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The Kappa is the most famous of all the legendary Japanese monsters. He resembles a cross between a monkey, a frog and a turtle.


The Kappa has the face of a monkey with the beak of a turtle and a plate-shaped depression in the top of his head. He has green skin like a frog and a turtle shell on his back. His arms and legs are able to stretch out really long and his hands and feet are webbed like a frog.

Kappas usually play pranks such as delivering loud, smelly farts and peeking up women’s dresses. However, they have also been known to commit horrible crimes like kidnapping small children and killing people and eating their internal organs.

The Kappa will lurk underwater in rivers and streams, waiting for its victims. In olden days in Japan, people would go squat by the side of a river and go to the toilet. The Kappa would swim underneath you, until it could see your big bare butt hanging over the side of the bank. Then it attacks when you least suspect it.


Sometimes the Kappa grabs your butt and drags you into the water, holding you under the surface until you drown. At other times, the Kappa sticks his elongated arm up your butt, up through your insides and grabs hold of your tongue. Then the Kappa pulls your tongue out through your butt, turning your body inside-out. Finally, as you flop around on the ground, with your skin on the inside and your guts on the outside, the Kappa takes out your liver and eats it whole.

Nowadays, since people go to the toilet indoors, the Kappa lurks in sewers and bathroom pipes. He sticks his arm up into your toilet, waiting for you to come along and sit down on the bowl. So if you’re ever sitting on the toilet and you feel something moving underneath you, jump up as fast as you can. You may just avoid being turned inside-out by a Kappa.


  • Also the Kappa’s little plate shaped depression on his head is filled with magical water that will keep him alive. If you manage to make him spill the water by making him bow down to you then he will die.

  • Imagine using the bathroom in the middle of the night and you feel a hand going up your ass

  • Eww…
    Did u know that werewolves have hair inside their flesh in day time?
    Waiting to unleash it at night…

  • You are a pervert kappa!😛 if you are hiding in my toilet, I’ll flush you down baby,and one tip for you eat the liver after washing hands, remember you stuck it up their butt.

  • I couldn’t help but think of Kapp’n from Animal Crossing. Lol, he takes your Villager to an island with the Gameboy Advance connected to the Gamecube and you can do stuff. He sings. He’s scary xD

  • when I was in japan i was told kappa love cucumbers and if you leave cucumbers by kappa rivers there give you a wish,gold or fish depending on the legends

  • okaaaaayy… I’m glad I live in California, US… I’m starting to get kinda scared of the bathroom now, with this, and all the mirror stories – we have a huge mirror in the bathroom – so I’m paranoid now… heheh…AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

  • I shall go to the bathroom standing up from now on. (I’m a girl so this is going to be awkward..)

  • eww so its a perv that shoves its hand up your butt and pulls you inside out. I like that I can talk about legends on here because my friends are weenies.

  • and in that episode he was a water creature that would drown unsuspecting Japanese children, so where the heck the loo interference came from is a mystery.

  • this photo was shown in River Monsters on Animal Planet with Jeremy Wade in his investigation to determine its validity x.x

  • I’m never going to Japan. Well, I am, but I’m not using their restrooms. Or going to the beaches.

  • another thing is they love cucomberand japanese school children so children would write there family name in a cucomber and throw it in the water to prevent an attack but kappa are super polite so the bowl has water on its head and if you give it a deep bow it returns it and the water falls outleaving it paralized and you can run or put water in the bowl and it will be eternaly grateful to you and be your best bud

  • 1) Kappa is a pervert.
    2) I read this just before I used the bathroom.
    3) The picture looks like my grandpa.
    4) Does this only happen in Japan?
    5) Just got back from the toilet.
    6) Friggin’ Kappa didn’t touch me.
    7) How’s it get in the da** toilet in the first place?
    8) Take a dump on the thing!

  • Also just when I thought there was enough trauma in the bathroom……..I’m so paranoid of the bathroom.

  • O.O

  • Those kappas are pervs Seriously who stickes his hand up you ass. I hope he liked the view -,-. I mean sarcastically speaking though.

  • I think it looks adorable! But then again… I don’t want a turtle/frog/monkey things hand up my ass. I pooped my pants when I read this.

  • Japanese kids must walk in twos with their legs crossed at all times. Wait a minet! If they stick their hands up your but just before you have a dump that means they’ll have a arm coverd in feces. o.O

  • Hmm this is a japanese monster a.d im all the way In Australia. We’re safe.

  • Is It Just Me Or Is This More Perverted Than Scary?
    Also, Wtf… All These Japanese Legends Are About Bathroom Ghosts!?!?

  • Great. First Kashima Reiko,now Kappa. Seiriously Japanese people!! ENOUGH WITH THE BATHROOMS! xD

  • Holy Turtle! it looks like my great great great great great great great great great great great Grandma!

  • atleast the picture didnt show his ass or his penus now that would be gross the picture at top looks weird every jappenese legend picture looks weird

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww right before i need to go pee i read this and now its like wtf now im gonna have to have that thing shove its hand up my ass

  • That is disgusting!Who would stick there hand up someones butt and then eat their organs!?I think i am going to puke!

  • so appearently kappas like cucumbers… WHY CANT YOU JUST GO EAT A CUCUMBER INSTEAD OF SHOVING YOUR ARMS UP SOMEONES BUTT??? i rather eat a bunch of cucumbers until i finally pass out than to stick my hand up some strangers’ butt while they take a dump…

  • may i just mention that this story is soooo fake coz if the kappa has webbed feet and webbed hands then it cant bend its fingers into a clasp can it ? so how does it “grab your internal organs”? And BraveInTheDark, I wont go on animal crossing anymore :P xx

  • Kappa is one of the characters in my favorite GBA game, Harvest Moon. I’m surprised with this one since his character there was nothing but an annoying but funny creature who likes cucumber. LOL

  • This creature looks like an old man, and it is Very Disgusting! I’m glad that I don’t wear dresses or skirts lol XD

  • Ok that turtle thing just nasty. HE LOOKS UP GIRLS DRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats disrespectful to the girls’ body parts and them.

  • I’ll just laugh as the japan people taking a dump in the toilets while a turtles touching the butts. XD

  • When I was little I heard this story and I as scared to go to the washroom 4 like 2 weeks.
    That was like sooo long ago.
    Now that I think about it its kinda funny

  • Now i don’t want to go to the bathroom anymore.. somehow all these Japanese stories involves bathrooms except slit mouth woman.

  • Ew…. Gross

    I wouldnt mind being turned inside out, but just the thought of a turtles hand going up my butt gives me the shivers…

    Im never gonna sit on a toilet again without looking before i sit…

  • is this thing supposed to be funny, stupid, or gross? cuz apparently there is no way this could be scary. and i dont know how anyone could want to stick their hand up someones ass, then eating them. thats just groooosss. i have been eating honey cake while reading this. now i think im gonna puke.

  • XD theres a Kappa on animal crossing Lawl. XD
    Kapp`n is a Kappa. Now I’m afraid to ride the bus to the city. XDD

    Also to add to this. APPARENTLY Kappas LOVE cucumbers.

  • Great, now I can’t go to the batroom without a dumb turtle thing sticking it’s hand up in my butt. How pleasant.

  • am i the only one whos laughing when reading this???? Its just so funny, the kappa doesnt look mean, just stupid…
    anyhow, i love this website!!!!!!!! Upload more scary urban legends!!!!!!

  • they ARE a little on the cute side…. but who wants a turtle/frog/monkey thing’s arm up their butt?!

  • What? Now I can’t go to the bathroom without having a turtle put his hand up my butt! That’s great! :(

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