Scary Riddles

Roses and Violets

Roses and Violets is a scary riddle about two sisters. The picture tells the whole story, so it should be quite easy to work out what happened.

Roses and Violets

1. Violet’s room with the small window.
2. Rose’s room with the big window.
3. The toolshed.
4,5,6,7. Rose.
2. Violet’s room with the big window.


  • Violet killed rose and put parts of her around so she can have the bigger widow aka:4,5,6,7 are where she placed rose

  • I see it… Violet splattered Rose by throwing or pushing her out her window. Thats why 4,5,6,and 7 are hers. Thats that I think at least.

  • acctually, killing your sister for a window is quite reasonable.Mine killed me for getting a iphone 2 and she got iphone 1. now you know my secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Violet got jealous of her sister for having the better window so she killed her and then buried her allowing her to have the big window.

  • Wow, I didn’t know sisters would be out to kill each JUST BCUZ one of them has a bigger window than the other. A bit dramatic, to be quite honest…

  • Weird last month my English teacher gave us that exact picture with numbers and stuff expect it was called The Legend of Alexandra and Rose. Then we had to write a story based on the pic everyone in my class wrote about Alexandra killing Rose just to get the room then buried her in the backyard.

    But I wrote about Rose got killed and Alexandra planted Roses in the backyard as a memorial for her sis. Then Alexandra got Roses room but she never bothered to stay In there and still stayed in her room with the little window

    Anyways I got an A on that story :)

  • Violet killed rose and chopped her up and hid them in the places 4 5 6 7 so she got the room with the big window
    Btw i have been reading on sfk for like 2 and a half years and i finally made the account i hav read ur comments and think u guys and girls are really fun and interesting and this is not a mistake to join sfk

  • How about this, once upon a time there were 2 sisters rose and violet,used to live in a cottage and “loved each other very much” :-D. Rose had a room with bigger window but that of violet was smaller. One day when rose was in the toolshed violet attacked her with shovel and cut her into 4 pieces and buried her,so that she can have her room. Now violet live in rose’s room with bigger window! :I *HAPPY ENDING* XD XD XD

  • actuallly i know what happens, violet chop rose in three picees then bury her because it said 5,6,7 Rose
    why else it would said that?

  • Violet killed Rose. Because Violet had the room with the small window, Rose had the room with the big window, there was a toolshed, Violet obviously killed Rose with a shovel or something and buried her, so then Rose was dead because Violet killed her and Violet got the big room.

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