One Two One Two

“One Two One Two” is a scary story from Korea about a high school girl who is studying late at night in her school library.

One Two

In South Korea, it is very important for young people to do well in school. Parents put a lot of pressure on their children to study hard and get good grades. Students often have to hire tutors after school and some even return to the school at night to do extra work.

This has actually become a big problem in Korea because many students stay up so late at night studying that they fall asleep the next day in class. In recent years, students have actually been banned from studying after 10pm in some areas.

One night, a Korean girl named Sun-Hi was at school. It was quite late and she was studying in the library with a group of other students from her class. The lights in the library were on, but the rest of the school was in darkness.

After a while, Sun-Hi needed to go toilet, so she took a break from her studies. Telling her friends she would be back in a moment, the girl walked out of the library and down the darkened hallway to the school bathroom.

In the library, when a few minutes had passed, the other boys and girls began to notice a faint tapping noise. It seemed to be coming from the direction of the window. Looking around, they saw a pale, gaunt woman standing outside. Her face was pressed up against the window and her eyes were tightly shut. One long, crooked finger was tapping on the window. They wondered what the woman was doing outside at this time of night.

A moment later, the woman opened her eyes and the students gasped in horror. She didn’t have any eyes. There were just deep, dark holes where her eyes should have been. The woman raised her fist and brought it crashing down against the window. The glass shattered.

Suddenly, all the lights went out.

In the school bathroom, Sun-Hi was just about to wash her hands when she was plunged into darkness. Everything was silent. She never heard the screams of terror coming from the library. There was no way she could have known about the pandemonium and slaughter that had broken out just a few rooms away. She continued washing her hands in the dark, blissfully unaware of the horrific cries that echoed down the hallway. Just as abruptly as they had begun, the yells and screams stopped and the school was deathly silent once again.

Sun-Hi opened the bathroom door and strolled back down the hallway. When she went into the library, she stopped in her tracks.

The dead bodies of the other students were strewn around the library. Some of the corpses were sprawled on the floor, while others were draped across desks and filing cabinets. She started shaking with fear. Her mind raced as she tried to understand what had happened. It was a massacre.

Just then, she heard footsteps echoing down the hallway.

Sun-Hi was a clever girl and, thinking fast, she threw herself on the floor, next to the dead bodies of her friends, and lay motionless.

She listened as something quietly crept into the library. Sun-Hi kept her eyes closed and pretended to be dead. She heard a rustling sound as something moved around the room. Fearing the worst, Sun-Hi lay as still as she could and tried not to make a sound.

She heard a voice whispering, “One, two… One, two… One,two…”

Curiosity got the better of her and she cautiously opened her eyes, ever so slightly, and took a peek.

There, in the middle of the room, stood a pale, ghostly woman, dressed in white.

Sun-Hi closed her eyes again and fought the urge to scream. She could hear the ghost creeping around the room, going from body to body, muttering under its breath.

“One, two… One, two… One, two…”

The girl held her eyes tightly shut. She hoped and prayed that the ghost would leave soon.

“One, two… One, two… One, two…”

The ghostly woman was shuffling from one corpse to the next, getting closer and closer.

“One, two… One, two… One, two…”

As Sun-Hi listened to the chilling voice of the ghost, she tried not to do anything that would attract attention.

“One, two… One, two… One, two…”

The ghost was drawing ever nearer. Sun-Hi dared not move.

“One, two… One, two… One, two…”

The ghost was almost beside her. The girl tried not to breathe.

Suddenly, the counting stopped.

Sun-Hi remained motionless. She strained to hear even the slightest noise. She was afraid to move a muscle.

There was no sound. The library was suspiciously quiet.

After several minutes of complete silence, Sun-Hi was sure that the ghost was gone.

Sun-Hi slowly opened her eyes.

The ghost was crouched directly over her, staring into her eyes. One pale, bony finger was pointing straight at Sun-Hi’s terrified face.

“One, two!” said the ghost as it plucked out her eyeballs.


  1. Crystal says

    Sun-hi kept her eyes closed so she couldn’t see anything but could only hear the “One, two..”. The ghost didn’t have any eyes. So, she came to every children and plucked out their eyeballs while counting how many she plucked from each student.

