Evil Clowns

Pictures of Scary Clowns and Evil Clown images collected here for your amusement. Below you can find tons more scary clowns pictures. Some are real, some are toys, some are paintings and some are masks. All are scary and evil. Some people have a fear of clowns. Now you know why! This is my favorite of the evil clowns pictures.

Evil Clown

Evil Clowns
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Evil Clown Pictures
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Evil Clown Pictures
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Evil Clown Pictures Evil Clown Pictures Evil Clown Pictures Evil Clown Pictures


  1. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    Pennywise the clown…. the thing that gave me nightmares when i was 3, fueled my fear of clowns, and got me addicted to horror movies forever… ♥ Love you Pennywise~

  2. -razorbladeluv- says

    awwww theyre sooooo cutee :3 haha just kidding if i saw those in reel life id kill em all O_o

  3. nemesis says

    “They float, they all float–and when you’re down here with me, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!!!”

  4. MrsGrisham says

    The clown from a movie called “Killer Clowns” can’t remember who made it but he was my favorite clown out of the movie because he was the baby. He had a tricycle he loved and boy did he get mad when the one guy broke it, he ripped his head off, literally. If you never seen either of the movies, I recommend both.

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