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Babysitter and the Bed

Babysitter and the Bed

The Babysitter and the Bed is a scary story about a rich woman who has a conversation on Whatsapp with her Mexican maid, Aurora. (It is based on a story by Argentinian author M. Croche.)

Babysitter and the Bed

Aurora: Madam

Madam: What is it, Aurora?
Madam: Is everything alright?

Aurora: Yes Madam
Aurora: Well no

Madam: ???
Madam: Is everything alright or not?
Madam: Does it have something to do with the boys?
Madam: Answer me Aurora

Aurora: Sorry Madam.
Aurora: I do not know well cellular phones
Aurora: It take me long time to write
Aurora: And my English is not so good.

Madam: I’m busy Aurora.
Madam: I’m not going to converse with you in Spanish.
Madam: So write quickly or do not write at all.
Madam: Are the boys okay or not?

Aurora: Yes, Madam

Madam: What is the problem?

Aurora: Good more or less

Madam: You’re going to drive me crazy.
Ma’am: The children are fine or not?
Madam: Please be clear
Madam: I can’t waste my time with you
Madam: I told you I’m at a very important dinner with my husband
Madam: It may be my last chance to get him back

Aurora: The boys not sleeping
Aurora: Shouting and crying
Aurora: The baby cry too

Madam: And why are you bothering me with this?

Aurora: They say there is a ghost under the bed
Aurora: They run out of the room and not want go back

Madam: You are an absolute pain, Aurora.
Madam: I don’t know why I hired you.

Aurora: Sorry Madam
Aurora: The boys not want to sleep in the room

Madam: Put them to sleep Aurora
Madam: Tomorrow they have school and they won’t want to get up!
Madam: It’s too late at night
Madam: They shouldn’t be awake at this hour.

Aurora: But I not know what to do Madam
Aurora: They really scared
Aurora: They say the ghost is under the bed and want to hurt them
Aurora: They say they see a hand come out from under the bed
Aurora: And it try to grab the baby

Madam: My God, Aurora!!!
Madam: You want me to kick you?
Madam: Do you want me to leave you on the street to starve like you were a few days ago?

Aurora: No, Madam

Madam: Well then do what you have to do and do not bother me anymore. Do you understand?

Aurora: Yes, Madam
Aurora: Sorry Madam
Aurora: Madam?

Madam: Now what, Aurora?
Madam: For God’s sake.

Aurora: The boys crying still
Aurora: They say the ghost crawl out from under the bed
Aurora: It is a woman they say
Aurora: The boys get out of the room
Aurora: They do not go back to the room

Madam: Are you kidding me?
Madam: Do you really want me to leave you out on the street?
Madam: Here I am, enjoying a beautiful dinner with my husband
Madam: In the most exclusive restaurant in the city
Madam: And you are bothering me with this nonsense?

Aurora: Sorry Madam

Madam: You really are worthless, Aurora
Madam: I’ll deduct $50 from your salary
Madam: Make sure to remind me when I arrive home

Aurora: But I also see something Madam…

Madam: What did you see?

Aurora: Some eyes
Aurora: Eyes under the bed
Aurora: It scare me a lot
Aurora: Now we all in the kitchen

Madam: This is what I get for hiring someone as ignorant as you
Madam: That believes in the things of stupid, ignorant people
Madam: Next time I shall hire someone who has a high school diploma.
Madam: Or at least some sort of education.

Aurora: Sorry Madam
Aurora: But it is true
Aurora: There were some eyes under the bed

Madam: It must be the cat, Aurora
Madam: I’m sure he just got scared by something and got himself stuck under there
Madam: Get the cat out of there and put the kids to sleep

Aurora: I not think it is the cat Madam

Madam: Can you understand what I am saying?
Madam: Are you an idiot?
Madam: I’m telling you to take the cat out and put the boys to sleep
Madam: Or this is going to be the last night you work in my house
Madam: Or in any other house
Madam: Because I’m going to make sure that no one will ever hire you again in your miserable life
Madam: I know a lot of people, Aurora.
Madam: I am very influential in this town.
Madam: Do you understand?
Madam: You lazy moron!

Aurora: Yes Madam
Aurora: Sorry Madam
Aurora: Now I take the cat out and put the kids to sleep

Madam: So?
Madam: Did you do what I ordered?