  2. DemonicQueenzilla says

    I knew that was coming! SFK I can’t go to sleep now!!! And it’s 11:29 almost midnight!!! 😭😭😭

  3. snowwhite says

    scary story….. but how come ghost was staring while he wasn’t having eyes..??

  4. EnchantedWoods says

    If it was a little longer and a little more detailed it would’ve been great! Still awesome and I am a little spooked! :b

  5. ICanSeeYou says

    Amazing! Scary, I can imagine opening my eyes to a ghost staring into my eyes. Wait! If the ghost had no eyes, how did she see to pluck out everyone elses?

  6. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    Why are there so many stories about ripping out eyes? Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, and now One Two One Two? I mean, I like them, but it’s getting dominant. -_-

  7. MS. Scare yourself silly says

    When she came close i woulda bust out the kung-fu moves like hiyah atchow haaaaooa STRIKING PYTHON!!!!!!! * one two one two * OH MY GOD AAAHH XC I WA JUST KIDDIN

  8. xXRoxas13Xx says

    Lol i would have gone through the window the ghost smashed when she came in the only thing is…………i dont know witch floor there on XD

  9. LittleDucky1 says

    I would of done the same as Sun-Hi. I would of pretended to be dead, even if I would lose my life.

  10. Banana phone says

    lol I thought the ghost was looking at something about thirty centimetres below the eyes

  11. aeruz says

    the OLD lady is counting the eyes ONE TWO shes making sure all of there eyes are peeled off so no use Playing dead,if i were Sun-Hi i would hide somewhere or go out the window and run like hell

  12. the devil that hauts your nightmares says

    since i am not a fast runner i would while calling her names

  13. Cunning Cheetah says

    The story’s cool but it needs to be more interesting and this website rocks!

  14. theawesomeness says

    I like my eyeballs :( and these people need to stop making stories on Asians. It’s not fair to us Americans that are really, really stupid when it comes to running away screaming. If you have ever seen Scary Movie 1 you would know that it is more realistic than Scream movie at times. Most of the time.

  15. ScaredForLife says

    If I hear faint noises, I would say “FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW!” Then run away.

  16. FL0R1DA says

    why did she kill those kids in the first place? all they wanted to do was just study so they can have a nice life!??!!! D: if i were in the little girls’ situation, i would have either ran or if the doors and windows were locked, i would have just sat there because the ghost was probably gonna kill me anyway…. but nice story. i wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyways….

  17. imgianna says

    CRAZY!! I have 2 plans if I were her
    1) Run like hell all the way home
    2) Agree with @mishky1234 :))

  18. Selenas says

    Don’t feel 2 bad my best frnd Liks me a lot and everyone thinks we’re datin but we’re not and it turns out he was gonna ask me out the same day my current bf asked me out and they are Lik best frnds too. I just feel Lik rlly bad. So don’t worry, whenever there is something goin wrong in ur life just apriciate wat u hav and find ur own way to do things. If u do wat we tell u, then, ur most likely not doin wat YOU actually want to do. And wen u do something u wnt 2 do, the results r way better. ^.^
    Luv ya guys=o) <3

  19. Lunadawn16 says

    Lesson Learned: if ever a massacre happens in ur school library runs like there’s no tomorrow and don’t look back!!!

  20. Jellokitteh says

    ….. I dont why, but i think we should make a game out of this story. People chase each other in a dark room. These players must wear goggles. Then someone else is it (the ghost) and has to try to find players in the dark room. If the «ghost» finds a player and pokes them on their goggles (where their eyes should be) the «ghost» wins. The poked one is the it now and the game starts over.
    Oh yea, and when the «ghost» pokes someones goggles, he/she has to yell; «I poke you in the eye! I poke you I poke you!!!!!» :P
    lol my game sounds weird. And it kinda sounds hard to get. Its simple. Ish.

  21. horror4everything says

    i had chills up my spine when i read this far out this was the freakiest story ive read

  22. shemron says

    OMG it was so spooky when I tried to close my eyes like sun-hi my eyes were ever so shaking it was so spooky.

  23. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    OMG That is FREAKY! Never pretend to be dead! Run like heck! Ugghh *shudder*

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