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Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson is a scary horror story written by a member of this website named blackdeath. It’s about a teenage boy who is left home alone when his mother goes away for a week on business.

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson had lived alone with his mother ever since his father died. One day, Matthew’s mom went on a business trip for one week, leaving him all alone in the house.

As soon as she was gone, he called his friend, Ryan, and asked him to come over. Ryan quickly replied that he couldn’t because he still had a lot of chores to do. Matthew could tell right away that his friend was lying. In the background, he could hear music and a party going on.

Matthew sighed and mumbled, “OK”, then slammed the phone down.

Disappointed and hurt, he sat on the couch and watched TV until he gradually fell asleep. It wasn’t until an hour later that he woke up again. Yawning, he turned off the TV and walked upstairs to use the bathroom.

However, just as he was turning on the bathroom light, he heard a weird noise. It sounded like a dripping tap.

Drip… drip… drip…

He pulled back the shower curtain and suddenly recoiled in horror. There, slumped in the shower with a belt wrapped around her neck was the dead body of his girlfriend.

Matthew screamed in terror and ran out of the bathroom. He was half-way to the front door, when someone came up behind him from the darkness. Something hit him over the back of the head and he was slammed to the ground. As the lay there, momentarily stunned and trying to regain his senses, he felt someone grab him by the hoodie and drag him up the stairs.

He was dragged into his bedroom and he heard the sound of the door being locked. Opening his eyes, Matthew saw a masked figure standing over him. He quickly scrambled to his feet. The person in front of him slowly pulled off the mask. Matthew couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was his friend, Ryan. He was the murderer

Ryan began to cry and said he didn’t mean to kill her. He said he couldn’t take it anymore, seeing his ex-girlfriend dating his good friend. It tore him apart inside so he planned to get rid of her. That way, if he couldn’t have her, no one could.

“But,” he said, “I also wanted revenge, so I came here to get back at you too…”

Without another word, Ryan pulled out a switchblade and began to walk slowly and menacingly towards Matthew who was already darting towards the door. Matthew just managed to unlock the door in time and burst out into the corridor. He ran down the stairs and out the front door, screaming for someone to help him.

A neighbor probably heard all the noise and called the police, because they arrived a short time later and quickly pinned Ryan to the ground, disarming him and clicking a pair of handcuffs around his wrists. They put him into the back of the police car and asked him some questions before they drove him down to the police station.

Matthew watched the police car pull away, but the way Ryan was glaring at him from the back seat gave him an unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Later that night, Mathew got a call from the police telling him to lock his doors. They said Ryan had escaped from jail and may be on his way back to get revenge. As soon as Matthew got the call, he immediately got out of bed and went around the house, checking the doors and windows to make sure they were securely locked.

He went into the living room and when he pulled back the curtain, Ryan was standing there behind it, holding a large butcher knife.

An hour later, when the police arrived, they found Matthew Williamson’s dead body slumped against the wall. His stomach was sliced open and his guts were spilling out in his lap.

To this day, Ryan has never been found and he is still on the loose…

(blackdeath says: Sorry this was so long. Tell me what you think.)


  • P.S. Gidgey, you’re my favorite writer! :D What is some good advice for my stories? (my best story)
    Any tips? All criticism/praise welcome. :)

  • sorry if my grammar and punctuation was bad in this I wrote it when I was eleven I am fifteen now soooo yeah… >_< sorry

  • @gidgey. Completely agree with you. This story is so… basic. There was practically no plot at all.

  • @Dont take me seriously
    I think Gidgey was referring to the original version scaryforkids posted in the comments. The revised story, I must admit, was much better in terms of spelling and vocabulary. I loved the plot.

  • The original story was just one run on sentence, and it was confusing how suddenly his girlfriend is dead and you never knew he had a girlfriend and she was his friends ex-girlfriend. Way too sudden. The efforts good in a way.

  • @xx scaryboy xx … ScaryForKids doesn’t like people saying firrst second third etc..
    Btw good story blackdeath.

  • Oh i forgot, i will give it 5 out of 10 cookies, bcos inspite of the fact it was not scary, but a good one full of thrill ;-)

  • Here is the original version of the story: Matthew by blackdeath.

    heres a story i wrote pleaz comment what u think its called mathew .oneday mathews mom was leaving to go on a buisness trip for one week leaving him all alone so as soon as she was gone he called his freind asking for him to come over but his freind quickly replied he culdnt he had to do chores but mathew could tell right away that he was lying beacause he could hear music and a party going on so mathew sighed and said ok and then slammed the phone down and sat down on the couch and watched tv until he slowly fell asleep it wasnt tell an hour later that he woke up he yawned turned off the tv and walked up stairs to use the bathroom but when he walked in he heard a weird noise there was a weird dripping noise so he pulled away the shower curtain and recoiled in horror there was his girlfreind dead hanging by a belt in the shower he sccreamed and ran out of the bathroom and he was half way to the front door when someone came up behind him and slammed him to the ground and began dragging him by his hoodie back up the stairs until he was back in his room then locked the door mathew quickly got to his feet then the person infront of him took of his mask mathew couldnt believe it his freind ryan was the murderer ryan began to cry he said he didnt mean to kill her he said he couldnt take it anymore seing the his exgirlfreind dating his good freind it tore him apart inside so he planned to get rid of her that way if he couldnt have her no one could but he also wanted revenge he said so i came here to get back at you too he said and pulled out a switch blade and began to walk towards mathew who was already darting towards the door and he managed to get out the ulock the door in time and was running down the stairs and out the front door screaming for someone to help him and a neighbor probally heard all the noise and called the cops beacause they arived shortly and quickl pinned ryan to the ground disarming him and clicking on some hancuffs and putting into the car the cops asked him some questions before they rode away but the way ryan was glaring at him from the backseat gave him an unsettaling feeling later that night mathew got a call from the tellling him to lock his door ryan had escaped from jail and may be as soon as mathew got this call he ammedietly got up and locked his doors whenhe turned around ryan was standing there holding a butcher knife when the police arrived they found mathews dead body slumped against the wall with his stomache sliced open to this day ryan was never found and is still on the loose srry this was so long tell me wat u thinkk i really wanna post that story called mathew but i dont know ho too :c scary for kids can u pleaz post my story i wrote

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