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Love and Hate

Love and Hate

Love and Hate is a scary story about a conversation on Whatsapp between a boy named Prince and his girlfriend Natalie. (It is based on a story by Argentinian author M. Croche).

Love and Hate

Natalie: Hello, my Prince.
Natalie: Did you receive the empanadas I sent you?

Prince: Hello, my Princess.
Prince: I just finished eating them.
Prince: The filling was delicious.
Prince: Every time you cook, you get better and better.
Prince: Thank you.

Natalie: I made them with a lot of love for you.
Natalie: I know you’re sad about your little doggie.
Natalie: I wanted to cook you something nice
Natalie: To make you feel better.
Natalie: It will turn up.
Natalie: Don’t be sad.

Prince: Thank you, Princess.
Prince: Yesterday I was sticking up some posters
Prince: All around the neighborhood
Prince: With a photo of Rusty on it.
Prince: And my phone number.
Prince: Surely someone has found him and will call me

Natalie: Yes, sure

Prince: I won’t lose hope.

Bride: No! Hope is the last thing you should lose.

Prince: He’s not the type of dog that strays.
Prince: Usually he stays close to home.
Prince: I think maybe he was scared by the fireworks a few nights ago.
Prince: Maybe that’s why he ran away
Prince: Damn fireworks. Why do people have to let them off?
Prince: It’s so stupid.

Natalie: Yes, dogs get very upset by those things.

Prince: I miss Rusty.
Prince: I want him back.

Natalie: You know I would do anything for you.

Prince: I know.

Natalie: And you know I love you madly.

Prince: Me too, my love.

Natalie: I love you to the point of insanity.

Prince: LOL. Me too, my love.

Natalie: Do you love me?

Prince: Yes, Princess.

Natalie: How much do you love me?

Prince: A lot.

Natalie: A whole lot?

Prince: A whole lot.

Natalie: A whole whole lot?

Prince: A whole whole lot.

Natalie: More than anything else in the entire world?

Prince: Sure.

Natalie: Then maybe you could explain to me who this girl is who was with you at the bar…

Love and Hate

Natalie: Perhaps she fainted and you were giving her mouth to mouth…
Natalie: Answer me.
Natalie: Why don’t you answer me?

Prince: Where did you get that photo?

Natalie: That’s not important.
Natalie: Tell me. Who is that girl?

Prince: You were following me?

Natalie: Tell me. Who is that girl?
Natalie: Don’t try to change the conversation.
Natalie: You said you weren’t going to do this anymore!

Prince: I’m not doing anything.
Prince: I’ll call you and we can talk about this.

Natalie: Don’t try to convince me you with your lies
Natalie: You already lied to me in the past
Natalie: You swore you were not going to cheat on me anymore
Natalie: Who is she?

Prince: She’s nobody
Prince: A friend from college.
Prince: I don’t even remember that kiss, I swear.
Prince: I was drunk
Prince: It meant nothing to me
Prince: You’re the one I love, Princess.

Natalie: Don’t call me that!

Prince: I’ll call you so we can talk.

Natalie: No.
Natalie: Don’t try to call me anymore.
Natalie: BTW you know what?
Natalie: Yesterday your dog was with me.

Prince: ?????
Prince: For real?
Prince: What do you mean?? Rusty was with you?
Prince: Where did you find him?
Prince: Why didn’t you tell me anything?

Natalie: I was angry
Natalie: Because of the photo

Prince: OK. I’m coming over there to pick him up.
Prince: And we can talk about this.

Natalie: We have nothing to talk about
Natalie: Also, your dog is no longer here.

Prince: Where is he?

Natalie: I sent it to you.

Prince: When?

Natalie: Inside the empanadas
Natalie: Did you like the meat I used for the filling?
Natalie: What do you think it was?
Natalie: Don’t ever cheat on me again.


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