Family Portraits

The Family Portraits is a scary story about a hunter who stays the night in a creepy old cabin in the middle of a large forest.

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

A long time ago, there was a man who went out hunting in the woods. As night fell, he found himself in an unfamiliar part of the forest. He walked and walked, but he couldn’t find his way home. Wandering aimlessly in the dark, he eventually came to a small clearing where an old, ramshackle cabin stood. Tired and weary, he decided to see if he could stay there for the night.

When he came closer to the cabin, he saw that the door was standing ajar. Poking his head inside, he could see that the little cabin was completely empty, but there was a bed and a fire burning in the fireplace. The hunter threw himself on the bed and decided to sleep there for the night. If the owner came back, he would ask his permission in the morning.

Lying on the bed, half-asleep, he looked around and was surprised to see the walls were covered with paintings. They appeared to be family portraits, all framed and painted in incredible detail. They seemed very life-like and, without exception, each family portrait was uglier than the next. The hideous faces in the paintings made him incredibly uneasy. The way they were painted made it seem as if the eyes were staring directly at him. It was incredibly unnerving.

He decided that the only way he was going to get any sleep was to ignore the hideous faces staring at him. So he turned on his side, facing the wall, pulled the blanket over his head and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, the hunter woke up to find the cabin bathed in sunlight. When he looked up, he discovered there were no family portraits on the walls of the cabin, only windows.


  1. x dirk strider x says

    I’ve read this one before, in one of the three “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” books. I’ve always found it to be unnerving, but not scary, per se. But I digress; it’s still an interesting read.

  2. horrorstory says

    That is a creepy story but not creepy enough why din’t the cabin hunter guy find him dead

  3. lizett says

    So the people on the portraits were people on windows. And how were they looking from high up, like some windows are on top of other. Just weried.

  4. Paperdoll0025 says

    That was creepy =) Everybody should think thrice before going out.And bring map, so you won’t get lost, right? LOL ^n^

  5. ghost_biscuits says

    that’s kind of creepy because they weren’t portraits they were people watching him through the window…

  6. AngelDemon21 says

    Please!… This wasn’t even scary at all! Ive seen and heard scarier things! I mean if that happened to me.. Yeah, I would be pretty freaked out.. But not that scared at all!

  7. marmar1998 says

    Wow i was likeeee ……. Um okay you see people looking at you , why dont you just say stop looking at my freaks !! Dont all cabins have windows you dumb idiot ! Wth i would’ve got up got a weapon and shoot every face i saw lol but thats just me !!!

  8. alexnciera45 says

    thats not scaryy at all :/ pssshhh shoot if i was himm i woulda been way past outta there!!

  9. TheDoved says

    D:> AHHHHHH creepy!!! it make me tremble the first time i read it. But, what about when it said the next one was more hideous then the last??? Was it like, a cult? Who were those people?! i bet they wanted to STARE at him. maybe he was good looking to them- like a fried peice of chicken. GREAT! now im hungry. DX But awesome story. ;D

  10. DreadfuLies says

    OMGGG i love this story wow there must have been many people out lol, they are creeeppss

  11. LoveToListen says

    Creepy! Wait, so was the place haunted or were there people looking at him from outside…? Im confused

  12. pinkKaygana says

    sooo… people were staring at him from outside. now i know why this website is called scary for KIDS. its scary, but not scary enough to actually be a proper story…. just my opinion :)

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