Intruder Alert

Intruder Alert is a creepy story about a man who sees a news report one night about a killer on the loose in the area and hears a noise downstairs.

Intruder Alert

It was the middle of the night and I was in the bedroom, trying to relax. I changed the channel on the TV and saw that the local news was on. At the bottom of the screen, there was a breaking news alert.

“Murderer on the loose… Hiding in the vicinity… Police warning everyone to be on the alert… Suspect is armed and dangerous…”

I was just drifting off to sleep when I was awakened by a strange noise downstairs. It sounded like there was someone in the house.

At that moment, my heart began beating fast and I broke into a cold sweat. Straining my ears to listen, I thought I heard another noise. It was the sound of a door creaking.

It wasn’t my imagination. There was an intruder in the house.

“I have to get out of here, fast!” I thought.

I slipped off the bed as quietly as possible and crept towards the window. My body was shaking with fear and I was hoping I didn’t make any noise.

Just then, I heard faint footsteps making their way up the stairs. It sounded like more than one person. At any second, they would burst through the door. I had to get away.

I climbed out the window and onto the garage roof, moving as fast as I could without making too much noise. At the edge of the roof, I grabbed the drainpipe and lowered myself down until I dropped into the garden.

As I paused, I looked up at the window I had just escaped from and saw the lights go on.

“That was close!” I thought.

A chill ran down my spine as I thought about what would have happened if they caught me.

I made my way to the bottom of the garden and into the woods. Once I was safely hidden by the trees, I broke into a run. I pushed onwards, stumbling through the darkness, moving through the undergrowth, until I came to another housing estate.

Clutching my knife, I headed towards another house.


  1. kittiezrcute says

    Oh I get it!… he was the murder all along! I think this story would trick most people into thinking he owned the house. And the people walking up the stairs were the owners! And I can prove it too..” clutching my knife, heading to another house ” MURDERS HAVE KNIVES.. ( ° ʖ °)

  2. SweetBlood says

    basically, the intruders were the police and the man clutching the knofe was the murder and he went to murder the peop,e in the next house! Awesome!

  3. Mary Shaw says

    The two people were his parents and he was the murderer. At the end it says “Clutching my knife I head on to the next house”
    CLUTCHING MY KNIFE. He had a knife in his hand.
    HEADED TO THE NEXT HOUSE. He was going to the next house to murder someone.

  4. DeathBrynn says

    Ha. Funny. My heart started beating rapidly, and I kept thinking that the man was going to be killed by the intruder only to find out he was the intruder. 7.8/10 Intruders

  5. desi devil_lord abhay says

    if i were him i would have waited and said “surprise…… let me slay thou….” ..

  6. The Light of Lilly says

    I like the twist, but it could have been more detailed. What would he do? What about some more thought and details?

    – No one is innocent untill something else has been proofed.

  7. Curious Shubhi says

    Before reading last 2 lines I assumed that the multiple footsteps are of policemen & now he will face the murderer on the way… But u proved me wrong by great plot twist….;->

  8. candyheart15712 says

    if u dont know what just happend in the story i will put it in a easy way:

    The man heard footsteps comin up da stairs, so he climbed out the window and ran out to the steet into another house with he a knife . Therefore, he is the killer in the owners house. he had 2 escape from the owners before he gets caught!

    if ur a person dat knows know: isnt that crazy!? INCREDIBLE TWIST!!

    if ur a person that dosnt know: ur a noodle head

  9. happenstance says

    @bullies are losers &@scarykid1413 I am not taking a side but I think it wasn’t predictable however I do think its possible bullies are losers guessed it but it wasn’t predictable

  10. bullies are losers says

    really i LOVE those stories you are a good writer but let’s stop talking before i make the comments a chatroom again

  11. scarykid1413 says

    @bullies are losers I’m not about to argue with some idiot over a website… I never said I was better than you so you make no sense… And I’ve had more stories posted than you… I haven’t seen any of yours get posted

  12. TamasakiLion says

    I KNEW THERE WAS A TWIST. I thought this story was awfully gonna be like a similar one except there’s a girl.

  13. ForeverRetarted says


  14. Requiem says

    I did see it, stories that seem that obvious usually has a twist where the character is the murderer.

  15. scarykid1413 says

    @bullies are losers, it seems as if you know how every story on here will end… Just admit it, even you did not see that one coming

  16. Kish says

    Didn’t see that coming..
    I thought it would be his friend or family and he was scared for nothing XD

  17. Scaryforkids ..Me? No.. says

    @Bullies Are Losers you always find almost everything predictable even if it isn’t even close to being predicted!!
    But this story was very nice.. Awesome twist!!

  18. bullies are losers says

    that was sort of predictable due to multiple footsteps and reading similar story on tell me your story

  19. lizett says

    So he was the killer and the noise he heard were the people living in the house coming back

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