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Clown Movies

Clown Movies

If you like killer clown movies, check out this list of the best ones available with pictures included.

The top 10 scary clown movies. Here is a list of the most terrifying examples of evil, red-nosed children’s entertainers who are also monstrous, murderous serial killers.

Clown Movies

1. Stephen King’s IT (1990)

Stephen King’s IT

Based on a book by Stephen King, this TV movie features the scariest clown of all. Pennywise is the wisecracking, freaky dancing clown played by Tim Curry. Best bit: When the clown appears in the drain and says, “We all float down here!”

2. Clownhouse (1989)


Imagine you’re a young boy and it’s just before Halloween. Now, imagine you and your brothers are alone in the house at night. Then, imagine three escaped mental patients disguised as clowns come to your door. That’s what this movie is about.

3. All Hallows Eve (2013)

All Hallows Eve

4. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Aliens disguised as clowns terrorize residents of a small town. This funny and bizarre 80s horror film is considered a cult classic.

5. Twisty the Clown

Twisty the Clown

Twisty the Clown from Season 4 of American Horror Story is a serial killer who kidnaps and murders children. He blew off his lower jaw with a shotgun in a suicide attempt and wears a mask to hide his horrible disfigurement.

6. Masters of Horror: We All Scream For Ice Cream

We All Scream For Ice Cream

In the Masters of Horror episode “We All Scream For Ice Cream” there is a creepy Ice Cream man named Buster who wears a clown suit. He hypnotizes children and when they eat his cones, they dissolve into a puddle of melted ice cream. It was based on the short horror story “You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” by John Farris.

7. Supernatural: Everybody Loves a Clown

Everybody Loves a Clown

The Supernatural episode S02E02 “Everybody Loves a Clown” features a scary clown who stalks a little girl and murders her parents.

8. Amusement (2008)


Nothing amusing about one surreal clown creepster. In three tragic secrets, (stories) we get a small variety of subplots all involving the presence of clown horror. Amusement was a great film, one that I purchased right away upon viewing.If you’ve been putting this one off, don’t! It’s worthy of this list and for your DVD shelf.

9. Drive Thru (2007)

Drive Thru

A horror film about a fast food restaurant named Hella Burger has a demonic mascot called Horny the Clown. He is possessed by a vengeful spirit who tracks down and murderer the kids of those who killed him.

10. Zeebo the Clown

Zeebo the Clown

An episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark titled “The Laughing in the Dark” features a creepy clown named Zeebo. He smoked cigars and after he accidentally burned himself to death, his ghost haunted the spookhouse at an amusement park. It is generally considered the scariest episode of the series.

11. Killjoy (2000)

12. SICK – Serial Insane Clown Killer (2004)

13. Mr. Jingles (2006)

14. The Clown at Midnight (1999)

16. Dead Clowns (2003)

17. Final Draft

18. 100 Tears (2007)

19. Camp Blood (1999)

20. Fear of Clowns (2004)


Who can forget that scary clown doll creeping under the bed? This film damaged alot of youths who promptly discarded any clown toys in possession. One scene is probably responsible for half the world’s therapy sessions. To this day, if I’m around clowns, dolls, thunder, lightning, I cry like a baby. This clown is even scarier before it moves. The anticipation is insanely horrifying.

Dead Silence

In the movie Dead Silence, there is a creepy clown doll that is possessed by the ghost of Mary Shaw.

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  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space isn’t scary… it’s actually quite cheesy cuz it’s from the 80’s

  • I dnt know why ppl r scared of clowns , clowns r funny lol …. unless there chasing u through a large corridor holding a knife laughing like a maniac o.o lol

  • Hahaha, I once watched an annoying orange ep. that was about saw and orange called saw an ‘Emo Clown’. I thought that was funny becuase they have saw under ‘Clown moives’ Is that guy form saw really a clown?

  • I’m kinda scared of clowns…By the way…Killjoy is an album from my chemical romance. Gerard way will hate that movie for copying >:D

  • the clown pic that says poltergeist what is the real name to this movie been trying to find it. I, use to watch this movie when i was little( was very scared of this movie) and now that i am older i wanted to see if it will make me hide under the covers again lol.

  • IT is very scary.After I watched the movie,I dreamt of Pennywise.It was frightening

  • pennywise is the only stephen king character or movie i find here. lol i have the shining book and movie

  • My younger sister has a clown phobia, it always cracks me up. But I guess in some movies the clowns are creepy like in IT and in Supernatural. The one in Are you afraid of the dark is funny.

  • Don’t forget these great clown killer titles:

    – The Funhouse (1981)
    – Blood Harvest (1987)
    – Out of the Dark (1989)
    – Night of the Clown (1998)
    – Camp Blood trilogy (1999-2003)
    – Urban Massacre (2002)
    – Hellbreeder (2004)
    – The Fun Park (2007)

    Have fun!

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