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Shirime is a Japanese ghost with no face, who has a huge eye in his butt. At night, he scares unwary travelers on lonely roads by mooning them. In Japanese, “Shiri” (å°») means “Butt” and “me” (ç›®) means “Eye”, so the name Shirime literally means “Butt Eye”.


The Japanese legend of Shirime is a strange and funny tale. Many years ago, a samurai was walking at night on the road to the Japanese city of Kyoto. Suddenly, a man dressed in a kimono stepped out of the shadows and blocked his path.

“Who goes there?” asked the samurai nervously, readying himself for an attack.

“Excuse me,” said the man. “Could I have a moment of your time?”

Before the samurai could answer, the man turned around, dropped his clothes and bent over. His bare buttocks opened wide and the horrified samurai saw a huge, glittering eye staring at him from the man’s butt.

A strange, glowing light was emanating from the eye. When he saw this, the samurai screamed in terror and fled as fast as his legs would carry him.

Shirime is one of the most popular ghosts in Japan because he does not harm his victims. He is just a mischievous ghost wholikes to scare people.

scary for kids


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