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Dead Dog

The Dead Dog in the Suitcase is an urban legend about a young woman who discovers that a golden retriever she was supposed to care for has passed away.

Dead Dog

One summer, a young woman was house-sitting for a family who were away on vacation. They lived in a large downtown apartment and she was tasked with taking care of their dog, a golden retriever.

One day, she came to the apartment and found the dog lying dead in the middle of the living room. When she knelt down and examined the dog, she found a big bone lodged in his throat. He must have choked to death on the food she left during the night.

The young woman was horrified and felt very guilty. After all, she had unknowingly been the cause of the dog’s death. She didn’t want to tell the family and ruin their holiday. At the same time, she had to find some way to dispose of the dog because it was beginning to decompose. She wasn’t sure what to do with a dead dog.

She called her father who advised her to bring it to a vet, who would know how to dispose of the dead dog properly. The girl didn’t have a car, so she decided to put the dead dog in a suitcase and carry it to the vet’s office, which was not far away.

After walking three blocks with the heavy suitcase, she was very tired and decided to use the subway. She carried the suitcase down the stairs and got on the train. When she reached the station that was closest to the vet’s office, she got off the train and began trying to carry the heavy suitcase up the stairs.

A young man spotted her struggling with the suitcase and asked her if he could help her with it. She accepted his kind offer. As they were both carrying the suitcase up the steps, he asked her what was inside. The young woman felt a little embarrassed. She didn’t want to admit that she was carrying around a dead dog in a suitcase, so she told him it was just a laptop and some computer equipment.

Moments later, when they reached the top of the stairs, the young man suddenly pushed the woman, grabbed the suitcase and took off running down the street.

Neither the young man nor the dead dog in the suitcase were ever heard from again.


  • Wow a man just stole a dead golden retriever. Did it have to be a golden retriever? I had one that died. I was so sad. 😭 anyway that was not even scary that was strange no lie

  • Lmao, he though he was stealing an expensive laptop xD. Wait until he sees that it’s actually a freakin’ dead dog, lmao.

  • LMFAO! She took a subway and after I read this there was a subway add!(you know the subway restaurant..)XD

  • Probably what happened when the guy got home:
    Guy: Yes!!!Scored a brand new laptop! *Opens Suitcase* *Sees the dead dog* Aw s### not again…

  • Mmmmm…well I guess that takes care of that huh? Though its unethical…never trust strangers haha.

  • haha now she doesn’t have to worry about getting rid of it he must have been thinking of how great it will be having a laptop then he gets home and smells something bad then he looks in side and sees a dead dog. poor dog

  • hahahahaha so the man stels the suitcase just to take the laptops and computer equipmnets..??!! i mean steals…how rude!

    BY the Way i LIke tHat KInD of SuITcaSe…

  • hahaha thats what he gets bet he didn’t know he was taking a dead dog so when he got home with it and opened it up I bet he was like AWW S***

  • Here is what I think what happened next. The guy carries the suitcase. Then he looks inside.”What the h…? (faint time)

  • This reminds me of a story I heard about this mugger who robbed a guy who was taking his dog for a walk. Fortunately for the man, all the mugger took was a bag that had his dog’s poop in it. LOL

  • THE DEATH OF A MURDERER Once there was a old boy walking down the sidewalk,It was his birthday,and he just turned 15 then a grownup man behind him stabbed him in the back with a knife. The boy died of too much blood loss,and the man ran away he didn’t get caught. People only saw the boy with his facing the ground with a knife in his back. So someone took him to the hospital,and the doctor said he was dead. 10 years later the murderer was sitting in the dinning room with his wife eating soup and drinking tea. The wife never knew he was a murderer, The wife got done and wanted to watch TV, so she went in the living room an once she was facing the wall the boy who got killed was some ghost or whatever called monster.He stuck his hand through the wall and choked her to death with his claws, So the man wanted to check what was going on. There he saw in the living room the boy he killed crawling out the picture,what the murderer saw was a scary looking thing with red/orange eyes and a ugly face. The boy crawled down the wall and the murderer ran out of the house,but the dead guy teleported right in front of the man of murdered him. The boy who got murdered then scratched his stomach up, and the murderer died. (THE END) I WILL CALL THE DEAD GUY:IMMORTAL TERRROR

  • the dog is a suitcase or did he eat one it is so easy to tell it is just a toy this somehoew reminds me of toy story

  • SLENDERMAN there was a boy who went camping out in the forest.the forest was beautiful.the boy decided to put it near the river.then he noticed something in the river.it was a black gem.he happily took it and kept it.then as night fell,he grabbed his sleeping bag and slept.he has a strange feeling of someone was watching him.but he slept anyway.as he was keeping his tent, he took a picture of a deer.he was shocked to see what was on the camera.a dark shadow.he quickly fled the woods.he was running,he felt someone was stalking him.he finally reached his house where he dropped his things.then as he switched on the tv,all the channels are empty.he noticed each time he changed the channel the screen went darker.finally as he switched the 13th time, a shadow went out of the tv. he ran upstairs and hid in the blankets.thinking it was gone, he slowly opened his blanket and saw the same shadow.he ran over and over. he was so terrified he accidentally commited suicide.he accidentally fell off the stairs.then with his last seconds,he saw the black gem with the words inside “STALK H. BERNARD”. sorry if its not scary!i wished you scaryforkids.com staff put it in recent posts.(as requested by lightflower)

  • When it said “a young man saw her struggling with the suitcase and asked her if he could help her with it” and it said she accepted his kid offer shouldnt it be kind offer?

    scaryforkids says: thanks for spotting that mistake. Fixed!

  • He was trying to kill her, but the dog ate his arm. He didn’t want to get caught so he took the dog


  • man deserve dead dog for being greedy don’t you think, btw this funny the stole a dead dog o.O

  • When The Man Started Running The Girl Tried To Stop Him But He Got Into A Train And Got Away. When The Man Got Home He Opened The Suitcase And Without Looking Said Oh Yea! But When He Looked Down He Screamed In Horror. And Died Of A Heart Attack Suddenly The Dog Got Out Of The Suitcase Spit The Food Out And Started Dancing.
    LOL :D

  • Hehe… I would have said “Oh nothing, just a bomb I think should go off in a couple of minutes”
    That should have them running hahaha

  • Wait what happened ? Did the dog go all resident evil zombie dog on him or something ?

  • Wadda eff? XD @HanaBomi & @PureSwagTweets are my twitter accounts. Pls. do follow (if you want). Thanks!

  • As I read this story again I noticed an ad that showed a picture of Katy Perry holding a bone up to a dog. Weird…I bet this will happen to her xD

  • I heard a stroy similar to this in a Scary Stories to tell in the Dark book, except it was about a cat that someone ran over. They put it in a shopping bag when they left a store, and someone stole the bag and had a heart attack. :D

  • I’d love to see the expression on his face when he found out what was inside.

  • @Lightflower yea i heard the story was true SFK if u post it make sure its in the creepypasta section

  • someone should make a story about the slender men, look it up in the internet, some say its even true… eerie story//

  • I dont know if anybody knew this but in the poems section there were a bunch of poems with NO COMMENTS IN THEM :D I already got first on most of them, but you guys could probably get second ;D

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