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Subway Station

Subway Station

The Subway Station is a scary story about a girl who falls asleep on the underground and misses her stop. It is inspired by a well-known Japanese urban legend that was posted on the Japanese messageboard 2ch. It takes the form of a series of late-night text messages between a Japanese girl and her boyfriend.

Subway Station

The following is a transcript of the text message conversation between a Japanese girl named Hasumi and her boyfriend, Takeshi.

2006/06/05 23:35
Hasumi: Are you still awake?

2006/06/05 23:36
Takeshi: What’s up?

2006/06/05 23:38
Hasumi: I’m on the subway. I fell asleep and missed my stop.

2006/06/05 23:40
Takeshi: Get off at the next subway station and get the next train back.

2006/06/05 23:41
Hasumi: That’s the weird thing. I’ve been waiting 20 mins and the train hasn’t stopped yet.

2006/06/05 23:43
Takeshi: Well, it has to stop sometime.

2006/06/05 23:43
Hasumi: I guess you’re right.

2006/06/05 23:44
Takeshi: Did you get on the wrong train by mistake?

2006/06/05 23:45
Hasumi: No. This is the same train I always get.

2006/06/05 23:46
Takeshi: Is there anyone else on the train with you?

2006/06/05 23:47
Hasumi: No. I’m all alone. The other carriages are empty. I’m kind of scared.

2006/06/05 23:47
Takeshi: Go up to the first carriage and see if you can talk to the driver.

2006/06/05 23:47
Hasumi: OK

2006/06/05 23:48
Takeshi: Ask him what the next station is.

2006/06/05 23:53
Hasumi: The window on the driver’s cabin is blacked out. I can’t see him.

2006/06/05 23:55
Takeshi: Try knocking on the window.

2006/06/05 23:56
Hasumi: I did, but there was no reply.

2006/06/05 23:57
Takeshi: That’s strange.

2006/06/05 23:59
Hasumi: The train’s slowing down now. It looks like we’re going to stop.

2006/06/05 23:59
Takeshi: Good.

2006/06/06 00:00
Hasumi: We’re stopped at a station now. Should I get off?

2006/06/06 00:00
Takeshi: You should definitely get off.

2006/06/06 00:02
Hasumi: OK. I got off. I’m on the platform. I don’t know this station.

2006/06/06 00:03
Takeshi: I’ll come and pick you up. What’s the name of the subway station? I’ll find it on Google Maps.

2006/06/06 00:04
Hasumi: It doesn’t have a name.

2006/06/06 00:04
Takeshi: Come on. It has to have a name

2006/06/06 00:05
Hasumi: I can’t see any name.

2006/06/06 00:05
Takeshi: Do you see any signs?

2006/06/06 00:06
Hasumi: They all say Subway Station.

2006/06/06 00:06
Takeshi: How about a timetable?

2006/06/06 00:07
Hasumi: Nothing. Anyway, I can’t take a train back. All the trains stop at midnight.

2006/06/06 00:08
Takeshi: If there’s a timetable on the wall, it should have the name of the station on it.

2006/06/06 00:10
Hasumi: There’s nothing on the walls.

2006/06/06 00:10
Takeshi: Well, just go up the escalator and see if you can find any signs etc.

2006/06/06 00:10
Hasumi: OK

2006/06/06 00:14
Takeshi: Anything yet?

2006/06/06 00:16
Hasumi: Nothing.

2006/06/06 00:18
Takeshi: Go outside. See if there are any street signs.

2006/06/06 00:20
Hasumi: There’s nothing out here.

2006/06/06 00:20
Takeshi: Are there any buildings nearby?

2006/06/06 00:23
Hasumi: Yes. Some. But it doesn’t look like there are any people in them. The lights are all off.

2006/06/06 00:23
Takeshi: I don’t know what to do. I’m freaking out

2006/06/06 00:25
Hasumi: Don’t worry. I’ll leave the station and look for a taxi or something.

2006/06/06 00:25
Takeshi: Good idea. Be careful.

2006/06/06 00:26
Hasumi: It’s really cold out here.

2006/06/06 00:27
Takeshi: Take care of yourself.

2006/06/06 00:41
Hasumi: Still no taxis or anything. What should I do?

2006/06/06 00:43
Takeshi: Maybe there’s a phone booth nearby. You could call a taxi.

2006/06/06 00:43
Hasumi: And tell them what? I don’t know where I am.

2006/06/06 00:44
Takeshi: This is getting desperate. You could call the operator and ask them to trace the call.

2006/06/06 00:44
Hasumi: I don’t see any phone booths. It’s like I’m in the middle of nowhere.

2006/06/06 00:48
Takeshi: Flag down the next car that goes by. Tell them it’s an emergency.

2006/06/06 00:58
Hasumi: The streets are really deserted. I haven’t seen any cars go past while I’ve been here. I’m really scared.

2006/06/06 00:59
Takeshi: Don’t worry about it.

2006/06/06 01:00
Hasumi: That’s easy for you to say. You’re safe and warm at home. I’m the one who’s stuck out here. I’m going to freeze to death.

2006/06/06 01:01
Takeshi: Don’t panic. It’s OK. We’ll get through this.

2006/06/06 01:11
Hasumi: You’re right. Sorry. I’m calm now. I’ll just walk along the highway until I see a car.

2006/06/06 01:12
Takeshi: Just be careful.

2006/06/06 01:14
Hasumi: Of course.

2006/06/06 01:18
Takeshi: I’m worried about you.

2006/06/06 01:30
Hasumi: The lights on the highway just went out. It’s pitch black. I can’t see a thing

2006/06/06 01:31
Takeshi: That’s it. I’m calling the police.

