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Gashadokuro is a giant skeleton from Japanese folklore. According to the Japanese urban legend, the large skeleton is made up of the bones of people who have died from starvation.


Gashadokuro wanders around the countryside at night looking for prey. It is almost 90 feet tall and grinds its teeth, making a “gachi gachi” sound. The giant skeleton towers so high above the ground and walks so quietly that he can be almost invisible. If you hear a ringing in your ears, it means Gashadokuro is near.

The Gashadokuro is created from the bones from people who have died of starvation. Because of the horrible way they died and the fact that their bodies were not properly buried, these people have a powerful grudge against the living. Their bones gather together to form a giant skeleton.

Giant Skeleton

It is filled with a vicious anger and rage that can only be satisfied by drinking the blood of the living. If Gashadokuro sees you walking along the road at night, it will reach down with its bony fingers and snatch you off the ground. Then, it will bite your head off with its giant teeth and drink the blood that drains out of your decapitated body.

scary for kids


  • the fact that i’m eating doritos and thinking about the ‘gnachi’ sound makes me feel like i’m eating innocent human bones

  • @Bloodykillers @Bloody Alicorn
    No, the picture is not real, and I doubt very much that there were ever giant humans that existed on the planet.
    If such humans existed, the fossils would have been found, acclaimed by scientists, and probably placed in museums. There have been no such discoveries. If there were, the whole fact of evolution would have to be redacted and re-evaluated.
    Plus, even IF that is truly the skull of a giant human from “biblical times,” if would have had to have been fossilized. Bones from the ancient times don’t survive thousands of years in absolute pristine condition as the one in the picture is.

  • @Miss_Terious_Potato The second pic is very real. There are skeletons of giants from Bible Times.

  • i cant imagine meeting this giant skeleton….if i do im RUNNING like HELL because a giant 90ft skeleton is the scariest thing you could ever see in the world especially at night. and theres no way that bones could be collected to make a large skeleton

  • At least the dude left some rice. Currently eating donut holes. 😃

  • Ohh… It took me a long time to get this. So when the man heard someone saying their eye hurt, it was Gashadokuro because bamboo was in his eye?

  • Original version: The giant skeleton or Gashadokuro is a monster from Japanese urban legends. They can reach huge sizes (up to about 90 feet tall), and are constructed from the bones of people who have died from starvation. Their bones are collected into this giant skeleton creature which is filled with intense anger and a thirst for human blood. He wanders around at night, grinding his teeth and making a “gachi gachi” sound. The giant skeleton towers so high above the ground and walks so quietly that he can be almost invisible. The only warning you get when the giant skeleton is near is a strange and inexplicable ringing in your ears. If the Gashadokuro finds you, he will reach down with his bony hand and snatch you off the ground. Then he will pluck your head off and suck the blood out of your headless body until his thirst is quenched. In one famous story, a man was out in the fields one night when he heard a strange voice complaining about a pain it its eye. In the morning, the man located the weather-beaten skull of a Gashadokuro, and was able to appease it by removing the bamboo shoots that had grown up through its eye socket and leaving a bowl of dried boiled rice as an offering.

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