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Slumber party games and ideas. Looking for fun things to do at your sleepover? Well you’ll need some ideas for scary games and pranks to play. Here are some unfinished ideas I found online – half-remembered games that kids used to play at slumber parties. If you have any more information to provide about these games, leave a comment so I can turn these into proper complete pages. Thanks.

Prank Games

Purple Hearts

Another game is purple hearts. Someone lies down on the ground and closes their eyes while everyone else chants “Purple hearts. Purple hearts”. Then one person starts rubbing the sleeper’s temples and asks them if they are asleep. If they say yes, the person begins asking them questions about where they are and what they see. It’s like you can tell what they are dreaming of. Really fun, though I’ve never been the sleeper and I’ve only seen it done once.

The Dark Mirror

Well I’ve only heard about this and seen it once on TV and it was a long time ago so I really don’t know the name or many details. I can only tell you what I remember about it. You’re supposed to sit in a dark enclosed room, one person in a chair and you place a mirror in front of the person and the person is supposed to stare in the mirror. Supposedly after a few minutes of this, you start to see scary images in the mirror. Now I’ve never personally tried this before, but I remember some of the people who did it would see faces in the mirror.


We used to play a game where someone would lay face down on the carpet, and then another person would stand in front of them while holding their hands so that their upper body was held off the ground about a foot. The person holds them there for about sixty seconds. The person lying on the floor needs to keep their eyes open and focus on the carpet. Then, the person who is standing starts to lower them slowly to the ground. For the person who is being lowered, it feels as if they are sinking into the carpet. I remember it being really fun. Hope that makes sense.

There’s another trick I learned when I was little, and although it’s not really scary, it was really fun. (I don’t remember exactly how it goes, my older cousins use to do this to me all the time.) Have one person lie face-down on the ground, with their arms out to their sides and feet together. Have someone stand over them, facing their head, and take the kid’s arms. Begin rotating them lightly (like doing arm circles behind you) and tell them a story of flight.. pretend their a plane or a bird or something like that. Make sure they focus on this and nothing else. After about a minute or so of doing this, describe a landing to them.. ending with ‘And you slowly go back down’ said slow- and as you do this, slow the rotation of their arms and gently lower them to the ground. If done right, it really feels like you gently floating back to earth. It’s kinda cool…

Extra Person

There is also one game where you say a certain story and at the end you count and that there will be a extra person.

As for the story where you count the members of the group and there’s one more person. Its a Ghost Game. It’s an old story and usually involves a group of people touring a supposedly haunted location and the headcount having one extra person.

So I was was watching this show, and these girls were telling ghost stories. Each time one of them told a story, they would turn out their flashlight. After the 3rd girl turned off hers, it was completely dark and they each counted off 1… 2… 3… There was supposed to be a ghost in the room saying 4. What is this game and how do you play it exactly?

Blood Eye

It’s something called a blood eye it’s a scary game. Anyone know it?

Circle in the Soil

There is a game that you have to draw a circle in the soil and get inside, you have to put a coin (currency?) in the way and do ask the devil, the devil says to you if you can go out of the circle or not, and the last one that remains in the circle dies.

Thirty Seconds in Hell

My friends and I used to play thirty seconds in hell. My house was haunted, and if you got a question wrong on trivial pursuit you had to sit in the dark closet for thirty seconds. I heard people screaming, barking dogs, crying children, and I even cried once in there. We were screwed up.

13 minutes in hell – It’s a scary version of 7 minutes in heaven.

Well if you had a couple people stay the night, you could play skeletons in the closet. Its a game where you ask someone random questions and if you think the person is lying (just by the way they act or if they hesitate to answer) you stick them in a dark closet for 3 minutes and take turns telling scary stories outside.

Cup Ashes

Cup ashes & necklace ghost game. Who knows about it and who knows how to play?


Has anyone ever played “Alien”? It’s where you have someone stand with their backs to a wall with their eyes closed. Another person takes the persons arms and crosses them over 7 times, then tells the person against the wall to bow out 7 times and lick their lips. After that’s done, the same thing happens 5 times, then 3 times, then 1 time. After that, the person against the wall keeps their arms limp. The story-teller makes these “come hither” gestures above and below the other person’s hands, and usually, what happens is the hands of the person standing against the wall will rise without being touched… I loved that one too, it freaked people out.

Head in a Box

You sit up straight and the other person boxes in your head with their hands. Then they “lock” the imaginary box and tell you that you only have 10 seconds of air left. The person says something like “Its getting harder to breathe”, and things like that. Well by the end of the 10 seconds I would be panting and almost passing out. There were a few times when the person had to let me out of the imaginary box before the 10 seconds were up.

