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House Fire

House Fire

House Fire is a scary story about a teacher who finds out that two children in his class have burned to death in a fire. This is one of those scary riddles that are “scary when you know the meaning”. This one should be easy to figure out, but just in case, you can find the solution in the comments.

House Fire

There was a young teacher who started work in an elementary school. She had 30 students in her class. On her first day, she was very nervous, but after a while, she got to know each of the children very well. She was friendly and easy-going and the kids liked her a lot.

One day, she noticed that two of the children were absent. The kids were brother and sister. Later that day, the principal came to the classroom and asked if he could speak to her privately. In the hallway, he told her he had some bad news. The boy and the girl had died in a house fire. They were sleeping upstairs when the fire broke out. The parents were downstairs and somehow managed to escape.

The teacher broke the terrible news to the kids in her class. They were shocked and devastated. Most of them were crying. A few days later, they all attended the funeral and when it was over, they were sent home early.

Alone in the classroom, the teacher began tidying up. She came across a pile of pictures she had gotten the children to draw for an art lesson. She had told them to draw a picture of their family.

She found the picture the girl who died had drawn.

On the paper, each figure was drawn in crayon. The father was in the garden. He was holding what looked like a watering can and seemed to be watering the plants. The mother was standing beside him. Leaning out of the upstairs windows were the boy and the girl. They were laughing and waving at their parents.

The picture was heart-warming. It looked like an average, happy family.

The teacher looked a little closer and started to notice something strange.

The parents had survived the fire and got out. In the drawing they were outside. The kids had perished upstairs. In the drawing they were upstairs.

Then, the teacher noticed something else.

The faces of the children. They weren’t laughing. They looked like they were screaming.

They weren’t waving at their parents. They seemed to be waving for somebody to save them.

The last thing she noticed sent a chill down her spine.

That wasn’t a watering can the father was holding…

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