Long Neck

The Long Neck Woman, or “Rokurokubi”, is a Japanese urban legend about female creatures that look and act like normal humans. But at night their necks grow longer and longer, freeing their heads to move around almost independently from their bodies. Most Rokurokubi are young, attractive women, and they take pleasure in scaring regular humans.

Long Neck

Some Long Neck Rokurokubi actually prefer to live their lives pretending to be a human. Although they may appear to be completely normal people, every night, their necks grow and grow, getting longer and longer, stretching out through windows in search of human prey.

Sometimes, the Long Neck Woman will get so tired searching for her prey all night long that she forgets to retract her neck and falls asleep with her neck completely stretched out. During the day, the Rokurokubi has one giveaway sign – she will have pale stretch marks on her neck.

There is also another, more sinister form of Rokurokubi. This version is called Nukekubi or “Removeable Head Woman”. She has a head that completely detaches from her body. The disembodied head then flies around in the air at night searching for humans to eat.

These Nukekubi attempt to hide their bodies at night, and can be killed if their bodies are discovered while the heads are not attached. In fact, if you find a Nukekubi’s body without a head, you should hide the body so that she can never find it.


  1. Dobbyisfree says

    …….. Whaaa……?

    Am I the only one who thought of the episode of ‘Adventure Time’? I think it’s called ‘Blue Nose’. It’s where every night, Jake’s tail stretches all the way to a circus, where it takes on the role of ‘Blue Nose’ the clown. Jake does not know. There’s a lot of Urban legend stuff on that show.


  2. ScaryGrace16 says

    The last part where they talk about a flying head was true…! They have a story like that on here

  3. quietwriterofepitaphs says

    i wonder if there could be a guy Rukurokubi because i would find it really funny to see his Adam’s apple all stretched out XD no offense people but i bet you could imagine it :P

  4. kawaiicupcake says

    I’d be so afraid if she tries to strangle me with that long neck of hers. Also this legend kind of reminds me of the beetle guise movie.

  5. GhostGirl1607 says

    I would never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever EEVVEERR touch a headless person

  6. iwasdeadbeforeidied13 says

    blackknight: How about in a volcano or the most nuclear part of a nuclear power plant. Or you could burry it in a ghost town so no one can dig it up acidently.

  7. pau says

    Im Filipino Japanesse, someone says that philippines is scary not all parts but there is one island called siquijor which is home of the witches ive been there my stepmom live there, but she’s not a witch she’s human hahah!! but most part of it there lives aswang or demons more scarier than this legends… and there is proof that they are existing ,coz they do admit yet no one can harm them in their island they are to powerful… :) and they are already half breed so they “said” they only transform in full moon, but normal in normal days LOL.

  8. Banana phone says

    this is from a jappenese tale from kitaro series lol I love that movie but it is jappenese

  9. BraveInTheDark says

    I’ve been in Japan before but it’s not that scary there. Philippines is the most scary in Asia, I guess. Many houses there are haunted but still stands.

  10. Midnight Spirit says

    Okay, the Rukurokubi is very creepy! So is the nekubi! These Japanese stories are freaky.

  11. RAWRdinosaur says

    I agree with the 3 of you. Orochimaru is more like a stretch-neck snake or something else, like a gothic rokurokubi or something with long hair that steals other peoples bodies.

  12. marzzay says

    We were studying this in class, really scary, also the version of the woman with a fireball for a head. Yep… scary things here. Glad i don’t live in japan. bloodyoangel147 and jacobsskatdk, i agree thinking about that too. :P

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