Dead Man

My friends call it “Dead Man” and you can play it on a trapoline or anywhere. You lay on the ground while the players walk around the dead man and chant “Dead man! Dead man! How were you killed?” and he replies something like “I got killed by a garbage can” and then they say “Dead man! Dead man! When I count to three, wake up… 1..2..3..” and he gets up with his eyes closed and chases the other players. When he catches someone, then they become the dead man.

Black Smut Prank

You tell your friends you are going to hypnotize one of them. Take a glass plate and burn a candle under it to get it full of black smut. Place a candle on the middle of the plate and tell the person you are going to hypnotize to look directly into your eyes and do every thing you do.Tell them to follow your lead and act as though you are rubbing the bottom of the plate in a clock wise motion get them to do the same for real. Now tell them to make the sign of the cross on their face and then do the same in the other direction now tell them to make an x across thier face it should be full of smut and all should get a good laugh.

Fake Medium Prank

A couple of times we played something called ‘haunting’ or ‘medium’ – I was the first to hear of it, then as each of us figured it out we would find someone else to do it to, a couple times and it worked best one-on-one. the way it starts is you claim there’s a spirit nearby. I don’t remember the whole spiel, but you offer to have the spirit contact the person. you point your index fingers at the person’s eyes and reach out to touch their eyelids – if they don’t close their eyes, tell them to. the point is not getting poked in the eyes. as soon as they close their eyes, you switch so that the index and middle finger of one hand are touching the eyelids. then, the standard spiel – ghostly hands brushing over the arm, tugs on the hair. it worked because they ‘knew’ where both hands were – over their eyes(that’s why one-on-one worked best, so they knew it wasn’t someone else, plus it meant noone else figured it out from watching) to finish, you brought your other hand up and positioned it, then drew your hand away, tucking in the middle finger as fast as possible(so it looks like both hands were involved). it was really funny and freaked a couple of my friends out because they couldn’t figure out how I did it.

Inky Water

well this is a game/prank what you do is get all your friends in one room and turn the light out then give each friend a bowl of water with some kind of ink in it but make sure they think it is water only. Then tell them that you know a cool ritual t raise spirits or some other crap like it. Then start chnting some random stuff and tell them to do it too. Then tell them to dip their finger in the “Water” and make circle around their face and then tell them to dip their finger in the water again and tell them to put a circle on each cheek and then just keep telling them to put the water on their face in odd shapes. Then when you turn on the lights everyone realizes they have black smut on their faces and they look freakin hilarious make sure you have a camera with you to take pictures of their funny faces.


  • I played the dead man one often as a child but we would call the game “zombie” and the chant would be “dead man dead man come alive, when we count to the number five. One, two, three, four, five come alive!”

  • I play Dead Man but we say “Dead Man, Dead Man, come alive, by the time I count to 5. 1…2…3…4…5 Come Alive!”

  • Can’t really do anything including the devil… cough, the Oujia board, cough. So i have to rule out circle in the soil, and the bloody eye. <3 pizza always!!!

  • There is always the 100 hundred candles\100 stories\blue candles\Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai (a gathering of one hundred supernatural tales) game.

    What you need: a group of people, one hundred candles, a mirror. Play in the dark and turn all the lights off.
    Make sure that there is nothing flammable near the candles.

    How to play: each person tells a story, after they have finished they blow out one candle. The room gets darker, and darker with each telling…..

    There are three ways to play:
    1. Light one hundred candles, and put blue paper around them to mimic the colour of the underworld (CAUTION – this is a fire risk).
    2. Light the candles and put them in front of a mirror.
    3. You need three rooms (a hallway counts, so if your parlour adjoins your kitchen and is connected by a hallway outside this would count) – place the candles in front of the mirror in one room, you sit in the other room. The person who has told the story must go into the room with the candles and the mirror, blow out one candle, and then pass the mirror as they walk back along either the dark hallway or through a darkened room.

    I’ve never heard of this game summoning anything, but you might want to stop at the ninety-ninth story for fear of provoking something.

  • The head in the box is actually just you being paranoid. When I read the game it got hard for me to breath and I didn’t even play it, although this could be because of my anxiety

  • extra person sounds scary af but Im going to try it at school cuz our school is 180 years old and is haunted cuz alot of ppl who studied there are dead it’s a total mess u gotta see it :D

  • blood eye is like a game where you are nsupposed to chant blood eye blood eye and if the ghost comes your eyes will seem if they are bleeding i don’t know the rest

  • The reason the game with seeing scary images in the mirror works is because when your brain is left alone in a dark, dimly lit environment, it projects negative images. Little kids, and like it or not, some teenagers and adults are afraid of the dark because their brain doesn’t know what is there and projects scary, negative images. That is why you think you are seeing things in the mirror, or how you think you see things when you are laying in your room trying to fall asleep at night. Hope I didn’t ruin it for anyone but I saw someone say something about it in the comments above.

