Free Horror Movies

Watch these free horror movies online. The best one by far is Night of the Living Dead – One of the best zombie movies of all time. Most of the rest aren’t that great, but it’s worth checking out Last Man on Earth and Nosferatu.

Free Horror Movies
The Amazing Screw-On Head

Free Horror Movies Free Horror Movies Watch Movies Online
Night of the Living Dead
George Romero’s classic zombie movie. A must-see.
Carnival of Souls
After a car accident, a woman is haunted by terrible visions.
The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
Alive but without a body – Fed by an unspeakable horror from hell.
Horror Hotel Horror Hotel The Vampire Bat
Horror Hotel
AKA The City of the Dead with Christopher Lee.
The Vampire Bat
Villagers start dying of blood loss and suspect a vampire is to blame.
Silent Murnau classic based on the story of Dracula.
Bride of the Gorilla Wasp Woman Nightmare Castle
Bride of the Gorilla
Curse turns a man into a gorilla.
Wasp Woman
A beautiful woman by day, a lusting queen wasp by night.
Nightmare Castle
Barbara Steele and a mad scientist.
Last Man on Earth
Vincent Price fights mutant vampire zombies.
Creature From the Haunted Sea
Roger Corman’s B-movie with robbers attacked by a sea creature.
White Zombie
Bela Lugosi and voodoo. The dead walk among us.


  1. NoScareGirl says

    @xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx i used to be terrified of that episode of sbob! Heck, now im watching the exorcist and it makes me laugh at certain parts lol.

    night of the living dead was the first scary movie i ever watched. i hated the way they portrayed that woman as useless and stupid. in scary movies like that woman are often portrayed that way. in new scary movies not as much but in old ones they were alot. it drives me insane! such a stereo type…. im not a big fan of zombie movies personally. no offense to zombie lovers XD im more into the ghost type and killer horror movies o.o

  2. Jeb says

    White zombie is awesome! Nosferatu is good classic horror,last man on earth is a classic in its own right, and Night of the living dead is one of the greatest movies ever made. Public domain at its best.

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