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Hosting Game

The Hosting Game is a scary paranormal ghost game. The object of the game is to summon three ghosts.

Hosting Game

To play the hosting game, you will need three matches, a clock, a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. You also need to be alone in the house.

Caution: We advise you not to play this game, as it cold result in something very bad happening.

Preparations: Select one room in your house. The room must be a small, empty room with no windows. It can be a closet, a bathroom or any other type of room. This is the hosting room.

If you cannot find a room with no windows, you can use a room that has windows, but you must block the windows somehow. No light should be able to get into the room.

Step 1: Turn off all sources of noise. That means phones, TVs, computers, electrical gadgets etc.

Step 2: Wait until it is dark outside. Turn off all the lights in the house except for the light in the hosting room. Leave that one on. If there is no lightbulb in the hosting room, you can put a candle or a flashlight in there. Leave the pen, paper and clock in the hosting room.

Step 3: Now the game can begin. Go to the furthest point in your house from the hosting room. Walk from room to room, making your way back to the hosting room. In each room you pass through, stop and call out, “I will be ready soon.”

Step 4: When you get to the hosting room, take the sheet of paper and write the following on it:

“You are invited to a gathering, hosted by (write your name here). It takes place at (write the current time here). Bring your friends.”

Place the sheet of paper on the floor in the middle of the room.

Step 5: Stand in the doorway, facing into the hosting room and say “I am ready. You may come in.”

Step 6: Turn off the light, turn around and walk out. Stand outside the doorway with your back turned to the hosting room.

Step 7: Take out three matches and hold them in your in your hand. Cout out loud from one to ten. At ten, strike the first match.

If the match lights on the first strike, say out loud, “I am glad to see you. Thank you for coming.”

If the match does not light on the first strike, drop it and immediately proceed to the next step.

Step 8: Strike the second match. If the match lights on the first strike, say out loud, “I am glad to see you. Thank you for coming.”

If the match does not light on the first strike, drop it and immediately proceed to the next step.

Step 9: Strike the third match. If the match lights on the first strike, say out loud, “I am glad to see you. Thank you for coming.”

If the match does not light on the first strike, this is very bad. It means you have uninvited guests. Do not turn around. Run immediately to the nearest light source (not the one in the hosting room) and turn it on. The party is over.

Step 10: If the third match lit on the first strike, stand very still and listen carefully. You will hear faint voices or whispering behind you. Do not turn around.

To end the hosting game, say out loud, “Thank you for coming. Goodbye”. Then walk to the nearest light source and turn it on. The game is over. Your guests are gone.

Do not turn around or look behind you at any point during this game.


  • This one seems a bit safer than the others, but there’s one issue… I’m not good at striking matches

  • What kind of bad things could happen? Could you die the way they did or become possessed …

  • I worked. It was scarey but cool. I talked to ghost for real it was creepy but all 3 of the mathes lit and there was a girl from 1923 a man from 1684 and a woman from 2002 the conversations were different and everyone had different options there were arguments to on which one of them had it harder in the times they lived but I got all my questions answered about their time and it was just awesome

  • Haha yeah no. I got creeped out just reading this. Scary games are just not my thing, although I do like reading about them

  • I would love to do this game
    Just imagine how it would feel to talk to a ghost I’m mean that would be awesome and then having people that have seen it and can confirm every word you say that would be soooooooo cool and so awesome I’m going to do this tonight with my girlfriend it will be sooooo awesome it might scar her but she likes theses thing as much as me

  • I am so gonna try this…
    I can imagine my conversation…
    Me: (after striking the third matchstick,turns around…) Hey ghost…. You are welcome here.
    Ghost: Um.. Thanx… But I usually don’t go to the parties without food
    Me: I am sorry I don’t know what ghosts eat and drink..
    Ghost: Are you stupid,idiot…. Don’t you know we eat human flesh and drink blood.
    Me: yeah you are right… I have known this before.. But I can’t buy flesh and although I can go to blood bank to get blood.
    Ghost: it is very easy to get flesh as well as blood… You devour yourself… (Grins)
    Me: OK I am ready…( I kick the ghost and give a hard punch on face)
    Ghost: (crying) sorry I didn’t knew you are brown belt. Bye I am leaving…(whispers) I shouldn’t have come here…although I don’t wanna go in another uninvited parties with no food and drinks.

