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The Hook

The Hook (or The Hook Man) is a scary urban legend about a boyfriend and girlfriend who park in a deserted Lovers’ Lane one dark night.

Hook Man Urban Legend

One summer night, a teenage boy was going out on a date with his new girlfriend. He picked her up at her house and they drove out to the edge of town. They parked the car in a secluded spot that was a well-known Lovers’ Lane.

As they gazed out at the lights of the town, the boy put his arm around the girl and switched on the car radio so they could listen to some romantic music. He leaned over and the young couple began kissing and cuddling. Just as they were getting into the mood, the music suddenly stopped and a news-reader’s voice came on the radio.

“This is an emergency announcement. Earlier tonight, a crazed murderer escaped from the state mental asylum. Police are warning citizens to be on their guard since the patient is considered armed and dangerous. The insane killer is nicknamed “The Hook Man” because, after he lost his right hand in an accident, it was replaced with a steel hook. Everyone in the area should be on the lookout for a man fitting this description. If you see anything suspicious, you should report it to the police immediately.”

Hook Man Urban Legend

The girl became frightened and asked to be taken home. She knew that the state insane asylum was not far from the Lovers’ Lane. She was also worried that the remote area where they were parked was the perfect spot for a deranged madman to lurk.

The boy was feeling brave and assured his girlfriend that they were perfectly safe. He locked all of the car doors, then tried to kiss her again. The girl became frantic and pushed him away, insisting that they leave immediately.

In a huff, the boy slammed the car into gear and spun its wheels as he pulled out of the parking space.

On the way back to town they both calmed down, but the girl still held on tightly to her boyfriend.

When they pulled up outside the girl’s house, the boy got out of the car and walked around to open the door for his girlfriend.

For a long time he just stood there, staring at the door. At first the girl couldn’t figure out what was wrong; then she realized that her door was still locked. She smiled and unlocked it.

Still, the boy just stood there.

The girl was puzzled and rolled down her window. Then she saw that the boy was staring down at the door handle. Slowly, she looked down herself and began to scream uncontrollably.

There, hanging from the door handle, was a bloody, stainless-steel hook.

Hook Man Urban Legend


  • For me, the moral is to always listen to girls. They usually know best. Besides, girls might just save your life. Be glad they are around :)

  • That moment when it’s dark and your reading scary stories and you hear a noise.

  • @carlos rivera, the boy was going to open the door for the girl and the boy stood there looking at the hook, if you still don’t get let me tell ya, the hook man was about to open the girl’s door to kill them, but since she was so scared they drove off and since they went fast it ripped off the hook from the hook man’s arm. leaving the hook still on the girl’s door. now do you get it?

  • @dark_angel_Love I agree with u it is her faulght that he is dead after all she wanted 2 go home

  • Guys, I think you all have got the story wrong. It so happened that the maniac tried to open the door on girl’s side, but his hook was struck, and as the boy drove off in anger, the hook came off the maniac’s arm. A fitting reward to that a##hole.

  • Well, the only reason the boy is dead is because of her. if they would have stayed and went home later the killer wouldn’t still be there.

    8/10 stars.

  • ScaryThings happen-
    There are more haunted things in Japan then that place so if I was u I wondnt be relived meh the fking word And I don’t think the thing in this story Is t never go somewhere alone

    cool story
    for me the ending was quite predictable
    to be honest i dont really like stalker stories
    i like ghost and demon stories more
    they make me have nightmares!!!

  • I’de be blessed and so thankful for the guy trying to save her with the blinking of the lights and following her home which is also risking his life

  • I’ve read this storie in a book called ‘scarie stories’
    it was really good… The first time i read it. Lol but one part was out, in the book the girl starts kissing the guy again and then they hear a metal tapping sound ( you know how metal sounds on metal) well anyway they freak out and go home and then they see the hook… Hanging from the BACK door

  • You stole this story from one of the books”Scary Stories To Chill Your Bones”,”Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark”,or either “Scary Stories 3” -.-

  • I have heard this somewhere else before but I dont know where that would be cool if the hook man crept behind them at the end and shouted give me back my hook and killed them

  • I don’t understand the end. Can someone explain it to me? Where did the Hook go? Was he under the car? Please tell me.

  • i heard that they saw the bloody hook and it was the wrong one and that the dude placed it there and he killed them both with his real one and the blood was rabits blood or some kind of animals

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