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Older Brother

The Older Brother is a creepy riddle about a girl whose parents were murdered by her elder sibling. Read the following story carefully and see if you can discern what is really going on.

Older Brother

The Older Brother

A girl told her friend that she had a dark secret she had been hiding for years. Her parents had been murdered when she was 15 years old. She said that her older brother had gone insane and stabbed her mother and father to death.

The friend was shocked at the terrible story she was hearing.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, comforting the girl. “What happened to your older brother after that?”

“He was arrested by the police”, said the girl. “There was a trial. I sat in the courtroom for weeks, listening to the lawyers argue their case. Eventually, my brother was convicted of murder and sentenced to be executed.”

“That’s horrible!” said the friend.

“Yes, it was,” the girl replied. “He was on death row for a long time. Then he was executed by lethal injection.”

“It must have been so difficult for you,” said the friend.

“You wouldn’t believe how hard it was”, said the girl. “I went through life in a daze. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I tried to block out the terrible memories. I suffered from depression, anxiety, even amnesia. It took me years and years to recover.”

“Have you ever talked to anyone about this before?” asked her friend.

“No, never,” replied the girl. “I have so many questions, but they’ll never be answered now. I was present at my older brother’s execution, but he never said a word. He never explained why he killed our parents. He just stared silently at me as they gave him the lethal injection.”

“There’s still a way you could get some answers,” said her friend. “I don’t know if you would be interested, but I know a woman who is a psychic. She can communicate with the dead. She’s very good. Maybe she could help you find the answers you are looking for.”

A few days later, the girl arranged to meet the psychic and consulted her about her past. The psychic turned down the lights, lit some candles and sat down in her chair. Then, she tossed back her head and went into a deep trance.

A few minutes passed and the girl sat in silence.

“Now, you may ask me any question you wish,” whispered the psychic.

“What caused my older brother to lose his mind?” asked the girl, nervously.

“Your brother was never crazy”, replied the psychic quietly. “He was always perfectly sane.”

“Then Why did my older brother kill my parents?” asked the girl.

“Your brother was only responsible for the death of one person,” said the psychic.

Suddenly, the girl understood everything. She buried her face in her hands and began crying uncontrollably.

Do you understand what really happened?


  • The girl went crazy and killed the parents. Her brother took the blame and saved her life. She had amnesia and when she went to the psychic her memories flowed back and she remembered what she had done. Scaryforkids am I right?

  • Awww that’s sad. Girl had killed the parents and got amniesia and the brother stood up for her and was only responsible for his own death. :(

  • Answer: The sister got crazy and killed the parents. The brother stood up for her. He was only responsible for his own death.

  • The only death her brother was responsible for was his own. He got himself arrested and executed because he didn’t want his sister to die, since SHE was the one that went insane. Then, due to amnesia, she lost her memory, and blamed her brother. BAD GIRL!

  • The only death her brother was responsible for was his own. He got himself arrested and executed because he didn’t want his sister to die, since SHE was the one that went insane. Then, due to amnesia, she lost her memory, and blamed her brother.

  • It maybe that –
    the father killed the mother & the brother killed the father for killing his mother.
    the mother killed the father & the brother killed the mother for killing his father.

  • The girl killed the parents, but the brother took the blame because she was the crazy one and didn’t know what she was doing. The brother was only responsible for one death – his own.

  • There’s little to no thought put into this.

    Thoery 1 & 2 are the same just a simple character switch.

    Theory 1: The Father killed the Mother and the son killed the Father after grieving over his mother’s passing.

    Theory 2: The Mother killed the Father and the son killed the Mother after grieving over his oFather’s passing.

  • The girl went insane and killed her parents. Her brother killed her because she killed her parents. Now he’s arrested. The girl, now a ghost, was watching him on court. And the girl watched him die. I’m guessing that she forgot she was the one who killed her parents, now that she is a ghost. So now, she was telling her GHOST friend that he killed the parents. The ghost friend recommended the human woman, so she went there. Since the woman can communicate with ghosts, the woman can talk with her. Then she realized what she had done.

    That’s my best guess XD but I bet there is a more sensible one.

  • Aww I get it the older brother was responsible for killin himselfand the girl killed her parents


  • Oh, sorry to everyone who posted the answer before me. I hadn’t read all the comments before posting.