  • I’ve got a fun game to try. Place your hand out infront of you,palms down.Close your eyes and imagine theres some type of weigh on your left or right hand example- imagine theres 3 large rocks placed on your left hand.Now imagine theres something light (like a feather) on your right hand,now open your eyes.If your hands are still level then it means you are good at mind games.If your left hand had dropped slightly and your right hand is raised slightly then it means you have a good imagination.If your right hand has dropped slightly and your left hand is raised then it means you get slightly confused when playing these games. Have fun :P

  • I have another prank. Its called find the red dot.
    You get colored paper, mostly blue, and cut out a bunch of blue dots. Then get a red piece of paper and cut out a red dot. Put a bunch of blue dots everywhere, giving directions. Get your friend to follow the blue dots. Find a scary mask and hide the red dot somewhere, like behind a door or in a closet. And when your friend finds the red dot, jump out and scream REALLY loud. I did it before and it was really funny.

  • I love the inky water prank i am sooo going to try that out on my friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Cup Ashes” is rlly called “Ashes to Blood”.the game is simple but rlly scary.must be attempted with an wut u hav to do it get a glass of water.u have to light candles all around inna circle surrounding the water takes a while,but wait until the wax part u light on fire is burnt black.u then put out the candles and break that part off.u drop them in the water cup.itll spread and make the water a ghastly grey color.u then close ur eyes and chant, “Ashes to blood,blood to dust,within this glass,we place our trust.We want to know,we want to see,if someone has died here,show me,show me!” then open ur eyes.if the burnt pieces u placed into the water have floated to the bottom,leaving the water clear,there is no ghost in the house and noone has died there.if wen u open ur eyes and the water is now a dusty,murky color with sum ash still left in it,ur house is haunted.sorry;)

  • the game is called Voices.wut u hav to do is u make it uber dark in the srsly dark.three gurls have to turn on flashlights and shine them in their own light goes off,the person says “1”.second light goes off,the first person says “1”,the second person says, “2”.the third person shuts off their flashlight.the first person says “1”,the second person says “2”,and the third person says “3”.omfg its rlly scary.u hear the ghostly voice of a male or female.if u luv ur mom more, itll be a female.if u luv ur dad more,itll be a male.same with grammas and granpas,aunts and uncles.DO NOT TRY!!!!it is exactly like a owija board.once it happens, and i AM NOT JOKING,the ghost will haunt u until the day u die, or the day u leave the house.sometimes,if ur unlucky,the ghost will follow u is very scary becuz,like an owija board, you never know if its gunna be a nice,kind spirit there to protect u and not scare u or a demon sent frum hell to terrorize u,perhaps kill u.DOOO NOOOOT ATTEEEEEEEMPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • some of them are okay, but i think that most of them arent so much “scary” as they are entertaining.

  • I wish I could have gone to a slumber party/sleepover. It would be awkward though, because I’m a guy. These games do sound fun though.

  • the deadman game is wrong you say “DEAD MAN DEAD MAN! HOW DID YOU DIE?” he responds you say, “dead man dead man come alive come alive at the count to five 1…2…3..etc and when he gets up you have to scream AHHH NO NOT ANOTHER ONE I THOUGHT HE WAS THE ONLY ONE!! and it freaks him out because they think that a ghost is with them or something

  • I have played the Dark Mirror once and its actually true. You go into the bathroom or an room with a mirror. The room must have enough light to see your reflection. Keep staring at your reflection. When i did that, my reflection began to twist and turn and change shape. It was quite scary you know…
    I have only heard about the Blood Eye, never tried it. For what i know, there a number of ways to play blood eye, here is the one i heard of…> You need a friend to stand infront of you. Then you point at one of the eyes and tell your friend to stare at it. After a few seconds of staring, you begin to move your finger towards the eye, and while doing this you have to keep saying “Blood Eye, Blood Eye, do you have any blood tonight? Blood Eye, Blood Eye show me your Blood” you have to keep chanting that as u slowly move your finger. If done right, the eye u were pointing at will begin to bleed and small drops of blood will fall… For some reason I dont want to try this game…
    I have also heard about Circle In The Soil. You draw a circle in the sand or if u want to stay in the house, you collect some sand and form a circle. You then step into the circle with anyone who is with u. The circle is now your protection, a barrier to prevent other “things” entering. Then you take a small coin, mostly copper coins but any will do. Take a coin and throw it out of the circle while saying “Devil, Devil, I have a few questions for u, are you here?”. If the coin rolls to a certain direction, it means the devil is there and u may ask a question. If the coin stays in one place then the devil is not yet there and you will have to throw another coin after a few minutes. DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CIRCLE! When asking a question, keep a clear mind and think of nothing else but the question. When asking a question, never ask about God or your death. After asking the question, the first answer that comes into your mind is the devil’s answer. After u have asked question, u must thank the devil by saying “Now my questions are done, you may leave”. Never step out of the circle during the devil’s presence…
    Well, thats all i have heard of, i dont know if this helped…

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