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The Roommates is a scary urban legend about two girls who get scared when they stay alone at college alone during a vacation.


Two female college roommates were staying in their dorm room during the University’s Christmas vacation. All of the other girls on campus had gone home so they were completely alone.

The roommates were trying to do some study, but they ended up just spending hours browsing the Internet on their laptop.

Late that night, one of the girls felt hungry so she told her roommate she was going downstairs to get some food. She assured her friend she would be back in a few minutes. Then she took the keys to open the kitchen door and walked off down the hallway.

The other girl sat in her room, using her laptop and waiting for her roommate to return. After a while, she began to feel sleepy so she undressed and got into bed.

As she was about to fall asleep she heard a gurgling moan coming from down the hallway. She froze, lying in bed, her heart pounding. The sound stopped, but it was replaced by a dragging noise.

The girl was terrified. She couldn’t lock the door because her roommate had taken the keys with her. All she could do was lie there, shivering, as the sound drew nearer and nearer.

She listened, shaking with fear, as the dragging sound came closer and closer, stopping right outside her door. Then, something began scratching at the door. Frightened beyond belief, the girl jumped out of bed and hid in the closet.

The trembling girl was afraid to move a muscle. The scratching noise seemed to go on and on. Eventually she managed to fall asleep, curled up in the closet.

The next morning, the girl cautiously stepped out of the closet. The scratching sounds had stopped but she was still too frightened to open the door. Looking out her window, she saw a mailman passing by and shouted to him for help.

She heard the mailman’s footsteps entering through the college dorm and coming up the stairs, into the hallway. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped.

“Is everything OK?” cried the girl.

For a few seconds, there was just silence.

“Yes, everything’s OK”, shouted the mailman. “Just stay in your room. I’ll get the police.”

“What’s wrong?” asked the girl.

“Nothing!” came the mailman’s reply. “Just stay where you are. Don’t come out.”

But the girl was already turning the handle and opening the door. As the door swung open, the girl saw the mailman standing there, his face pale and his eyes wide with fear. Then she looked down and screamed in horror at what she saw.

Her roommate’s dead body was sprawled on the floor, lying in a pool of blood. There was a hatchet buried in her head and her fingernails were worn down to bloody stumps from scratching on the door for help.


  • Now I’m not gonna sleep tonight… Maybe never again!!!😯😦😧😨😰😱

  • The stupid power went out and won’t be back on for a few days… I’m just chilling at my bff’s house right now.

  • Omg I’m in the middle of this huge storm, the whole house is shaking, and the wind is so loud right now, I can’t even hear my tv. This sucks. I need to watch supernatural or else I’ll die.

  • Some one could of just stabbed her every where instead of doing tush and doing that it’s a waste of energyπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ poor dead girl they should of got the food beforeπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ {wish I could kill u}

  • cool story
    however i have read sooooooooooooooooo many stories like this so the ending was kinda predictable 4 me
    it would have been a bit better if u put this in the ending:

    ‘Nobody knows what what the living girl did next but she had a panic attack. Now the college is haunted by the ghost of the dead room mate and people are scared to sleep there the night because lots of paranormal things occur.’


    ‘If you don’t send this to 6 people in the next 8 minutes, the ghost of the dead room mate will appear in your bedroom at 3 o’clock in the morning and will haunt you to death.’

  • this not reall iam 10 years old if yall know what urben legends means old made up stories so yall so scared to go to college and this website called scary for kids:-X kids should be scared not teenegers if you dont think i am kidwell i am look my pictures up on facebook my name is elise delia renee patton

  • I think the girl on the left side of the bed without the laptop is the one who got killed and thats to bad…She is prettier then the one with the laptop

  • We’re afraid of darkness because we can’t see a thing, and we feel safe in the light because we can realize what’s going on. And we feel safe under the blankets because it feels like someone is comforting us and that nothing’s gonna get you. That’s why. :)

  • That sucks. But at least it doesnt seem like the girl really had a family or else she would spend Christmas with them.

  • Aww, I feel bad that her roommare didnt help her, but I would have done the same thing if I heard scratching noises; hide in the closet.

  • when i was like 7 i was really scared of the dark and would hear noises all the time in my house. id always put my whole body underneath the cover’s and fall asleep! i still do that sometimes!

  • yeh! truth is i feel safe under my blanket?
    no idea why? but yeh that story is scary if that happened i honestly would’ve jumped
    out of the window and run for my life!

  • good thing the college im going to has many rooms in one dorm! lol they have like 6 bedrooms in each dorm! :D

  • omg! thats sorta sad! the roommate was too dam scared to help her friend who was attempted to be murdered, and just let her die.

  • i dont get it cuz if shes scratching at the door wouldnt ya think the murderer would go on the room?
    and also why do we feel safe under blankets? its not like a murderer will come in and say “im going to ki, aw crap shes under a blanket”

  • I read something that was like this. Theirs these two roommates, one smart and the other is a drama club member. The drama club member goes for a play which she has the main role. She tells her roommate that she would be back later after the after party for the play. During the play it comes to her big part when her voice cracks. Embarrassed she rush’s back to her room. When she opens the door the lights are off and the rocking chair is creaking. She asks her friend why are the lights off. A voice comes back, no reason I’m not feeling good and was trying to rest. As she turns the lights on she sees her roommates body was in the rocking chair. Her head was on the desk on the other-side of the room, with a man with a knife behind the body. The drama member runs out screaming for help. The man tackles her outside of the room. He tells her that no one can hear here because their all at the after party. Then he cuts off her head.

  • wow this didn’t scard me it was predictable like scarlover123 said oh and one more thing ghosttalkergirl97 i think people are afraid of the dark because when somebody is trying to kill them or something like dat the attacker will sneak up and kills dat person easier ok…..i don’t know wat i’m saying !!….:]

  • It’s a good thing I’m going to college in town where I live. So I will be able to go home. Who knows who or what can be in college during that time…..

  • This simular incident happened to me one night; turns out it was only my dog scratching the door for food.

  • Wow i would of turned on the lightz to see wat wuz goin on…..and to see the poor roomate on the floor dead would make me feel bad….becuz i didnt help!

  • heres one just like it! One night to girls and a keeper were in there house. The two girls were being watched by a husky well built man (there keeper) and his dog (lucky). The girls started to hear noises but just ignored them and went to sleep. The keeper was on his laptop with his hand danggling on the side with his dog lucky licking it. in the mornig he went to the bathroom and on the mirror it said look in the cabinet in smeared blood. When he did so the dead dog ploped out with a note on it saying “people can lick to”.

  • wow i heard that difrent she was at the library and the girl came back her roomates head was cut off it was AWESOME

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