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Beatrice is a scary story about a Whatsapp conversation between a girl named Beatrice and her younger brother, Armando. (It is based on a story by author Manuel Villeda).


Beatrice: Armando?
Beatrice: Are you there, Armando?
Beatrice: I need your help.
Beatrice: Armando???

Armando: What the hell is up with you?
Armando: Where have you been?
Armando: Do you know how much trouble you caused?
Armando: You scared the whole family.
Armando: We were all fearing the worst.

Beatrice: I’m so sorry.
Beatrice: Believe me, it was not my intention.

Armando: You need to call Mom and Dad.
Armando: They’ve been worried sick about you.
Armando: Nobody has heard from you in three days
Armando: Even the police are out looking for you!
Armando: We didn’t know if you ran off with some guy
Armando: Or if you were just out partying with your friends.
Armando: We didn’t know anything!
Armando: It’s very irresponsible.

Beatrice: Don’t scold me.
Beatrice: Especially when you don’t know what actually happened.

Armando: Well then tell me.
Armando: I’m not the one you have to worry about.
Armando: When you get home, Mom and Dad will be furious.
Armando: They’ll scold you much worse than me.
Armando: But if you have a good excuse, they will understand.
Armando: After all you’re already eighteen.
Armando: Come home and tell them what happened.

Beatrice: I would if I could.
Beatrice: That’s why I’m texting you
Beatrice: I need your help.
Beatrice: I need you to come for me
Beatrice: Come and pick me up.
Beatrice: And don’t say anything to Mom and Dad

Armando: And why wouldn’t I tell them???
Armando: They’re the ones who are most worried!

Beatrice: You’ve always been the reliable one, Armando.
Beatrice: You’re the one everybody looks to in a crisis.
Beatrice: You are the one who can deal with anything.
Beatrice: That’s why I need it to be you and nobody else who comes to pick me up

Armando: Good Lord, Bea! What are you talking about?
Armando: You’re starting to scare me.
Armando: It’s the middle of the night.
Armando: You couldn’t have texted me earlier?
Armando: OK, I’m dressed. I’m ready to go.
Armando: So where are you?

Beatrice: Thank you, little brother.
Beatrice: I’m close to the river.
Beatrice: You’ll have to come by car
Beatrice: And then walk the rest.

Armando: What???
Armando: It’s a big river.
Armando: Am I supposed to comb the entire area?
Armando: You could at least give me some landmarks.
Armando: Or wait by the side of the road.
Armando: And why the hell are you there in the first place?

Beatrice: Don’t ask.

Armando: You know what, maybe I better tell Mom and Dad
Armando: And then the police can come and pick you up.
Armando: That would be much easier for me.

Beatrice: No, please no
Beatrice: Don’t tell our parents.
Beatrice: And don’t involve the police
Beatrice: They will just tell our parents
Beatrice: And I don’t want that.
Beatrice: You’re the only one I trust

Armando: You’re putting me in a really awkward situation, Bea.
Armando: I don’t know what to do.

Beatrice: Come for me.

Armando: At least make it easier for me.
Armando: Give me a few more landmarks so I can narrow it down.

Beatrice: I think there was an old abandoned ranch

Armando: I know it

Beatrice: I think we went through there.
Beatrice: The rest of the way we went on foot.

Armando: “We went”???
Armando: Who else was with you?
Armando: You should go out to the road and wait for me.

Beatrice: I can’t, little brother.
Beatrice: Seriously I can’t.
Beatrice: If I could, don’t you think I would have gone back home myself?
Beatrice: As for those who came with me…
Beatrice: You don’t know them
Beatrice: So it’s better not to tell you.

Armando: Well, when you get home you owe us a big explanation.

Beatrice: I know. I know.
Beatrice: Are you coming?
Beatrice: Please say yes.

Armando: I’m on my way. But I’m not happy about this.
Armando: All of it makes me very nervous…
Armando: Oh, little sister. The things you make me do…

Beatrice: I know. I owe you.

Armando: That’s for sure.

Beatrice: Are you coming?

Armando: I’m leaving now.
Armando: Why are you in such a rush??

Beatrice: There are some crows nearby.
Beatrice: They scare me.

Armando: Then shout at them and scare them off!

Beatrice: I can’t

Armando: Why can’t you?
Armando: Are you hurt?
Armando: Who’s there with you?
Armando: Are you hiding from someone?
Armando: Do you have to keep quiet?

Beatrice: It’s not as simple as that.

Armando: So what’s going on?

Beatrice: You’ll find out when you come for me.

Armando: Why so mysterious?
Armando: You seriously have me worried!
Armando: I have a lot of doubts.
Armando: You need to tell me what’s going on.

Beatrice: You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, little brother.
Beatrice: Believe me… You wouldn’t believe it.

Armando: Well, if you don’t tell me anything
Armando: How can I know what to believe and what not to believe?!?
Armando: Look at the situation.
Armando: I’m going out in the middle of the night to look for you
Armando: But I don’t know where I’m going
Armando: And I don’t know why you’re there
Armando: And I don’t know who’s there with you
Armando: And I don’t know what’s going on with you
Armando: At least tell me something.
Armando: This is so frustrating!