2006/06/06 01:33
Hasumi: How will they find me?

2006/06/06 01:34
Takeshi: I don’t know. But they can look.

2006/06/06 01:36
Hasumi: This is bad. This is really bad.

2006/06/06 01:37
Takeshi: Can you see anything at all?

2006/06/06 01:39
Hasumi: Not much.

2006/06/06 01:41
Takeshi: Is it really safe to walk along a road you’ve never seen before in the cold and the dark?

2006/06/06 01:43
Hasumi: I honestly don’t know what to do anymore.

2006/06/06 01:45
Takeshi: Be careful that your cell phone battery doesn’t run out. It’s your lifeline now.

2006/06/06 01:48
Hasumi: I can hear something in the distance. A weird noise.

2006/06/06 01:49
Takeshi: What is it?

2006/06/06 01:50
Hasumi: It sounds like drums. Drums or bells.

2006/06/06 01:51
Takeshi: What could it be?

2006/06/06 01:52
Hasumi: I’m just going to keep moving.

2006/06/06 01:54
Takeshi: Maybe it would have been safer to wait at the station until sunrise…

2006/06/06 01:56
Hasumi: Maybe…

2006/06/06 01:58
Takeshi: Just go back to the station, Hasumi. If you get lost, going back to where you started is the best thing to do.

2006/06/06 02:00
Hasumi: There’s a tunnel up ahead.

2006/06/06 02:01
Takeshi: Don’t go into the tunnel. It’s not safe. You could get hit by a car. Just give up for tonight. Wait for the first train in the morning.

2006/06/06 02:05
Hasumi: I just heard someone behind me shouting. When I turned around there was a man with only one leg standing about 10 meters behind me. Then he disappeared. I’m so scared, I can’t think straight.

2006/06/06 02:05
Takeshi: Get out of there. Can you make it through the tunnel on your own?

2006/06/06 02:07
Hasumi: I’m so frightened. I’m afriad to look behind me. I want to go back to the station but I can’t turn around.

2006/06/06 02:08
Takeshi: No. Run. Don’t you dare turn back.

2006/06/06 02:10
Hasumi: I can’t run. I can’t even walk anymore. The sound of the drums is getting closer.

2006/06/06 02:11
Takeshi: Calm down and listen to me, ok? If you make it through the tunnel, you’ll be safe.

2006/06/06 02:19
Hasumi: I called my parents. My dad said he’d call the police, but the sound is getting closer. I don’t want to die.

2006/06/06 02:20
Takeshi: Are you OK?

2006/06/06 02:24
Hasumi: I fell and hurt my leg. I’ve been crying so my face is a mess.

2006/06/06 02:25
Takeshi: OMG. I wish I knew how to help you.

2006/06/06 02:28
Hasumi: I’m still alive. I’m bleeding from when I fell and the heel broke off my shoe.

2006/06/06 02:29
Takeshi: Just keep going. Don’t stop. Once you come out of the tunnel, let me know right away.

2006/06/06 02:31
Hasumi: I made it out of the tunnel. The sound keeps getting closer.

2006/06/06 02:32
Takeshi: If you see a house, maybe you can take shelter there.

2006/06/06 02:35
Hasumi: There’s someone standing in the distance. It looks like a man and he’s got a car.

2006/06/06 02:36
Takeshi: Someone just standing there at this time of night? That’s suspicious…

2006/06/06 02:37
Hasumi: I’m going to ask him for help.

2006/06/06 02:38
Takeshi: Wait, Hasumi! Don’t trust that guy! Something’s not right!

2006/06/06 02:44
Hasumi: Sorry for worrying you. This guy turned out to be a very kind person. He even offered to give me a ride home.

2006/06/06 02:45
Takeshi: That person sound fishy! Why would he be waiting on the highway at this time of night? I don’t like the sound of this.

2006/06/06 02:47
Hasumi: We’re heading towards the mountains. He’s taking me away from the city. He won’t speak at all anymore.

2006/06/06 02:48
Takeshi: Hasumi, get out of the car!

2006/06/06 02:58
Hasumi: Things are getting strange. He’s started mumbling nonsense to himself. My battery is almost finished. I’ll look for my chance and run.

2006/06/06 02:59
Takeshi: I love you.

2006/06/06 02:59
Hasumi: I love you.

This was the last communication anyone ever received from Hasumi. At exactly 03:00AM, her cell phone dropped off the map. She was never seen or heard from again.

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  • Don’t let me ever be awake on 6/6/6 at 3:33:33 AM…oh wait…WOOHOO I’M SAFE!!! Er…I think…it’s only 2016 in this story…right? Um…Let me just…*Google search* Okay…I’m safe…Back to celebrating! *screech* Um…*looks at the calendar* Oh shit…*looks at meh clock* Dang…I’m dead

  • If there would be stores in front of me I would be like YAYYYY FREEW FOODDDDD and run to the nearest shop 😎

  • After she started describing the place, I just thought “she’s in another universe”.

  • Idiots , Takeshi told he is calling the police and what? Police can identify the location through sim signals.

  • First , the date is 6-6-6,
    Second the time she got off the train is midnight
    Third the witching hour…..


  • 6-6-6 devils number and 3:00 witches time !! O.O
    OMG she’s not in the living world anymore. O.O

  • I think the locomotive engineer and the car driver are the same person… some bloody psycho killer….

  • Creepy. The date was 6/6/6 and the time was 3:00 am. I think she just entered some other universe or world or something through the subway. Creepy.

  • It’s a lot like annie96istyping… Anyone here read that? If not, then DO. It’s amazingly creepy.
    Also, we need more stories like this!

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