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Skiing Vacation

Skiing Vacation

Skiing Vacation is a horror tale about two men who become stranded on a snowy mountain cabin in the depths of Winter. It is based on a well-known Japanese urban legend.

Skiing Vacation

Two men from Colorado went on a skiing vacation in the mountains. They brought a camera and a camcorder with them to take pictures and shoot videos. They were staying in a remote log cabin miles away from anyone else.

After they had spent a few days there, the weather turned bad and the men realized they were stuck on the mountain until the storm cleared. To make matters worse, one of the men had an accident while skiing and was badly injured. The other man tried to radio for help, but there was no reception and within hours, his friend was dead.

The man was stranded alone on the mountain, unable to contact anyone and unable to leave because of the bad weather conditions. He took his friend’s body outside and buried it under the snow.

That night, he went to bed hoping that someone would notice that he was missing and call the authorities. He was worried he would starve to death before he was rescued.

The following morning when the photographer awoke, he was horrified to find that his friend’s dead body was lying beside him in the bed, its cold dead arms wrapped tightly around him.

The man couldn’t figure out what had happened. Terrified, he carried the body of his friend outside and buried it again in the snow.

But the following morning, the same thing happened again, and the morning after that. By this time, the poor man was almost out of his mind with fright. He decided to set up his camcorder on a tripod and videotape himself sleeping at night. That way, he would finally find out what was going on during the night.

The next morning, he awoke again to find frozen corpse clutching him. He got out of bed, shivering and shaking and started to watch the video that had been recorded.

What he saw on that video still haunts him to this day.

The man watched with mounting terror as a dark figure emerged from the sleeping bag and left the cabin. Minutes later, the figure returned carrying the corpse. The figure got into the bed and wrapped the arms of the corpse around itself. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The dark figure was none other than the man himself.

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