Beatrice: Just come for me.
Beatrice: Please.
Beatrice: Trust me.
Beatrice: You don’t need to know what happened.

Armando: Really, I don’t understand you.
Armando: OK. I’m already in front of the ranch.
Armando: I parked the car and now I’m going on foot.
Armando: Should I take the little road that goes down by the side of the fence?

Beatrice: I think so.
Beatrice: I’m not sure.
Beatrice: I just remember that later it comes to a dead end.
Beatrice: Then they made me go into the forest.

Armando: I’m already on the road
Armando: I’ll see if it comes to a dead end.
Armando: They MADE you go into the forest?
Armando: Who made you?
Armando: What does that mean?

Beatrice: Nothing. Nothing.
Beatrice: It doesn’t mean anything.

Armando: Damn it, Beatrice!
Armando: Tell me what’s going on!

Beatrice: If I tell you, you won’t believe me.
Beatrice: And don’t ask.
Beatrice: Just come for me please!

Armando: The road ends in a cul-de-sac
Armando: I think it’s the right way

Beatrice: Yes I think so.
Beatrice: You must not be far away, little brother

Armando: There are tyre-tracks here
Armando: OMG and blood
Armando: There’s some drops of blood on the edge of the road
Armando: What happened here Beatrice?
Armando: I demand an answer!

Beatrice: Please
Beatrice: Don’t make me tell you.
Beatrice: It’s not easy.

Armando: There are drops blood on the leaves.
Armando: I have a horrible feeling about this.
Armando: Is this your blood, Beatrice?

Beatrice: No. Not mine.

Armando: Tell me what happened here.
Armando: Did you kill someone?
Armando: Are you with some guy? Did he kill someone?
Armando: Is that what this is all about?

Beatrice: No No No No

Armando: You have to tell me!

Beatrice: I’m not sure.
Beatrice: I don’t remember so clearly.
Beatrice: Just come and find me.
Beatrice: Maybe you can follow the trail.
Beatrice: I don’t know.
Beatrice: Just find me.

Armando: Why don’t you want to tell me anything?
Armando: I’m actually scared now.
Armando: You’ve got me all the way out here at this time of night…
Armando: All alone in the middle of nowhere.
Armando: Are you really my sister?

Beatrice: Who else would it be, little brother?

Armando: How do I know?
Armando: You could be someone else entirely
Armando: Someone playing a trick on me.
Armando: A kidnapper or a murderer luring me to my death?
Armando: Some sort of crazed serial killer.

Beatrice: Don’t be an idiot.

Armando: Maybe you’ve already killed my sister.
Armando: And now you’re posing as her.
Armando: Using her phone to lure me here.
Armando: Is that what’s really going on here?
Armando: You think I’m stupid?

Beatrice: I’m Beatrice, your big sister.
Beatrice: I wouldn’t lie to you, little brother.
Beatrice: Believe me.

Armando: I need to be sure.
Armando: What did I give you for your 15th birthday?

Beatrice: A small box with a necklace that had my initials on it.

Armando: Well, you’re right.
Armando: I guess it must be you.
Armando: Or someone who knows you very well.
Armando: Anyway, I don’t have a choice now.
Armando: I’m coming to find you.

Beatrice: I think you’re close.

Armando: I need you to tell me what happened.

Beatrice: You’re not going to give up, are you?

Armando: I never give up.

Beatrice: OK but if I tell you, you have to promise me something.

Armando: What?

Beatrice: You promise not to freak out?

Armando: I’m already freaked out.
Armando: I don’t think you can freak me out more than this.

Beatrice: The truth is, I was kidnapped.

Armando: What? WHAT?

Beatrice: They kidnapped me, little brother.
Beatrice: Me and my friend Cecelia
Beatrice: When we went out for hamburgers
Beatrice: A black van followed us when we were walking back home
Beatrice: They intercepted us on a dark street
Beatrice: They grabbed us and forced us into the back of the van.
Beatrice: We resisted, we shouted, we punched and kicked
Beatrice: But it was useless
Beatrice: They kept beating us until we couldn’t fight anymore
Beatrice: We couldn’t do anything but sob
Armando: For God’s sake, Beatrice!
Armando: We have to tell the police about this!
Armando: These guys are still on the loose.
Armando: They could hurt someone else!
Armando: Are they still keeping you captive?

Beatrice: Later, Armando.
Beatrice: You can tell the police later
Beatrice: At the moment, I just want you to find me
Beatrice: And take me home
Beatrice: And no, I’m not their captive anymore

Armando: Are those guys still here?

Beatrice: No. They’re long gone.
Beatrice: If they were still here, I wouldn’t ask you to come.

Armando: So what happened?
Armando: What else did those b*stards do to you?

Beatrice: Are you still looking for me?

Armando: Yes.
Armando: There’s a trail of trampled grass and broken branches.
Armando: And occasionally I see some drops of blood.

