Chain Letters


The Webcam is a scary chain e-mail about a young girl who is having a conversation with her mother over the internet, when she happens to spot something strange in the video image.


A 17-year old girl went on the internet and found that her mother was also online. She decided to start a quick conversation with her mom. They were typing back and forth. It was a conversation that would forever scar the girl.

Mom: Hey sweetheart! Are you having a nice time at your Dad’s house?

Girl: Yeah, it’s pretty cool… You know… considering he’s not here! Hehe

Mom: Oh really? Where is he?

Girl: He left a note saying he was going to the store or something like that. Hey, you have a webcam now, don’t you!

Mom: Sure do. Kenny bought it for me!

Girl: Cool! Try it out!

Mom: Alrighty…

Girl: Oh god mom! What are you wearing?!

Mom: New jammies, you like?

Girl: No way! Those are so out of style!

Mom: Aww… Oh well-

Girl: Hey mom… Is Kenny there with you?

Mom: No, why?

Girl: ….Mom….Don’t move… just stay calm.. there’s someone in the doorway behind you…

Mom: Don’t scare me!

Girl: I’m not kidding… look in the reflection of the monitor… then slowly grab the phone and call 911….

Before her mother was able to reach the phone an ice pick was stabbed into the back of her neck and yanked all the way across. That’s the last image the girl ever saw of her mother. Blood from her mother’s throat splashed all over the camera. The only thing visible were shadows.

She saw this person tear her mother limb from limb… All she could do was watch in horror as this shadow killed the only person she loved.

Now that you know this information, that same shadow will be standing behind you in 5 minutes, ready to kill you unless you spread the link to different people. I suggest you hurry…


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