  • Isn’t it obvious? Her brother took the fall for the girl murdering her parents. The person who’s death he caused was his own by making that sacrifice. She can’t remember due to amnesia.

  • aaaaaaaawwwwww omg hew brother is so sweet…but wait it said only 1 parent got killed by the boy so he murdered one and she murdered one?

  • The girl killed one of her parents and her brother killed the other because she has the disease Amnesia she could’ve possibly thought they were bad OR her parents were evil and they killed them before they could kill the children.

  • the girl killed the parents but her brother took the blame the reason she wouldn’t remember is because she had amnesia
    is it right? i’m not sure :D

  • im 9. OH! :) i under stand! the brother was jelosh because the parents were probly mostly caring for the girl! yours is good too, fem-demon21

  • i think the girl murdered one of her parents, and the brother murdered another so that there will be no witness to the crime. the older brother took all the blame and punishment just t protect his sister.. he must have loved his sister so much..


  • Liar! The girl is liar! She lied to her friend! Her friend told her “Did you told this to someone?” She said “No,Never!” but she is a liar she told us!

  • The girl killed the pearents and the boy got the blame but the girl tried to kill herself and went to an isylum?

  • OMG this is scary so at first I thought the brother murdered the girl and she was a ghost and the parents were still alive but I was wrong it turned out that she was the killer and his brother took the blame bad girl excellent brother god that brother is nice concidering brothers and sisters always fight.

  • i got it!, the boy killed himself,and instead of the brother being dead by injection, it was the father, and the father killed the wife

  • ommgg,duhh,common SINCE,i luv scaryforkidz,i wudda guessd if I knew what amnisia was

  • xXUNISTALLXx the answers were already written by SFK you obviously copied the answer. it say almost exactly the same thing. COPIER DETECTED

  • When it said that the girl burst into tears, I definetly knew that she was involved with some of the slaughter….

  • The girl was the one who killed the parents but the brother decided to take the blame for the death of the girl’s parents so he was killed for no reason but the girl forgot because she had amnesia and it took years to recover so she didn’t remember but when the psychic told her that the brother was never insane and he was only responsible for one death which was his death, the girl suddenly remembered everything that happened and realized that she was a killer and she did everything and caused 3 deaths. Did I get it right?

    Scaryforkids says: Yes.

  • Wow. This is really creepy. I mean, it’s vague yet obvious at the same time. The whole time I had the feeling that something about that girl’s story didn’t sound right.

  • I know now, I think that he killed himself and she killed her parents and nobody knew she killed them? Right? :D

  • People! this is supposed to be a story! A story generally explains everything!

  • Hotel: When he only saw black, it was because the ghost of the wife was looking through the keyhole at him, the black was her pupil. So she will be coming for him tonight.
    Ashpit: The one thing you can’t do with an ashpit was fall in it. Jared murdered Angie and dumped her body in the ashpit, and is after the new girl

  • I have two riddles. One was inspired by the story “Keyhole” and the other one I made up.
    I was staying in a hotel in Florida. When I checked in, the hotel manager told me not to go into Room 67. That was the room across from mine.
    The next day I couldn’t resist. I tried the door, but it was locked. So I crouched down and looked through the keyhole. At the window, I saw a pale skinned woman with beautiful long black hair. Her back was turned. Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs, I ran back to my room. I was planning to look again the next day. I looked through the keyhole again in the morning. This time, all I saw was darkness. Plain black. I looked for a few more minutes, but continued to see black. I gave up and walked downstairs to check out. I thought this was the oppurtunity to ask about Room 67.
    “A man and a woman were staying there a few years ago, and the man went inside and murdered his wife. The man was sentenced to death in prison. The ghost of his wife is still in the room. She has pale white skin and long black hair. It is said that if you look into her eyes she will come for you that night.”
    I thanked the man for the stay and went outside to call a cab.
    Did you notice the horror of this story?

    I met a man on a dating site on the internet. I was scared because I had read about men murdering women they had met on Facebook and MySpace, but Jared seemed really nice. We went for a drink and things were going really well, so we went back to his house. He said he was going to get something, so I looked around his living room. I saw a little hole in the corner next to the fireplace, so I went and looked. It led to the ashpit. Inside, was the dead body of a woman. She was wearing sunglasses and had ANGIE written across her top. I gasped. Angie was Jared’s ex girlfriend. He was telling me about how she left him in the night a few weeks ago. She must have been putting some coal in the fire and fell in. The poor girl.
    Do you realize the horror of this story?

