Shirime is a Japanese ghost with no face, who has a huge eye in his butt. At night, he scares unwary travelers on lonely roads by mooning them. In Japanese, “Shiri” (尻) means “Butt” and “me” (目) means “Eye”, so the name Shirime literally means “Butt Eye”.


The Japanese legend of Shirime is a strange and funny tale. Many years ago, a samurai was walking at night on the road to the Japanese city of Kyoto. Suddenly, a man dressed in a kimono stepped out of the shadows and blocked his path.

“Who goes there?” asked the samurai nervously, readying himself for an attack.

“Excuse me,” said the man. “Could I have a moment of your time?”

Before the samurai could answer, the man turned around, dropped his clothes and bent over. His bare buttocks opened wide and the horrified samurai saw a huge, glittering eye staring at him from the man’s butt.

A strange, glowing light was emanating from the eye. When he saw this, the samurai screamed in terror and fled as fast as his legs would carry him.

Shirime is one of the most popular ghosts in Japan because he does not harm his victims. He is just a mischievous ghost wholikes to scare people.


  1. GoldenSnowmen says

    Seriously? What is with the Japanese and their fear of butts and toilets!?

  2. bet your so scared says

    @Dont take me seriously,hahaha come to think of it u might be right.this story is cool keep em comin sfk.

  3. Devil_666 says

    @ Xx_layla_xX12
    But people like these stories better because they are shorter and kinda funnier.

  4. Xx_layla_xX12 says

    This isnt taking it too far, mind you, but it IS really weird.. and kinda awkward to read.. i mean so many people have way better stories.. why couldnt you post theirs instead of this one? Come on SFK… im disappointed.

  5. The_Yellow_Dash says

    Hi this is the The_Yellow_Dash’s big sister i told him a story and he wanted me to post it here it goes it actually happened to my best friend so yeah: when my friend was all alone in her house she was flipping though the channels on her television ~tv~ all of a sudden her dog stood on his hind legs near the door and just stood there like a statue 3 minutes later she heard a knock at the door and went to answer it when she answered it there was a tall dark figure with dark red eyes so she closed the door super fast and when she turned around her dog had the same dark red eyes so she thew him out side all of a sudden she her something call out her name she was very scared and then she called the police and thats all i heard her say because class had started sorry bye

  6. Dont take me seriously says

    Get this, if he has an eye for a butt, then he poops through his mouth and cries though his butt? Ugh! Talk about anal leakage!!

  7. Psycho chick819 says

    Seriously, ‘His bare buttocks open WIDE…’? How is that even possible? Oh wait, it is. Shirime can do it. This is akward on so many levels.

  8. nightlock says

    why is it that all the female japanese ghosts kill their vitims, but the male ones dont?!?!?

  9. UchihaIrene says

    Now that’s awsome! By the way, I can translate an Icenadic story to English if anyone’s interested. So let me know?

  10. Queen Sacefrin says

    OMG this is so scary I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight and OMG I’m never going to Japan!

  11. Pete says

    I was gonna stop reading after “Shrime is a Japanese ghost with no face who has a huge eye in his butt” but read the rest since it was so short. This was hilarious. Thanks SFK.

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