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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning is a scary story about a young girl who is always late for mass at her church. It is based on an old French folktale called “The Spectres’ Mass” which was first recorded in 1890. This is the same folktale that inspired the story “One Sunday Morning” in the book Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark.

Sunday Morning

There was a young girl named Josephine who was habitually late for Sunday morning mass at her local church. She always forgot to set her alarm and wouldn’t wake up in time. Finally, she got tired of her parents telling her off and decided she would never be late for mass again.

One Sunday morning, Josephine woke up at midnight. Unaware of what time it was, she thought she had overslept again and jumped out of bed. She quickly got dressed and ran out the door without ever looking at the clock.

It was still dark outside, but it usually was dark at that time of year. It was very quiet and there was nobody else on the street. The only sound she could hear was the noise of her own footsteps on the pavement as she hurried towards the church.

When she heard the church bell ring, she quickened her pace and took a shortcut through the cemetery. She got to the church just as the service was about to begin. She found a seat and took a look around.

Much to her surprise, she didn’t recognize anyone. The church was filled with people she had never seen before. They were all staring straight ahead and an eerie silence hung over the gathering. When the priest came out to celebrate mass, Josephine realized he was a stranger too.

The priest told the congregation to pray for the soul of a young girl named Francoise who had died the night before. Josephine was shocked. She knew Francoise and she had never even heard that the poor girl was ill. Something was radically wrong. She began to feel very uneasy.

She looked around again and, as her eyes began to adjust to the dim light, she saw someone she knew. There was an old woman sitting at the back of the church. Josephine’s heart sank when she remembered the old woman had died the year before.

Looking towards the front of the church, she saw that some of the people sitting there looked very strange. Their skin seemed to be pearly white. One of them turned his head and Josephine discovered to her horror that he was nothing but a skeleton in a suit. Just a skull and some bones.

“This is a mass for the dead,” thought Josephine. “Everybody here is dead, except me. It’s a spectre’s mass.”

SHe noticed that some of them were staring at her. Their eyes were filled with anger. It was clear to her that she had no business being there.

Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Nervously, she turned around and found her grandfather standing in the row behind her. He had been dead for three years. There was a worried look on his face. He leaned towards her and whispered in her ear.

“Leave right now, while you still can,” he hissed. “You don’t belong here.”

Josephine immediately grabbed her coat and walked quickly toward the door. She heard hollow footsteps echoing behind her and glanced back. The dead were rising out of their seats and following her. Their faces were twisted in fury and hate.

Josephine was terrified and she dashed to the door, a pack of shrieking ghosts snapping at her heels. She felt skeletal hands grabbing at her, trying to stop her leaving. She twisted and turned, struggling to free herself from their grasp. Her coat was ripped off and her hat was snatched from her head, just as she managed to slip out the door.

Screaming and crying and almost out of her mind with fear, Josephine ran all the way home and told her parents what had happened. Later that day, someone came to the house holding what was left of Josephine’s coat and hat. They had been found in the cemetery, torn to shreds.

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  • why is the girl at the cemetary? why? is it just because she just wants her father alive? or was she just going to do nothing but watch from the grave and do nothing? i thought she had snow pants but she didn’t. because it’s really cold outside. is it snowing out or not? why are there a bunch of people dead but alive as skeletons? it’s a really cool story but there’s one thing that they missed. it was the other part where they were supposed to be zombies. lol ^

  • Alright Imma write another story.

    Title: Macie

    Macie Rifter was the most popular girl in school. She took me under her wing since I was new. We became best friends, then eventually grew up and stopped being friends.

    But there is a story hiding behind what I just told you. A terrifying one that left me scarred for life, one that could’ve killed me. Now I’m risking my life to tell you.

    Macie–I knew her name because of all the stories about her–looked at me. I was sitting a few tables away from her, all by myself, and I started to wonder why she had placed her eyes on me, and hadn’t moved them. Eventually, she got up from her lunch table and walked over to me.

    “Hi. My name is Macie. Im sure you already know that, but still.” She said and smiled. She looked nice and polite, sweet and pretty. Smart, also.

    “Hi. My name is Bobbi,” I said and held out my hand. She gladly shook it and she smiled again.

    “How about you come sit at my table?” She said and I nodded my head. I picked up my lunch tray and followed her to her table. She told another girl to sit at another table and told me to sit in the girl’s spot.

    I felt bad about the girl but shook it off. I mean, I was with the most popular girl in the school!

    After lunch, I was in all the classes Macie was in. She ordered me to sit by her in every class with a polite tone. But, something didn’t feel right about her. I shook off the feeling and obeyed her orders.

    We quickly became best friends. I got other friends, who became popular. More popular than Macie.

    Eventually, Macie became unpopular. She was sad and depressed, and I tried to cheer her up. But it was no use.

    I began to hang out with my other friends since Macie had shut me out. Apparently she thought being popular was everything.

    One night I held a huge party. Everyone was invited if they were a junior.

    I met up with Macie once all of my friends had disappeared. She had finally became happy and we laughed and talked. It was almost the end of the party, and I had begun to look for my friends. I looked in my bedroom and found a body sprawled across the room. It’s eyes had been taken out and it’s face taken off. I screamed and ran to Macie. Everyone else had gone home and she had stayed.

    The other bodies were set up around her. She smiled evilly and had a knife in her hands.

    “What did you do?” I yelled and started to cry.

    “I killed all your friends. They were ranked above me, and I had to become popular again. How do you think I managed to stay popular all these years?” Macie cried, shoved the knife inches away from my face.

    “Are you going to kill me?” I said through clenched teeth. She was sick and messed up.

    “I have to. Your the only one standing in my way,” She replied and drew the knife away. She made the knife play with her blonde hair.

    “I’m not even popular!” I said, my voice breaking.

    “But you know about this.” Macie said. Tears started to stream down her face. “I want my popularity back! And you are in the way of it!” She shouted.

    She launched at me with the knife and I flipped it out of her hand. She put her hands around my throat. She choked me as I kicked and squirmed. She was strong.

    She laughed and said, “Good bye.”

    I blacked out.

    I woke up in a hospital and people crowded around me. My mother informed me about the attack and told me Macie was in jail.

    I gulped and whispered, “Good.”

    The moments rushed back and told people to get out of my room politely. I thought for a second and then someone opened the door.

    It was Macie.

    Then, she turned on the TV. It was a newsflash about Macie escaping jail.

    “Revenge is a b***h.” She said and attacked me. I pushed her off and ran to the door. I opened it and found everyone dead in a hude pool of blood.

    I turned around and saw Macie she held a knife and threw it at me. It missed me and hit the wall behind me. I grabbed it and threw it at her. It hit her in the stomach and she immediately fell down and stopped breathing.

    I called the police on a bloody phone and waited for them to come. They came and questioned me.

    I soon lived a happy life. Now I have two kids, a loving husband, and a dog.

    Never become friends with a popular girl. She might turn out to be like Macie.

    (I hope you liked the story! Sorry if it’s too long)

  • scarydeadgirl444:
    Your story has the potential to be better. If only you would have fixed all of your grammatical and spelling errors and added a little more detail to it…Then maybe, just maybe, it would have been posted on this website.

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