Beatrice: Hurry.

Armando: I’m hurrying. But I’m very scared.

Beatrice: I was more scared.
Beatrice: Those guys were demented.
Beatrice: I think they were on drugs.
Beatrice: They kidnapped us, but they weren’t looking money.
Beatrice: That’s why they never called our parents or those of Cecelia
Beatrice: They just wanted to have their fun with us

Armando: I’m sorry, Bea
Armando: It must have been terrible for you.
Armando: But I’m here now.
Armando: I’m coming to take you home
Armando: Is Cecelia with you?

Beatrice: Yes. She’s here.
Beatrice: She’s helping me type on the phone.

Armando: They tied you both up?
Armando: And what else happened?
Armando: Why did they bring you all the way down here?
Armando: Next to the river?
Armando: Just imagining what they did to you.
Armando: It makes me go crazy.

Beatrice: They tied us up in the van
Beatrice: And drove us out of town.
Beatrice: One guy was driving
Beatrice: The other two stayed with us in the back.
Beatrice: They did terrible things to us.

Armando: Damn!

Beatrice: They parked the van at the abandoned ranch.
Beatrice: Then they dragged us out and beat us some more.
Beatrice: Cecelia tried to escape, so they beat her the worst.
Beatrice: It was her blood you saw.
Beatrice: For us it was a nightmare
Beatrice: But for them it was a night of fun.
Beatrice: How they laughed, little brother!
Beatrice: How they laughed as they punched us and kicked us.
Beatrice: What they did to us, they could have done there
Beatrice: However they made us go further into the woods
Beatrice: And they didn’t stop until they heard the murmur of the river
Beatrice: I guess their intention was that nobody would find us
Beatrice: They forgot to take my cell phone.

Armando: I’ll find you and I’ll take you home.

Beatrice: I know you will.
Beatrice: What happened was horrible
Beatrice: The things they made us do were disgusting.
Beatrice: They were not men, but animals.
Beatrice: They beat us and used us as they wanted.
Beatrice: We shouted, we pleaded, we fought, but they did not stop
Beatrice: But the worst was yet to come.

Armando: I keep searching but I can’t find you.

Beatrice: You are very close.

Armando: There’s a bad smell here
Armando: I see blood and some dirty clothes
Armando: You’re near here?

Beatrice: Yes. We’re here.
Beatrice: Behind the bushes in front of you

Armando: BEA!
Armando: BEA!!! OMG!!!

Beatrice: That’s what I was afraid to tell you.
Beatrice: They stabbed us to death.
Armando: NO! NO!!!!!
Armando: WHERE ARE YOU???
Armando: THis can’t be you.
Armando: You look like you’ve been stabbed so many times
Armando: You’ve been torn apart.
Armando: And your bodies are decomposing
Armando: You’ve been pecked by carrion birds
Armando: But how can you be texting me???

Beatrice: It took us three days to communicate with someone.
Beatrice: We’re dead, little brother.
Beatrice: There is no trick.
Beatrice: But death is not the end.
Beatrice: If the will is strong enough.
Beatrice: There is a way to communicate.
Beatrice: But it takes so much energy.
Beatrice: We are so tired now.
Beatrice: We just need to rest.
Beatrice: Take us home, little brother.
Beatrice: Give us a decent burial.

Armando: No, no, it’s not true
Armando: You cannot be dead
Armando: Don’t leave me
Armando: Keep texting
Beatrice: We have run out of time.
Beatrice: We have run out of energy.
Beatrice: Don’t forget about Cecelia.
Beatrice: Without her, this communication would not have been possible.
Beatrice: Bye brother.
Beatrice: Tell our parents that I love them.

Armando: Beatrice, don’t leave me.
Armando: Don’t stop texting.
Armando: PLEASE!!!!
Armando: Goodbye, big sister. I love you.

scary for kids


  • It went from “Oh, the things you make me do, little sister.” to “big sister”.

    mate, wot

  • The story wasn’t that scary–more sad, but I hope I’m not a bad person because I laughed at the end, at how Bea her friend used a ‘communication’ thingy

  • Awesome 😊this shows the love between a brother and sister. As much they fight, 10 times more they love each other and can die for each other

  • Omg it’s you sfk??? What happened to the website layout??? Idk what happened but like u stopped posting and I never came back but I came a few days later everything was the same… And right now I saw a bunch of stories… Well Idk what happened but it’s great to have you back 😀

  • Won’t they haunt the guys who did this to them. Anyways Beatrice is obviously a good name. Did anyone observe that at the start he was saying ‘little sister’ but afterward it became ‘big sister’.

  • *finds dead body of his sister, whom he has been texting*
    Well! I better keep texting her!

  • AGGGGH I would be so freaked out going there. It seemed as if the girl’s phone was stolen and he was making her answer the bday gift question. WOW I WAS WRONG. Also, I think having a story on this site about the Jersey Devil would be awesome. Dunno where to mention it so it’s in my comment. :)

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