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Subway Station

The Subway Station is a scary story about a girl who falls asleep on the underground and misses her stop. It is inspired by a well-known Japanese urban legend that was posted on the Japanese messageboard 2ch. It takes the form of a series of late-night text messages between a Japanese girl and her boyfriend.

Subway Station

The following is a transcript of the text message conversation between a Japanese girl named Hasumi and her boyfriend, Takeshi.

2006/06/05 23:35
Hasumi: Are you still awake?

2006/06/05 23:36
Takeshi: What’s up?

2006/06/05 23:38
Hasumi: I’m on the subway. I fell asleep and missed my stop.

2006/06/05 23:40
Takeshi: Get off at the next subway station and get the next train back.

2006/06/05 23:41
Hasumi: That’s the weird thing. I’ve been waiting 20 mins and the train hasn’t stopped yet.

2006/06/05 23:43
Takeshi: Well, it has to stop sometime.

2006/06/05 23:43
Hasumi: I guess you’re right.

2006/06/05 23:44
Takeshi: Did you get on the wrong train by mistake?

2006/06/05 23:45
Hasumi: No. This is the same train I always get.

2006/06/05 23:46
Takeshi: Is there anyone else on the train with you?

2006/06/05 23:47
Hasumi: No. I’m all alone. The other carriages are empty. I’m kind of scared.

2006/06/05 23:47
Takeshi: Go up to the first carriage and see if you can talk to the driver.

2006/06/05 23:47
Hasumi: OK

2006/06/05 23:48
Takeshi: Ask him what the next station is.

2006/06/05 23:53
Hasumi: The window on the driver’s cabin is blacked out. I can’t see him.

2006/06/05 23:55
Takeshi: Try knocking on the window.

2006/06/05 23:56
Hasumi: I did, but there was no reply.

2006/06/05 23:57
Takeshi: That’s strange.

2006/06/05 23:59
Hasumi: The train’s slowing down now. It looks like we’re going to stop.

2006/06/05 23:59
Takeshi: Good.

2006/06/06 00:00
Hasumi: We’re stopped at a station now. Should I get off?

2006/06/06 00:00
Takeshi: You should definitely get off.

2006/06/06 00:02
Hasumi: OK. I got off. I’m on the platform. I don’t know this station.

2006/06/06 00:03
Takeshi: I’ll come and pick you up. What’s the name of the subway station? I’ll find it on Google Maps.

2006/06/06 00:04
Hasumi: It doesn’t have a name.

2006/06/06 00:04
Takeshi: Come on. It has to have a name

2006/06/06 00:05
Hasumi: I can’t see any name.

2006/06/06 00:05
Takeshi: Do you see any signs?

2006/06/06 00:06
Hasumi: They all say Subway Station.

2006/06/06 00:06
Takeshi: How about a timetable?

2006/06/06 00:07
Hasumi: Nothing. Anyway, I can’t take a train back. All the trains stop at midnight.

2006/06/06 00:08
Takeshi: If there’s a timetable on the wall, it should have the name of the station on it.

2006/06/06 00:10
Hasumi: There’s nothing on the walls.

2006/06/06 00:10
Takeshi: Well, just go up the escalator and see if you can find any signs etc.

2006/06/06 00:10
Hasumi: OK

2006/06/06 00:14
Takeshi: Anything yet?

2006/06/06 00:16
Hasumi: Nothing.

2006/06/06 00:18
Takeshi: Go outside. See if there are any street signs.

2006/06/06 00:20
Hasumi: There’s nothing out here.

2006/06/06 00:20
Takeshi: Are there any buildings nearby?

2006/06/06 00:23
Hasumi: Yes. Some. But it doesn’t look like there are any people in them. The lights are all off.

2006/06/06 00:23
Takeshi: I don’t know what to do. I’m freaking out

2006/06/06 00:25
Hasumi: Don’t worry. I’ll leave the station and look for a taxi or something.

2006/06/06 00:25
Takeshi: Good idea. Be careful.

2006/06/06 00:26
Hasumi: It’s really cold out here.

2006/06/06 00:27
Takeshi: Take care of yourself.

2006/06/06 00:41
Hasumi: Still no taxis or anything. What should I do?

