Death Trap Game

Death Trap is a free scary point-and-click adventure game to play online. You’ve just woken up and find yourself somewhere unfamiliar. You have a feeling that something is very wrong. This isn’t your home! You’ve got to get out of here. There must be an explanation for all of this… Somewhere… Somehow…

In Death Trap, you take on the role of a man named Ray Melali. You discover that you are in a mansion filled with microphones and cameras. Someone is watching you from behind the walls. You are given an ultimatum… Get out alive or don’t get out at all. The house is riddled with death traps and the sicko behind the walls is in complete control.

You must collect items, find secret locations and complete puzzles before you can progress… and find a way out of this DEATH TRAP.


  1. Jossu420 says

    so bad acting lol, and when he drinks the cup of coffee whatever and starts making noises it sounds like he’s shitting xd

  2. lilhoneys14 says

    omg dat game was so scary NOTT!!!!!!!!!! come on dat was such a LAME game yall need to put some more scarier games on here way scarier than dis!!!

  3. quoon1999 says

    it was alright game but some stuff like the sound affects was sooooo funny ahahhahahahhahalol

  4. Clubbed2Death says

    OMG. This game made me laugh my pants off! xDDD THIS WAS SO FUNNY! Those were so bad voice acting. I especially love that one guy’s laugh near the end of the game. “he he he.” This should be in the funny section.

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