Aurora: Yes Madam
Aurora: But it not work good
Aurora: The boys still crying and trembling with fear
Aurora: The baby also
Aurora: I calm myself
Aurora: I go into the room and see it again
Aurora: The ghost
Aurora: I take a picture for you to believe me

Madam: God give me strength!
Madam: OK Aurora.
Madam: Send me the picture

Aurora: I send it to you. Wait please.

Madam: Let’s see this supposed ghost of yours.

Aurora: There it is Madam.

Madam: You didn’t send me anything, you stupid woman.
Madam: Are you incapable of doing anything right?

Aurora: Sorry Madam
Aurora: I send again
Aurora: There
Aurora: You see?

Madam: How can I see it? You imbecile!
Madam: You didn’t send anything!

Aurora: Sorry Madam
Aurora: I not know how to do it
Aurora: Wait for me. I ask Joaquin to do

Babysitter and the Bed

Aurora: There he send it
Aurora: It is already.

Madam: You’re kidding me, right?
Madam: That is clearly the baby, Aurora.
Madam: I’m sure it’s just baby Anna hiding under the bed

Aurora: No Madam
Aurora: When I take the picture the baby is in the kitchen
Aurora: It is not she who is under the sheets

Madam: I am sick and tired of your nonsense, Aurora
Madam: This is the last time I am going to tell you
Madam: And be careful how you answer
Madam: Because you’ve already annoyed me enough tonight
Madam: My dinner has been ruined
Madam: Because of you and your ignorance
Madam: Go and put the kids to sleep
Madam: And don’t bother me with rubbish about ghosts under the bed.
Madam: Do you understand me?

Aurora: Yes Madam
Aurora: I do it Madam
Aurora: Madam?
Aurora: Are you there Madam?
Aurora: Please answer
Aurora: I have problem
Aurora: Hello
Aurora: Please answer
Aurora: I put the boys in the room as you say
Aurora: But after little time they screaming and hitting things
Aurora: When I go in the baby not there anymore
Aurora: I ask Joaquin where is the baby but he is very scared
Aurora: His body trembling and his eyes wide open
Aurora: But he point down to the bed again and again
Aurora: Pointing under the bed
Aurora: I look for the baby everywhere but not find
Aurora: I should call police?
Aurora: Please Madam answer
Aurora: I call your cell phone but you still not answer
Aurora: Madam?
Aurora: Madam??

Madam: I fell asleep
Madam: My husband and I were celebrating our reconciliation
Madam: We fell asleep
Madam: What happened to the baby???

Aurora: She is already here
Aurora: The baby appeared
Aurora: Under the bed

Madam: What the hell is going on, Aurora??
Madam: I can’t believe how incompetent you are!
Madam: You cannot take care of three children for one night!
Madam: I swear, when I arrive home, I’ll fire you!
Madam: You almost ruined my dinner
Madam: Besides being ignorant and stupid, you are useless as well

Aurora: There is no need Madam
Aurora: The girl say she take the baby
Aurora: She take her to very strange place
Aurora: And she explain everything
Aurora: She say you know her

Madam: What are you talking about, Aurora?

Aurora: She say her name is Beatrice
Aurora: And she ask us to cut the mattress in the room

Madam: What??
Madam: I forbid you to do that Aurora!!
Madam: Do not cut that mattress!!
Madam: I will call the police and have you arrested
Madam: For destroying private property
Madam: I’ll have you deported, Aurora!!
Madam: Do you understand?
Madam: They will send you back where you come from!

Aurora: It is too late Madam
Aurora: We already cut it
Aurora: And look what we find inside.

Babysitter and the Bed

Aurora: She is Beatrice
Aurora: The previous babysitter of the boys
Aurora: She say she was the mistress of your husband
Aurora: And you discover her
Aurora: And kill her
Aurora: And hide her under the mattress to bury later
Aurora: This happen 2 days ago
Aurora: But now she come back
Aurora: Her spirit return
Aurora: Now she live in all the beds
Aurora: She say she want revenge
Aurora: Where you are now?
Aurora: Now you are at hotel with your husband, right?

Madam: How do you know that?

Aurora: Beatrice tell us
Aurora: She say she is down in the hotel bed
Aurora: Listening to how you breathing
Aurora: Feeling how you trembling
Aurora: Listening to your fear
Aurora: Do you feel your husband’s arms around you?
Aurora: Yes? Behind you?
Aurora: His arms feel strange no?
Aurora: Well Madam it is not your husband who is hugging you…

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