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Kidney Thieves

The Kidney Thieves is an urban legend about a college student who meets an attractive girl at a party. This stor is also known as “The Kidney Heist”, “The Organ Thieves” and “The Stolen Kidneys”.

Kidney Thieves

There was a young man who was going to college. He went to Las Vegas with his buddies for Spring Break. They were all having a good time, going from bar to bar and gulping down drink after drink. They stopped at one bar where a band was playing music and pretty soon, the friends were all laughing, singing and shouting loudly.

The young man had just finished another drink when a beautiful young woman came up to him and started chatting. He was surprised and flattered at the same time. The woman seemed to be really attracted to him, so when she invited him to another party, he readily agreed.

Leaving his friends in the bar, the young man followed her to an apartment on the outskirts of the city. When they went inside, there was already a party in full swing. They continued to drink and even danced a little.

Then the girl began rummaging around in her handbag and took out a small pouch. Inside, there were two pills. She took one of the pills out and popped it in her mouth. Then, with a smile, she offered the other one to him.

Although the young man would usually never do drugs, he decided to try it out, just this once. He thanked her, took the pill and swallowed it. That was the last thing he remembered.

The next morning, he woke up in an unfamiliar hotel room. Looking around, he realized that he was lying, completely naked, submerged up to his neck in a bathtub filled with ice. Groggy and disoriented, he frantically tried to remember how he had ended up there. He was confused, scared, and in a lot of pain.

That’s when he spotted a crumpled note in his hand. It read: “If you don’t want to die, call 911.”

There was a cell phone sitting on a small table, beside the bathtub. He picked it up and dialled the number, his fingers numb and clumsy from the ice.

When the emergency services operator answered, the young man explained that he didn’t know where he was, or how he got there, but he was in a lot of pain. When he mentioned the bathtub filled with ice and the note, the operator seemed oddly familiar with his situation.

She said, “Sir, can you do the following for me. Slowly and carefully get out of the bath and examine yourself in the mirror.”

The man grabbed the towel rack and pulled himself up out of the ice.
Looking over at the mirror, he saw that there were two nine-inch slits in his lower back.

When he described the injuries, the operator said, “I want you to get back into the bath, sir. The paramedics are on their way. Do not move until they arrive.”

“What happened to me?” asked the young man nervously.

“I don’t want you to panic,” said the operator. “But last night you were drugged. Someone removed both of your kidneys. There’s a ring of organ thieves operating in this city. They harvest kidneys and sell them on the black market.”

They say that the young man is currently in the hospital on a life support machine, awaiting a kidney donor.


  • Ok, i know this is serious and scary (It creepd the living hell out of me) bit the picture is like: When you take a bath the water turns cold but you still try to be cool with it

  • Maybe i can help by giving my one kidney…but my parents said that i am too small for donating kidneys. I am be maximum 18 years old.

  • This story is scary because it can happen to anyone. Organ stealing is not something foreign nowadays. However, it is cruel to steal both kidneys…no one can live without it.

    The picture is funny though. Is he happy or something? Thumbs up! LOL.

  • My kidneys failed before… Then I had a seizure, and then my brain got damaged and took long to process infomation and made me take 15 seconds to answer a short question .-.

    It wasn’t fun.

  • A woman stealing someone’s kidney? *gasps* IT’S EYELESS JACK IN DISGUISE AS A WOMAN! IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW!!!!

  • hey this reminds me of a story called missing girl. lol why would a man take a pill without knowing what it is??? it could have possibly been a fatal drug
    and why would a man be happy without his kidneys?? (see pic above) Good thing there is no organ thieves where i live in London

  • So, why do people need to sell human kidneys on a black market? Unless they are canniballs

  • @xX-WolfScratch-Xx haha it does! yeah this is more creepy than scary. and what pill did the girl take then? a sugar-pill? organ thieves do exist in America though…

  • This is like the creepier version of Charlie and the Candy Mountain..
    “Candy Mountain, Charlieee!”
    Lol xD

  • I’ve heard of a similar thing. A girl drugs guys she meets at bars and takes thr kidneys. One guy went on the news to talk about it. I think thats really gross and creepy

  • Thats to scare the crap out of kids so thye never do drugs. I can see parents every where going “dont do drugs or else your kidneys will get stollen!!”

  • Paranormal Princcess= they sell them to the black market so that those people who don’t want to wait for an organ donor buy them illegaly

  • My brother and I heard this story before and we really thought it was funny because the guy who was telling it to us never finished. So he just told us the guy woke up without his kidneys. And we assumed he had woken up look down and said
    “Holly cow! they stole my kidneys!”

  • this is awkward to read because i’ve needed a new kidney for about my whole life now

  • @Paranormal Princess They Harvest The Kidneys Then Sell Them. Common Sense Jks! :D

  • wow so the saying is true…..What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (It says that they went on a trip to Las Vegas)

  • Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues! I wouldn’t have trusted anybody at that party

  • Don’t trust hot chicks even if you are bisexual or lesbian. Granted, i don’t want your organs. EWWW!!!

  • I heard that this is quite common in India, the guys there kidnap you (especially if you’re a tourist) then drug you, in order to remove your kidneys, so that they could sell them on the black market! I not planning on going there! Lol XD

  • He’s in a crisis in which he his organs have been cut out, and hes putting his thumb out with a cheesy smile. Despicable.

  • ohh good story such a twist, i love it sfk but im surprised i havnt heared dis story anywhere else 0.e

  • What are you supposed to do with someone else’s kidneys? Boy… These people are mad.

  • Mario and Luigi ate the drug.
    They woke up in the bathtub.
    Luigi: owe oww Mario it’s freezing!
    Mario: what should i do ?
    Luigi: fart Mario fart!
    Mario farts and with that the bathtub breaks and collapses.
    Mario: Luigi where are you?
    Luigi: under your bottoms! You idiot!
    Luigi: it seems your kidneys are missing!
    Mario: there is a note here it says call 911 before you die.
    Luigi : shut up and remove your bottoms from my face before I die!

  • and I thought batman had a good reason to become a vigilanty crime fighter 0_0. sorry…i’ve been watching justice league.

  • I thought that there would be one kidney gone and not two. And who in their right minds would want to steal kidneys out of a person and sell it at the Hob..oops. I meant black market.

  • Aw shoot, that kinda sucks :( but wait! They took a kidney from him he needs a kidney so he can’t find a kidney so he pays for a kidney which they are from Simeon else who is going to need a kidney that they will take….never ending 0_O!

  • So thats why they didn’t tell me how they got the kidneys, those back stabbing idiots from the black market. I knew I shouldn’t have bought them…
    Kidneys anyone

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