Sound of the Ocean

The Sound of the Ocean is a creepy tale from Japan. It is a very popular story on Japanese websites and many people say it is one of the scariest stories they have read. I’m not so sure… Maybe you won’t find it as creepy as Japanese people seem to find it.

Sound of the Ocean

Last night, I was returning home on the last train. My house is in the countryside and I was the only one in the train car. The motion of the train was making me sleepy and I still had quite a few stations to wait until it came to my stop.

I began to doze off and I could hear the soothing sound of the ocean as my eyes closed. I noticed it was awfully cold in the train carriage and I was just about to fall asleep when it hit me.

Why could I hear the sound of the ocean?

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and looked around. The carriage was completely empty. Where was the noise coming from?

Then I looked up.

On the luggage rack above me, I saw something. Somebody was lying there. It was a man with pale, cracked skin and unkempt hair. He had an unsettling grin on his face and he was staring down at me, through the slats on the luggage rack.

His mouth was moving. The sound I was hearing wasn’t the ocean. It was the sound of him whispering.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Our eyes met and I was so scared that I found it impossible to look away. In that moment, it was as if I forgot how to move my eyes and I couldn’t break eye contact with him.

My heart was beating fast and I was in a panic. His mouth just kept moving, making those whooshing sounds, like waves crashing against rocks. His yellowed eyes just stared into mine.

Just when I thought I was about to go insane, the train arrived at my station. I jumped out of my seat and practically rolled out through the door and onto the platform. As the train pulled away, I could see him still staring at me.

I was terrified and hurried back to my house. Even when I closed the door behind me and locked it tightly, I still couldn’t relax.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and heard something. The noise seemed to be coming from downstairs.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

It was the soothing sound of the ocean.

My heart almost stopped.

I was too frightened to go downstairs and see what it was…


  1. The.Depressed.Zombie says

    WOW. But @horrorfanforever isn’t that black person’s word “kaffer?” Like the doutch word for thief? Or the Afrikans word “houtkop?!” Seriously! It’s not bad! It’s a acronym for them! Not bad at all!?!?

  2. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    haha he was whispering whoosh whoosh…that’s funny.
    ah man i always feel like i can’t break contact with ppl…so annoying it is.
    damn it….i wanted to know what was down stairs….i hate not knowing. u should have went downstairs!
    wow i’m yelling at the story like it’s tv.
    the story was funny.

  3. ghostfreak says

    Dear thank you for all you have done :) oh and where studing japan in 7th grade so I will tell everyone this story

  4. nightwatcher says

    Wosh Wosh! The sound of the ocean! No really I’m at the beach when I read this story!! :-P

  5. Horrorfanforever says

    For a country that came up with things like The grudge and Ring this seems to be a little tame. Especially considering this is the scariest story they ever read. Hmm. I still liked it. Oh side note; Midgets is a derogatory term. Most people find it insulting like the n word for black people. Just thought you should know.

  6. Paradise says

    DTMS a midget is a person who is reeeeaaaally short because they have some kind of problem in their growing system or something. search up the images on Google :)

  7. xxFallen_AngelXx says

    agree with you @emperoroftheworld that man is NUTS ! must be a serial killer…not creepy @sfk post some really spooky stuff…puh-lease ! :’)

  8. scarelover6556 says

    Omg sorry this is my first time but I can’t believe I’m FIRST!!!!!! Sorry I just had to do that but cool story.

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