  • Now that i know the answer i just want to say…..that is one nice brother. Oh well… it is sad when you kill your parents and your brotherngets blamed for it.

  • Wasn’t the brother the physic or something? Creepy cuz I have two older brothers… And yes, I’m a girl.

  • I think the girl went insane and killed one of the parents. And the brother want to take the blame for her so he killed the other one. The girl have friends and talked to them: the girl still alive. The psychic said the boy have responsibility on one person which means he killed one.

  • I think the girl went insane and killed her parents, and forgot because of the amnesia. But, the brother was convicted. The reason he just stared at her was because he couldn’t believe what she did and that she blamed him.

    After reading answer: Dammit, so close!

  • Dreymon got it right. Answer: The girl was the one who went insane and murdered her parents. Her brother took the blame in order to save his sister’s life and allowed himself to be executed (killing himself). The girl went into therapy and lost her memory (amnesia). When she went to the psychic, the memories came flooding back and she realized the truth.

  • OMG IM SO CONFUZZLED! sfk plz pst the answer, im dying 2 know who got it right lol

  • I thought that he killed the girl, and that her parents and him disappeared after that. Or the girl may have been insane, I don’t really know.

  • Well his sister was the one who’s insane, she killed her parents. But the one accused was her brother, maybe he loved her sister so much that he didn’t defend himself or nobody really believes him. He let himself die.

  • Lol he killed the sis and then they killed thereselves after seeing ther daughter dead the girl is a ghost

  • Eeyup. I’m going with this.
    >She killed them both
    >He took the blame
    >He thus ‘Killed himself’

  • Ok,ScaryForKids,Plzz put more riddles on becuz this “stories” thing is getting boring. Thank You,Really? Scary?Call me Rose!

  • My answer would be that the brother had only killed one parent, and the sister killed the other because she did say she suffered from amnesia and she probrably forgot she killed one?? I dunno…that’s my best guess

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  • The girl killed the parents in a fit of insanity. She can’t remember this.
    The brother pretended to be the murderer to save her life, therefore killing himself.

  • here are some guesses i have… of the parents went insane killed the other parent and the boy killed the parent in self-defense or anger?

    2.the girl killed the parents and then the boy killed the girl so she couldnt kill him?Then she didnt remember it?

    Please post the awnsers scary for kids!Was I right?

  • the older brother killed himself and the girl killed her parents,she was then put in a mental hospital where she told her friend about her older brother

  • The brother killed the girl because she was killing the parents but she didn’t get it now because she had amnesia.

  • i love the riddles!!! girl was the killer she went nuts n took years 2 recover b/c she was crazy. The brother took the blame…she didn’t remember b/c she had amnesia…right?

    Scaryforkids says: You are correct :D

  • oooh! I know this ain’t the answer, but… So she’s dead? She killed both the parents, and the brother killed her. While in court, he stared at her, or in his version, the wall? So the psycic can talk with the dead? SHE WAS TALKING WITH THE GIRL?! Was the girl dead? Oh, and when it said he was scedulled to be excecuted… Thats not of our time, is it? I mean, it’s death row… But… Excecution?
    And from prettydeadgirl5 view, I understand that too. But when they say the boy was perfectly sane in both of our stories, that makes me wonder…. WHYYYYY? O___O I am a very logical person ^^ heehee

  • no what happened was the father killed the mother and the son was so upset he killed the father.

  • One parent was crazy and killed the other parent, then tryed to kill the boy but the boy killed him.

  • I have NO idea. Please help me, scary for kids! I think that the brother killed her or something…. I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the brother was the one that got killed and the girl was the insane one… did i got it right?

  • I think that means the boy never killed his parents but he never stood up for himself so he was put to death, therefor killing himself. Did I get it right?

  • I’m stumped so did she kill,one parent or did the brother kill i really don’t know does anyone else know?¿¿¿?¿¿?¿?¿?

  • I’m guessing the boy killed himself and the girl was insane (and probably in an asylum at the time with another insane person or a medical worker).

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