2006/06/06 00:43
Takeshi: Maybe there’s a phone booth nearby. You could call a taxi.

2006/06/06 00:43
Hasumi: And tell them what? I don’t know where I am.

2006/06/06 00:44
Takeshi: This is getting desperate. You could call the operator and ask them to trace the call.

2006/06/06 00:44
Hasumi: I don’t see any phone booths. It’s like I’m in the middle of nowhere.

2006/06/06 00:48
Takeshi: Flag down the next car that goes by. Tell them it’s an emergency.

2006/06/06 00:58
Hasumi: The streets are really deserted. I haven’t seen any cars go past while I’ve been here. I’m really scared.

2006/06/06 00:59
Takeshi: Don’t worry about it.

2006/06/06 01:00
Hasumi: That’s easy for you to say. You’re safe and warm at home. I’m the one who’s stuck out here. I’m going to freeze to death.

2006/06/06 01:01
Takeshi: Don’t panic. It’s OK. We’ll get through this.

2006/06/06 01:11
Hasumi: You’re right. Sorry. I’m calm now. I’ll just walk along the highway until I see a car.

2006/06/06 01:12
Takeshi: Just be careful.

2006/06/06 01:14
Hasumi: Of course.

2006/06/06 01:18
Takeshi: I’m worried about you.

2006/06/06 01:30
Hasumi: The lights on the highway just went out. It’s pitch black. I can’t see a thing

2006/06/06 01:31
Takeshi: That’s it. I’m calling the police.

2006/06/06 01:33
Hasumi: How will they find me?

2006/06/06 01:34
Takeshi: I don’t know. But they can look.

2006/06/06 01:36
Hasumi: This is bad. This is really bad.

2006/06/06 01:37
Takeshi: Can you see anything at all?

2006/06/06 01:39
Hasumi: Not much.

2006/06/06 01:41
Takeshi: Is it really safe to walk along a road you’ve never seen before in the cold and the dark?

2006/06/06 01:43
Hasumi: I honestly don’t know what to do anymore.

2006/06/06 01:45
Takeshi: Be careful that your cell phone battery doesn’t run out. It’s your lifeline now.

2006/06/06 01:48
Hasumi: I can hear something in the distance. A weird noise.

2006/06/06 01:49
Takeshi: What is it?

2006/06/06 01:50
Hasumi: It sounds like drums. Drums or bells.

2006/06/06 01:51
Takeshi: What could it be?

2006/06/06 01:52
Hasumi: I’m just going to keep moving.

2006/06/06 01:54
Takeshi: Maybe it would have been safer to wait at the station until sunrise…

2006/06/06 01:56
Hasumi: Maybe…

2006/06/06 01:58
Takeshi: Just go back to the station, Hasumi. If you get lost, going back to where you started is the best thing to do.

2006/06/06 02:00
Hasumi: There’s a tunnel up ahead.

2006/06/06 02:01
Takeshi: Don’t go into the tunnel. It’s not safe. You could get hit by a car. Just give up for tonight. Wait for the first train in the morning.

2006/06/06 02:05
Hasumi: I just heard someone behind me shouting. When I turned around there was a man with only one leg standing about 10 meters behind me. Then he disappeared. I’m so scared, I can’t think straight.

2006/06/06 02:05
Takeshi: Get out of there. Can you make it through the tunnel on your own?

2006/06/06 02:07
Hasumi: I’m so frightened. I’m afriad to look behind me. I want to go back to the station but I can’t turn around.

2006/06/06 02:08
Takeshi: No. Run. Don’t you dare turn back.

2006/06/06 02:10
Hasumi: I can’t run. I can’t even walk anymore. The sound of the drums is getting closer.

2006/06/06 02:11
Takeshi: Calm down and listen to me, ok? If you make it through the tunnel, you’ll be safe.

2006/06/06 02:19
Hasumi: I called my parents. My dad said he’d call the police, but the sound is getting closer. I don’t want to die.

2006/06/06 02:20
Takeshi: Are you OK?

2006/06/06 02:24
Hasumi: I fell and hurt my leg. I’ve been crying so my face is a mess.

2006/06/06 02:25
Takeshi: OMG. I wish I knew how to help you.

