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Latex Mask

Latex Mask

The Latex Mask is a scary story for Halloween. It’s about a school bully who decides to play a malicious prank on his classmate, one Halloween night.

Latex Mask

There was a young boy named Melvin who always had a smile on his face. A lot of people assumed he was a little weak in the head. At school, he was always bullied by his classmates. They thought he was stupid and delighted in playing nasty tricks and malicious pranks on him.

Despite being the butt of all their jokes, Melvin still tagged along with the other boys, hoping that some day they would accept him. All he desired in life was their friendship, but they just rejected him treated him like a fool.

While he was constantly bullied by most of the kids in his class, the ringleader was a boy named Tyrell. He was especially mean to the smaller boy and never missed an opportunity to humiliated Melvin in front of the whole school. Tyrell often punched and kicked Melvin, just for fun. Sometimes, he even encouraged other kids to beat Melvin up, just so he could watch and laugh.

Whenever the other kids called him names, taunted him, mocked him or played tricks on him, Melvin would just smile or give a weak laugh. He tried to pretend he was unaffected by the merciless treatment he received. However, his smile was like a mask. Behind it, his heart was breaking.

One Halloween night, Tyrell and his friends were gathered in the center of town. When they spotted Melvin walking home from school, Tyrell told them he had come up with an amazing prank to play on the boy.

“Just play along,” he told his friends. Then, he ran over, grabbed melvin by the scruff of the neck and dragged him over to the group.

“Tonight, we’re going to dig up a corpse” Tyrell announced. “And you’re going to help us.”

“Aw, come on guys,” replied Melvin. “Please don’t joke around about stuff like that.”

“Nobody’s joking,” said Tyrell. “Remember old Mrs Jefferson who died last year? Well, tonight we’re going to the cemetery. We’re going to dig her up and leave her in front of the school to freak everyone out. Now, we’re going to do the digging, but we need someone to do the carrying. We’ve chosen you!”

“Give me a break, Tyrell,” pleaded Melvin. “You can’t ask me to do something like that.”

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you,” said Tyrell in a threatening voice. “You’ll do what you’re told. After dinner tonight, you’re going to meet us inside the cemetery. If you don’t show up, we’ll give you the beating of your life tomorrow in school. Don’t tell anyone about this or you can consider yourself a dead man.”

As darkness fell that night, Tyrell met his friends at the cemetery. They gathered around as he explained exactly what he had planned. He was going to disguise himself as a corpse and hide in the graveyard, among the headstones. He opened his bag and showed them the costume and latex mask he had brought with him.

“When he gets here, you guys send him, into the cemetery and tell him to find old Mrs Jefferson’s grave. There’s a freshly-dug grave in the middle of the cemetery. I’m going to be hiding in it. When he gets close enough, I’ll grab him and drag him into the grave with me. I’m going to scare him so bad, he’ll probably have a heart attack.”

The other boys thought it was a great plan and couldn’t hide their excitement. Tyrell got into his costume and went into the cemetery to hide. He climbed down into the open grave and waited patiently.

“This is going to be the best Halloween prank ever!” he said to himself as he pulled on his latex mask.

Half an hour later, Melvin finally arrived and met the other boys at the entrance to the graveyard. He was smiling, as usual, but in his eyes, the boys could see that he was scared to death. He had his hands in his pockets and was visibly shaking. The other boys sent him into the graveyard and told him to find the grave.

As he walked deeper into the cemetery, the darkness seemed to close around him. The only light he had was from the screen of his cell phone. He held it up to try and light his way. Melvin walked between the tombstones, his shoulders slouched and his hands trembling. Every little sound he heard caused him to jump in fear or shake in trepidation.

Finally, he reached the middle of the cemetery and arrived at the freshly-dug grave. As he cautiously approached the headstone to read the inscription, a hand came out of the grave and grabbed him by the ankle.

Melvin let out a cry and suddenly, the hand dragged him down into the grave. Melvin lay on the bottom of the hole, coughing and spluttering. Wiping the mud from his eyes, he saw a horrible sight.

There was a corpse standing over him. Its face was pale and wizened. It’s eyes were sunken and its skull was cracked. Melvin struggled to his feet and pulled a large knife out of his pocket.

Tyrell was horrified. “Wait! Wait! Don’t stab me!” he shouted, retreating quickly.

“Why not?” asked Melvin.

In a panic, Tyrell fell backwards and became tangled in his costume.

Melvin towered over him, brandishing the knife. The blade glinted in the moonlight.

“Wait! You don’t understand,” Tyrell cried, desperately tearing off the latex mask. “It’s me… Tyrell… We were just playing a prank on you…”

Melvin continued to advance on him, clutching the knife tightly and raising it above his head.

“You’re the one who doesn’t understand,” said Melvin. His voice was suddenly cold and his face was twisted in rage. “I knew it was a prank all along…”

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  • He suffers from depression most likely. I think probably because he was bullied.
    That’s what you bullies get! For being bullies!

  • i should have known it was a prank but how did he know? he didn’t see anything? how did he know it was a prank? weirdness of seeing stuff. maybe he saw the skin of the neck. let me see about it. show me a picture of the grave part where he got inside the grave.

  • Everyone has their own opinion and we need to respect that, not sit here and call names like a bunch of 2 year olds. Its such a stupid thing to do. And Melvin did actually kill the bully, just btw.

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