Girl in the Mask

The Girl in the Mask is a scary Halloween story about a young girl who asks her babysitter for ice cream.

The Girl in the Mask

There was a little girl named Holly who had just turned six years old. One Halloween night, her parents decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary by going out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Because it was Halloween, they had some trouble finding a babysitter for their daughter. Eventually, they called a teenage girl named Jessica, who lived down the street, and and asked her if she could babysit for them.

When Jessica arrived, the parents gave her their mobile phone number and told her to call them if there was an emergency. After they left, the babysitter fixed Holly some dinner and then sat down on the sofa to watch TV.

When holly finished eating, she asked, “Can I have some dessert?”

“OK,” replied Jessica. “What would you like?”

“Ice cream!” said Holly, smiling from ear to ear.

The babysitter got up and searched through the fridge.

“I can’t find any ice cream here,” she said.

“It’s in the freezer in the basement,” said Holly.

Jessica opened the basement door and flicked the light switch, but the lights didn’t turn on. She carefully made her way down the creaking steps into the basement. She eventually found the freezer and lifted the lid. As she took out a tub of vanilla ice cream, she happened to glance out the window. In the darkness, she saw a little girl with long blond hair standing outside.

The girl had a red T-shirt on and was standing with her back to the window. Jessica couldn’t see her face, but she noticed that the girl was wearing something black on her head. The babysitter didn’t pay much attention. It was Halloween night and there were a lot of children wandering around the neighborhood.

She made her way back upstairs, put some ice cream in a bowl and placed it in front of Holly. the little girl made a face.

“Can I have some chocolate syrup on it?” she asked.

“OK. Where is that?” asked Jessica.

“In the basement,” Holly replied.

Jessica dutifully made her way back down into the darkened basement. As she was searching for the chocolate syrup, she glanced out the window again. The little girl was still standing outside, but this time, she was facing the window. Jessica saw that she was wearing an unusual mask. It was black with red trim and the mouth was covered in large, sharp white teeth. It gave Jessica the creeps.

The babysitter retrieved the chocolate syrup and walked back up the creaking stairs. In the kitchen, she poured the chocolate syrup on Holly’s ice cream.

“Thanks,” said Holly. “Can I have some candy sprinkles on it too?”

Jessica sighed. “Let me guess… They’re in the basement?”

“Yeah,” giggled Holly.

The babysitter headed back down the stairs, into the darkened basement. As she rifled through the cabinets, she looked out the window and saw the same little girl in the mask standing outisde. This time, the child was holding a large knife in her hand.

Jessica became very uneasy. She tried to rationalize it. Perhaps it was part of the little girl’s costume. However, it seemed odd that a child’s parents would allow her to go around at night armed with a knife. Shuddering, Jessica found the candy sprinkles and ran up the stairs, taking them two by two, anxious to get out of the basement.

“Thank you!” squealed Holly happily as the babysitter shook the candy sprinkles on her ice cream. “All it needs now is a cherry on top…”

Jessica stared at Holly in irritation. “Are you sure that’s all it needs? This is the last time I’m going down into that basement.”

“I promise,” grinned Holly.

The babysitter slowly descended into the darkness and opened the cabinet and found the cherries. Looking out the window, she noticed that there was no sign of the creepy little girl in the mask. Jessica breathed a sigh of relief. She was glad the girl was gone. The whole situation was beginning to freak her out. She picked up the package of cherries and climbed up the stairs for the last time.

As she entered the kitchen, she was greeted by a horrible sight. Holly lay face-down in her bowl of ice cream. A pool of blood was spreading out around her on the table. Her little throat had been sliced open.

Jessica screamed and dropped the cherries. She ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind her before dialing 911. She sat on the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks, desperately waiting for the police to arrive.

After what seemed like an hour, she heard sirens outside and the sound of the front door being broken down. A policeman’s voice called out t her and she unlocked the bathroom door. The police searched the house, but there was no trace of any intruder.

A few minutes later, Holly’s mother and father arrived. They were horrified to see their young daughter’s corpse being carried out on a stretcher.

The father sat on the steps outside, his head cradled in his hands. The tearful mother approached Jessica. Her eyes were red from crying.

“What happened?” asked the mother.

