act interested 5. No wandering hands 6. No immature behavior… Simples!

Kris: thanks babe, love ya!

Skye: love ya too


January 8th 13:26 (Blackberry Messenger)

Kris: i’m in music now and shes sitting a few seats away from me
Kris: im gonna jump in there soon ;)

Skye: okay, but do u remember what i told u yesterday?

Kris: yeah, its my current background image LOL

Skye: haha okay babe, have fun xox

Kris: i will ;) xoxoxoxoxo


January 8th 16:31 (Verbal Conversation)

“Hi, I’m Kris!”

“I’m Raina.”

“So you’re the new girl, huh?”

“Yeah, I came all the way from Mexico. Where do you come from?”

“Manhattan. Hey, do you wanna be my music partner?”


Since that day, the relationship between Raina and Kris began to improve thanks to the help of Skye.


January 15th 23:29 (Blackberry Messenger)

Unknown: Do you love me?

Kris: Im sorry?

Unknown: No one loves me.

Kris: who is this?

Unknown: DO YOU LOVE ME?!

Kris: I dont know! I dont know who this is!

Unknown: tell me you love me or I’ll slit your throat!

Kris: You dont know me, you dont know where I live.
Kris: You cant hurt me!

Unknown: You better stay awake tonight!


January 15th 23:39 (Blackberry Messenger)

Kris: did you send me messages about ‘do u love me’ ???

Skye: no, when?

Kris: 3 minutes ago!

Kris: just tell me it was you, theres no need to be jealous

Skye: im not jealous and i never sent you any messages

Kris: I’m serious Skye!! WAS IT YOU?!?!?!?

Skye: NO!


Skye: what?

Kris: you sent the message saying ‘tell me you love me or ill slit your throat’ i know its you! why are you jealous??!!?!?

Skye: Kris, i’m being honest! i didnt send those messages! you better take that to the police straight away!

Kris: no no im not playing games. i have a piano recital tomorrow and no one can get in my way. goodnight

Skye: uh… bye


January 16th 09:27 (Verbal Conversation)

“Hey, Raina.”

“Hi, Kris! Hey, I’m having a little sleepover in my dorm and I was wondering if you and your best friend wanted to stay tonight?”

“OMG, sure!”

“Awesome! Come to dorm 327 at 7pm, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll tell skye!”


January 16th 10:12 (Blackberry Messenger)

Kris: Hey! Raina wanted us to stay at her place tonight ‘cos shes having a sleepover with us and wanted to know if we wanted to come over, you up for it?

Skye: sure!!!!

Kris: okay be at dorm 327 at 7pm tonight

Skye: kk, byeee!!!!!


“hey guys!” – skye
“hi skye.” – kris
“hello!!” – raina

That evening, the three of them gathered at Raina’s dorm room. They told scary stories and shared urban legends. When it finally came time for them to go to sleep, they all slept in the dorm.

During the night, Kris was awoken by something sitting on top of him. It was Raina, except her eyes had turned a horrible glowing Red and her teeth were as sharp as spears. She gave him a huge smile as she sat on him and stared right into his eyes. Her whole body was covered in hair and she had a long tail that waved around happily. Kris looked over to where Skye had been sleeping and he saw that she had gone. There was a note lying next to him. He picked it up and read it.

“Dear Kris, sorry but i had to leave because i forgot i had to study for the next assignment. love you always, Skye xoxox”

Kris screamed as loud as he could but no noise could be heard.

“Do you love me?” Asked the gruesome creature that used to be Raina.

“I don’t know.” replied Kris.

“Do you love me or not?!” She began getting agitated.

“I’m not sure..”


“I…I L-L…”

“TOO LATE!” And with that she ripped out his heart and gobbled it down, swallowing it whole. Blood stained the corners of her mouth. She jumped out of the window and ran away to the next University, in hopes of finding another young boy to play with.

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