  • I might try this game, I think it’s VERY interesting. Call me Crazy, But Imma try it. that is, When I’m EVER alone in the house. If I hear Whispering behind me, Imma be like “Omg, you guys are SO cool, I love you so much, I hope you enjoy the Party!!!!!!!” =O then I’ll probably run away. But, maybe they’ll be like “Gurl, come join us the music is sooooooooo gewd!!!!” and Imma be like “OKAY *walks into Hosting room* This Party Rocks!!! *Dances to the sound of silence* Ooh-Ooh, Ooh-ooh!!”

  • Haha all these story’s especially @bunnygirl and @residentevil8559.. Lmfao it’s so funny. But yes this game is pointless. Imma try red door yellow door and the thumb game. But these stories are funny

  • *Awkwardly wave hands in the air like I just don’t care*…. uhhh… wooo!… THIS BEAt is my… jam…. Man… you guys don’t know how to party. I know there isn’t any music but…. you guys could at least try….

  • I would only play this if I didn’t have to be alone I always feel like I’m being watched when I’m alone there’s no way I would play this it sounds too freakin scary especially if u see something the only ghost thing I’ve done is with 6 pencils its called the Charlie game it’s supposed to be a ghost named Charlie but it can bring a random spirit the one me and my friend have is nice

  • *sees a ghost spikeing punch* NO, JESSICA! We have children here…. *sees making out ghosts* PDA! PDA! PDA! *sees lonley ghost* *dances with lonley ghost* :)

  • I am scared. I played this game. I did hear the noises. but i can’t tell you what happened to me. it freaked me OUT! O_o

  • okay i did this and i turned around. nothing happened. i saw nothing but a dark room. doesn’t work. but i did hear the noises.

  • I looked at the picture and was like, “Great. Another game with matches.” Didnt your parents tell you not to play with matches? xD


  • I would say what sup??? *Sees a stoned ghoust * Okay who brught the weed?? And if the thrid match don’t light. GET OUT MY HOUSE BEFORE I PORE SALT ALL OVER YOU!!! I MEAN IT!!! OUT! O-U-T OUT!!!!!!! IF U DON’T LEAVE WHEN I COUNT TO 3 I WILL PORE SALT ALL OVER YOUR GHOUTLY SELF!!!! 1,2,3, OKAY THATS IT!!*POURS SALT ALL OVER THE GHOUSTS!!! ghouts: AHHHHH I MEALTINGGG WHAT A WORLD WHAT A WORLD!!!!!!

    THE END!!!!!!!

  • @residentevil5589 your comment is soooo funny I fell out my chair LMFAOing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol its like u turn around……….. “hello welcome 2 my homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*u see drunk ghost*NO DRINKING,PHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if the third match dosent light, u turn around: “HEY!!!! I DID NOT INVITE U”

  • Not so scary…Once you do it, I mean. This is fun actually I used my brothers bedroom, The one closest to the bathroom and the 3rd match is the only one that worked. I was actually glad!This is REALLY fun!!

  • y wood anybody try this game except one my cuzins and friend who is into all tht paranormal stuff with the temptation of wanting to turn around and looking to see what is behind u. here ghostie ghostie lol

  • They’ll be like RAWR and you might go AHHH, What I’m saying is… Good-bye to your life. oETo

  • You can put stories on the website. Someone owns this site.
    This game is creepy, though, Duality.
    The Midnight Game is scarier…

  • I agree with Duality but could someone please tell me how to put a scary story on this webstie……im desperate!!!!!:)

  • What’s the actual point of this game? You can’t turn around or interact properly with the spirits. You just listen to them and then end the game. If you want something cool, do the thumb game (or for the HARDCORE, try the Midnight Game). This is pointless.

  • Precisely my question, Alexia… You know, its very tempting when someone tells you NOT to turn around… You just feel like looking back… I think I just might try this game, then again, may be I won’t…

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