“Oh God… I’m so sorry,” said the babysitter, trembling with emotion. “I was down in the basement… I looked out the window… There was a little girl in a mask… She had a knife… She was just standing there outside the basement window… She must have murdered Holly!”

“But Jessica, that’s impossible,” said the mother. “There aren’t any windows in the basement… only a mirror…”


  1. cainiskevin says

    the creepy girl in the creepy mask was creepy. but why did she have a knife? why was she wearing a mask? why would she? why why why why why why why why? wwe nobody knows about the creepy mask. how did she get in there? the door was locked. is she a ghost? or not? tell me tomorrow if you read scary stories again of this one OK?&


    Seriously, she wasn’t able to identify if it is a mirror or a window!!!!
    Good story.

  3. snowwhite says

    If she send me four times in a basement for stupid thing then probably i would kill her too….

  4. scarywolfhowl says

    THAT TWIST WAS AWESOME AT THE END at first I thought holly kept sending her down so she would die but story still good :p

  5. DreamingAlone says

    I think having a fridge in the basement is a bit like having fridge in your garage and that’s not unusual

    Sorta mixed two stories together with this one!

  6. beachgirl says

    I bet when the babysitter came upstairs her first thought was “oh no! The icecream! Stupid girl is so ungrateful. i went through so much trouble!”

  7. Deadwater says

    I got puzzled about this story. the things that puzzled me are if the girl looked at the mirror then how could her back be turned??
    And how did the girl murder the kid??

  8. Necromancer Monster says

    Keeps a fridge in the basement? That’s weird. Weird for everyone, not for the family.

  9. imgianna says

    Ohmaygad. *Commits suicide of too much fright*. Just kidding! Well, nice story to tell my friends!!! :))))))

  10. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says

    Wow. Creepy. I really can’t wait to see what kind of awesome stuff you post as it gets nearer to halloween, sfk! :)

  11. XxXxyummycupcakesXxXx says

    I have one in my basement ._.

    This is why I hate mirrors and basements together .________., I can never go down to the basement and look at the mirrors again… NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!! ;_;

  12. PinkyPandaLuv says

    If the little girl asked for all that i would say: shut up woman and eat tat icecream! >=O

  13. evil.eve says

    WTF!!!!! woah that girl must b fat
    @ reTardis yeah y dont u just keep in kitchen
    WtF just noticed i says she looked in the fridge XD

  14. blahblah says

    O: i get it now! the girl must have been in the house or something like that so thats why she saw her!

  15. TheFearInYourEyes says

    i dont think sfk said they owned the story I love adventures. i think its alright to copy stories from others with the purpose of sharing them but not to make them your own, which i repeat, sfk did not claim. btw creepy story

  16. Paradise says

    @reTARDIS actually some people DO put it in the basement.

    And btw guys she was looking at herself…either it means SHE was the girl…or the girl was in and she saw her reflection.

  17. DeathAwaitsYou says

    OH MY GOD! My friend told me this story once and it really came out in this website! SFK is amazing!

  18. Pete says

    @Aurelia The girl as clearly a ghost or demon and maybe Jessica though it was so dark she couldn’t see the grass or trees or anything else outside.

  19. I call myself demented says

    This is the third story like this.

    Scaryforkids says: Yes, it’s a common urban legend plot. I think it’s originally based on a korean legend (about a ballet teacher in a haunted classroom) and it’s used in a few stories… like The Bay Window and The Family Portraits. In fact, I think I have 2 or 3 more stories that contain the same twist at the end… LOL

  20. Aurelia says

    I’ve read this before and liked it, but a few things have always puzzled me. If the babysitter was viewing the girl in a mirror and she was in the basement, then there would be a reflection of that, not outside. There would be no full length windows in a basement, because it would be below ground level. Wouldn’t the babysitter have seen herself in the mirror too? The little girl would have had to pass the babysitter to get upstairs and kill the other kid. O_o. But other than these plot holes, I did enjoy the story. It was a better written version that the other one that I read. :) The twist was good and reminds me of that tale about the girl on the couch who saw a guy standing outside in the snow staring at her through the glass doors, only to find that he’d actually been standing right behind her and she’d been looking at a reflection. I love twist endings!

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