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Wake Up

Wake Up is a short and disturbing bedtime story with a twist. It is a creepypasta about victims of torture.

Wake Up

It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a world of fantasy from which they could not wake up.

In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren’t being tortured.

The mind of the victim would often try to wake up the victim by leaving hints around the victim’s world to help them realize they were asleep.

Sometimes, even after the victim knew what was going on, they would still refuse to PLEASE WAKE UP.


  • Maybe these sharp pains I’ve been feeling are hints as well. I don’t want to wake up now… The hints hurt so much…

  • I think it is related to us being in the matrix. The glitches warn us bout us being here and we dont wake up.

  • Wow. But seriously, if I really am living in a fantasy world, I would really prefer to wake up and the go back to the world but a different one. I would go to the Dwapar Yug or the second era according to Hindu mythology and watch the real Mahabharata. Anyways, delicious pasta… : )

  • I had to read it twice to understand… It’s really unnerving…. It’s like limbo from inception… If i ever go into a fantasy world, i will be sure to dream of frozen and all those sort of movies with magical powers

  • I recognize this from minecraft, after you kill the enderdragon something like this would pop up…

  • EPIC!! I get it now, after it being explained to me! LOL, the story is where WE have been tortured and our mind is leaving little notes to get us to WAKE UP. We are meant to believe it, and now it has got me thinking that maybe I have to PLEASE WAKE UP!!!! Am I right SFK? Please reply!!

  • My Fantasy Is Having All The HARMLESS Fantasy Animals Like The Unicorn, And Have All The Friends Who I Can Trust With Me. AND WE’RE ALL ELEVES!! IN A GIANT ARCADE WORLD WITH FREE CANDY!! AND OUTSIDE HAS RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE. The End, I’m Done. I Just Like Being Imaginative. (I’m Young BTW If It Makes More Sense Why I’m Saying All These Imaginative Things)

  • okay, heres a SUPER-DUPER SCARY STORY!!!
    one night, me and my friend, mandy were walking back to my house from the party, we were drunk. So, we “accidently” walked into the forest instead. suddenly, i heard gurgling sounds, like right next to me. i turned to mandy. SHE WAS DEAD! i opened my mouth to scream, but some tentacles cover my whole face. everything turned black. When i woke up, i was in some kind of room, straped up on a bed. “what the heck?!?!” i said “we’re almost finished, dont worry.” a voice said. “ouch.” i said, my tummy really hurts…. “we’re done, un strap her” the voice said again. i looked at my tummy. it was WIDE OPEN! inside, every single thing was coverd in some kind of octopus. i looked right and left. Humans with octopuss as their heads?!?!?!?!?!? “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” i screamed, “dont worry, please. relax.” one of the octopus-humans said. “Im getting hungry, lets eat.” one of the octopus-human said. “what are we eating?” i asked, scaredly. “we’re eating…. fish and sharks.” they said. “drink?” i asked. we’re drinking water and blood. but you’re drinking water only. humans cant drink blood.” i was still sort of drunk. “nah, i like blood more.” i said. “ummm…. okay” they said. So i stayed with them forever. one day, a mirro dropped down infront of me. i was a SQUID-HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “OH NO!!!!!!! SHE MUST NOT SEE HERSELF!” they screamed. soon, u felt like my lungs needed water. my view was blurry. i swam up. “what are you doing?” a common voice asked. i looked around. “Mandy?!?!?! OH MY GOSH THANK GODNESS YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!” i screamed confused, Mandy asked “what? i’ve always been alive….. i also got a pet octopus…. its as tall as me… i also gave it clothes……” mandy said. “go to the forest…” the octopus whispered to me…….

  • If I’m in a fantasy world,I need to come up with some better ideas because my fantasy world has been pretty boring so far :/ I love this pasta. I love being able to actually infer things instead of them being blurted out and having the moment spoiled.

  • My fanatasy is that one day, I wake up to find that I am either an Assassin (like the ones from the Assassin’s Creed series) or to find out I’m in a Zombie Apocalypse. Any one will do. I also wanna live in a world where Greek, Nordic and Egyptian mythologies are true. A little bit of Babylonian and European mythology will work great with the rest!

  • lol, I get it. But my fantasy is to be a Warrior Cat…or or live in a world full of dragons and mystical beings. I have the best 11 year old imagination fantasy in the world…(not really but I’m just saying what I think)

  • @whiler That was my fantasy when I was 8 years old! Oh and to those who dont understand, PLEASE WAKE UP! Get it now??

  • @happenstance @Xx Death Bolt xX
    YOU’RE the victim the message is leaving you hints telling you to PLEASE WAKE UP. :) you’re welcome

  • Oh, I get it. The story says when the victim is in that fantasy world, the mind leaves HINTS to make the person WAKE UP. So the story tries to convince the reader that they are in that fantasy world using the hints in the story: WAKE UP, WAKE UP, PLEASE WAKE UP! Right?

  • Oh, I get it. The story says when the victim is in that fantasy world, the mind leaves HINTS to make the person WAKE UP. So the story tries to convince the reader that they are in that fantasy world using the hints in the story: WAKE UP, WAKE UP, PLEASE WAKE UP!

  • Isn’t this a creepy pasta except it is victims of torture other than victims of rape and go to sleep as well hmmm SFK I don’t see any credits to creepypasta jk ;D

    Scaryforkids says: Aargh! You caught me! LOL. Actually I was going to put a note that it was a creepypasta, but then I was thinking it would fit better in the bedtime stories section… and I forgot to change it… but it’s a pretty well-known creepypasta anyway… so i wasn’t trying to take credit :D but you’re right, I should call it a creepypasta. Also I removed the references to rape to make it more appropriate, because this website is supposed to be for people of all ages. On Go To Sleep, I did credit the person who originally wrote the plot.

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