2006/06/06 02:28
Hasumi: I’m still alive. I’m bleeding from when I fell and the heel broke off my shoe.

2006/06/06 02:29
Takeshi: Just keep going. Don’t stop. Once you come out of the tunnel, let me know right away.

2006/06/06 02:31
Hasumi: I made it out of the tunnel. The sound keeps getting closer.

2006/06/06 02:32
Takeshi: If you see a house, maybe you can take shelter there.

2006/06/06 02:35
Hasumi: There’s someone standing in the distance. It looks like a man and he’s got a car.

2006/06/06 02:36
Takeshi: Someone just standing there at this time of night? That’s suspicious…

2006/06/06 02:37
Hasumi: I’m going to ask him for help.

2006/06/06 02:38
Takeshi: Wait, Hasumi! Don’t trust that guy! Something’s not right!

2006/06/06 02:44
Hasumi: Sorry for worrying you. This guy turned out to be a very kind person. He even offered to give me a ride home.

2006/06/06 02:45
Takeshi: That person sound fishy! Why would he be waiting on the highway at this time of night? I don’t like the sound of this.

2006/06/06 02:47
Hasumi: We’re heading towards the mountains. He’s taking me away from the city. He won’t speak at all anymore.

2006/06/06 02:48
Takeshi: Hasumi, get out of the car!

2006/06/06 02:58
Hasumi: Things are getting strange. He’s started mumbling nonsense to himself. My battery is almost finished. I’ll look for my chance and run.

2006/06/06 02:59
Takeshi: I love you.

2006/06/06 02:59
Hasumi: I love you.

This was the last communication anyone ever received from Hasumi. At exactly 03:00AM, her cell phone dropped off the map. She was never seen or heard from again.


  • Don’t let me ever be awake on 6/6/6 at 3:33:33 AM…oh wait…WOOHOO I’M SAFE!!! Er…I think…it’s only 2016 in this story…right? Um…Let me just…*Google search* Okay…I’m safe…Back to celebrating! *screech* Um…*looks at the calendar* Oh shit…*looks at meh clock* Dang…I’m dead

  • If there would be stores in front of me I would be like YAYYYY FREEW FOODDDDD and run to the nearest shop 😎

  • After she started describing the place, I just thought “she’s in another universe”.

  • Idiots , Takeshi told he is calling the police and what? Police can identify the location through sim signals.

  • First , the date is 6-6-6,
    Second the time she got off the train is midnight
    Third the witching hour…..


  • I think the locomotive engineer and the car driver are the same person… some bloody psycho killer….

  • Creepy. The date was 6/6/6 and the time was 3:00 am. I think she just entered some other universe or world or something through the subway. Creepy.

  • It’s a lot like annie96istyping… Anyone here read that? If not, then DO. It’s amazingly creepy.
    Also, we need more stories like this!

  • @twisted_girl Theycan. They can look at her signal or records and see which cell tower her call pings off of. Each tower covers a certain area. It would give them a pretty good start at finding her.

  • Hey, um sorry @ Pinkie Pie but I’ve heard that story before it’s a creepy pasta that’s very popular. It’s ok if u copied and pasted it IF u give credit to the writer. Just saying!!!

  • No! I didn’t! It was just a scary story Dash told us at a sleepover! I thought it was cool, but then Fluttershy started to cry, and then Rainbow had to end it!

  • @clowndontbounce Thank you! I took a lot of time to put it in there! It’ REALLY hard to type with hooves! :)

  • She could of called the operator on her phone but, instead she just keep on text messaging her boyfriend like she had all that time to call an operator for help and now she don’t and she had that much battery left too. And i liked this story too but although it was weird and creppy. :) Lolz

  • I wonder what place she ended up in? Ohhhh and another well done story SFK ;-). Oh and why couldn’t her boyfriend find her location? Weird and creepy!

  • if she was getting time for typing messages so why dont she just call the police? she was f###ing mad

  • Eh, she had a cell phone she could have called the operator and they could have traced her call, the heck? 0.0
    And she did call the parents, she could have called the operator instead

  • Interesting story. But lacks horror, I think it would have been better if it would be explained by a third party. Nvm, it is one of its kind.

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