The Thing

The Thing is a scary story about two young boys who see something horrible in a cornfield at night. It is based on a Nova Scotian folktale in the book “Bluenose Ghosts”. A version of this story appeared in the book “Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark”.

The Thing

There were two young boys named Trevor and Will. They spent most of their summer vacation hanging around town, looking for things to do.

One hot August night, the boys were sitting on a fence by the main road. There was a cornfield just across the road. Suddenly, Trevor spotted something in the field. In the darkness, it was difficult to make out, but he thought it looked like some kind of weird animal.

He nudged his friend and pointed in the direction of the strange-looking figure. Will said he could see it too. He wasn’t sure, but mysterious thing seemed vaguely human.

The next thing they knew, the thing was gone. The boys craned their necks and scanned the field with their eyes. Out of the blackness, came the thing. It slowly walked over to the edge of the field before disappearing again.

Trevor and Will looked at each other, puzzled.

“What was that?” asked Will.

“I have no idea”, replied Trevor

No sooner had he said that than Trevor felt a clammy hand on his shoulder. He turned around and found himself staring directly into the hideous face of the thing. He let out a yell of terror and surprise.

The rotting skin on the thing’s face was coming off off in places, revealing the bone underneath. For a moment, it just stared silently at Trevor with its dark sunken eyes. Then, it suddenly grabbed hold of his arm. Trevor felt its fingernails dig into his flesh as he wriggled out of its grasp.

The two boys leaped off the fence and ran down the road, screaming in horror. They didn’t stop running until they reached their homes. They tried to tell their parents and friends about the thing they had seen that night, but nobody believed them.

When Trevor woke up the next morning, the scratches on his arm were still there. After a few days, they got worse and worse. Trevor got sick and his parents took him to see a doctor. After examining his arm, the doctor told the boy it was infected and gave him some pills to take.

Unfortunately, Trevor’s condition got worse and worse. The infection spread to his entire arm and it wasn’t long before his flesh was rotting and falling off. He was taken to hospital but no matter what the doctors did, no treatment seemed to work. The infection spread throughout his whole body. Trevor was confined to bed and started to waste away.

It seemed like he was beyond help and as the days went by, he steadily grew worse and worse. His anguished parents could only sit at his bedside and cry as they watched their beloved son slowly rotting away before their eyes.

On the day that Trevor finally passed away, Will came to the hospital to visit him. When the boy walked into the hospital room and saw Trevor lying in bed, he was horrified. His friend looked exactly like the thing.


  1. dani_wills1 says

    Ewwwwwwwww. Sounds like a disease or something….. Once you have it you have to find someone to give it to……..

  2. DemonicQueenzilla says

    That’s disgusting. So was ‘the thing’ him all along? If so that’s just creepy.

  3. waleed says

    Brace yourselves for these new zombies with instant transmission powers! It might get difficult to shoot them

  4. allofthenick says

    It’s a scary story about growing old. Supremely well-written and chilling. Grasps at the roots of horror narrative and brings them back into the 21st century.

  5. superkid says

    imagine how the boy felt when he saw his own face in the mirror!!! it would be like aww!

  6. GhostGirl1607 says

    wooo how weird, and hey when he had the infection on his arm and it wasnt so bad why didnt they amputate it?

  7. death_angel says

    How do you remember the entire story when you need to tell it in the dark? they need to make this stuff shorter :P

  8. spiralz and ghosts says

    you know, the doctors could have just amputated his arm. theres a massive flaw in this story but still its scary-ish

  9. lilbooshy says

    That’s not it. The thing was the boy’s future self the whole time. It comes from old stories where people reported seeing themselves die or as corpses.

  10. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is creepy by itself, but combined with the pictures in it always scares me for several days afterward. XP

  11. theawesomeness says

    Well, rule #1, stay away from corn fields! #2, Avoid dead things. #3, Don’t go out at night, it never ends pleasantly.

  12. BabyFreaks says

    Are you blind and stupid or something??? Sfk precisely put that its from scary stories to tell in the dark u should try reading before making stupid ignorant comments psh idiot

  13. dinofire says

    i guess his friend will turn into the thing and come back alive, then eat everyone in the hospital and make even more zombie things or whatnot :P

  14. xXDeadBoy16Xx says

    This story was very scary and it kinda freaked me out when I went to sleep.

  15. xxDeadLoverxx says

    That story was really good!(: I think what happened was the thing made the boy look like it or the boy is the thing but I don’t know

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