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Wewe Gombel

Wewe Gombel is an Indonesian ghost who likes to kidnap children who are abandoned or neglected by their parents. In indonesia, parents warn children not to stay out late at night or Wewe Gombel will get them.

Wewe Gombel

Wewe Gombel is an evil spirit from Indonesia. She is a wrinkled old lady with a mouth full of fangs and large pendulous breasts that hang down to her knees. Those who have seen her say they look like giant papaya fruits.

Long ago, there was a married couple who lived in Indonesia. They loved each other and wanted to have a child together. However, as time went by, the husband came to realize that his wife was unable to have babies. He grew restless and neglected his wife. She was left alone for long periods of time and lived a miserable existence, filled with pain and sorrow.

One day, she followed her husband and caught him in the arms of another woman. She was so hurt and shamed by his betrayal that she suddenly flew into a violent rage and murdered him. When her neighbors discovered her terrible crime, they gathered an angry mob and chased her away from the village. They ostracized the woman and kept harassing her to the point where she was driven into despair and committed suicide.

After her death, she returned from the grave as an evil spirit they call Wewe Gombel. She began kidnapping children and bringing them back to her lair to keep her company. However, they say she does not harm the kids and she only abducts those who have been mistreated or neglected by their parents.

She treats the children lovingly, just like a grandmother would, taking care of them and protecting them. However, she forces them to suckle on her wrinkled breasts, no matter what age they are. Also, she feeds them human poop, which she fools them into eating by making it look like food. Not only that, but she smears mud all over their bodies and makes them think she has dressed them in expensive clothes.

If you don’t eat what Wewe Gombel gives you, she will hold your nose and shove it down your throat.

Wewe Gombel keeps the children in order to scare their parents and make them realize what they have done. As soon as the neglectful parents are sorry for the way they treated their children, she will return the kids unharmed.


  • ok….that’s sad, she jst wanted kids. But why she be torturing kids by eating POOP and her breasts! just so she can scare neglectful parents? omfg, good thing I’m not gonna be neglected…

  • Wow, just wow.
    Grandma? “Yes sweetie, you hungry? Thirsty?”
    Yes Grandma, I’m very thirsty, but could I have something ELSE to drink?
    “NO IDIOT! SUCK MY BOOBS!” Sorry, Grandma.

  • Well, she seems nice. I won’t tell you where I put my victims though. *Mwhahah.* Lol. I’m just kidding.

  • Wewe gombel:Suck on my breasts richard…..
    Richard:I’m 27 years old for crying out loud!!!!
    Wewe gombel:Richard. ….
    Richard:Fine…… Hmf…. *suckle suckle*

  • Oh FEJESUSCHRIST! Massive breasts? Wow these people are perves! Not SFK but just the people who made this thing up. Lol! Roxanne I agree with you! I am so glad I dont get neglected! But honestly thats disgusting!

  • There should be a curse called “The Curse of Wewe Gombel” that falls upon all women who get breast implants. The day they get the implants their breasts get lower and lower and lower until they touch their knees, like Wewe Gombel.

  • OMG! The pic is of my Reading Enrichment teacher! I’m not kidding, she has breasts on her STOMACH, for crying out loud.

  • That picture is disturbing. And anyway, isn’t it bad enough if you’re neglected? She doesn’t have to make the kids feel worse. Sheesh.

  • @DeathlyPrincess, yea I know what people will do to kids they abduct, but I’m just saying, I’m really adventurous, and always looking for an adventure..thats why I’ve always wanted to get abducted…like to be held for ransom or something…anyone know any good movie like that, when someone abducts a kid,holds em for ransom, and the movie shows what is going on with the kid and the people who abducted them, while showing the solving of thr case? I’m really specific…and strange…

  • @brony4life u made it sound like she was a pedo. haha
    hmmm she wants kids…and wants to scare the parents to make them realize what they did….yet she mistreats them…wow. nice…bleh force feeding….

  • Furrykinz2244 me too I’m 12 . Oh lord thts just gross poop foood?!?!???!?!? gawd but over all she’s good..

  • She is a good ghost but when she feeds the children, it is yucky. Food from poop? I can’t imagine eating things like that. And mud as a dress? Oh my! I can’t be fooled by that.

  • The pic was totally funny!I guess maybe when she commited suicide instead of hunging from her head she hung from her breasts!!

  • @furrykinzzz34 im 12 too and dont u know wut people do to kids they ubduct? they will only treat u like their kid if u r a baby. and their not totally insane.

  • I laughed at the pic, and found this story funny…you know I was neglected when I was a baby, so like…I’m happy she didn’t get her hands on me. And I’ve laways wanted to get abducted, but not if I got to eat poop, and suckle on some old womans breasts…that is just sick for a 12 year old girl…


  • She is not that evil, she just wants to teach the bad parents their wrong ways but i have to admit the poop was gross and the breast part was a bit hilarious!

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