Darkness Game

The Darkness Game is a scary adventure game. This is Episode 1 of the creepy Darkness series. You play a girl who wakes one night to answer a knock at her front door. A black hand engulfs her and the next thing she knows, she’s back in her bed and doesn’t remember a thing. Upon investigating she finds a few things are a little… different… in her home. You must find a way to stay alive and escape.

Darkness 1 Walkthrough:

Walk downstairs and answer the doorbell.

When you wake back up in your room, pick up the tape on the desk.

Open dresser drawer and pick up flashlight.

Click drawer again to get gloves.

Leave the bedroom and go to the toilet. (down)

Pick up the towel.

Walk up to the mirror, and use the towel on it.

When you turn back around, there is a key where the soap use to be.

Turn to the toilet and put the toilet paper on the roll.

Click on the hand print, and then on the shower door.

Click on the hair in the drain.

After you are attcked by the woman, open the shower door again, and get the faucet.

Go back to the toilet, and use the gloves to get the shiny object out.

Leave the bathroom, and enter the master bedroom with the silver key.

Use the faucet on the cabinet under the TV, then put the tape in the VCR.

Pick up the gold key you can see under the bed in the video. Use it to open the drawer in the back left of the master bedroom. Get the matches.

Go back to the bedroom, and use the big kep to open the trunk. Get the candle.

Go to the hallway,use the matched to light the candle, and then walk downstairs.


  1. BlackCat205 says

    I like it but the first time I played the guy or girl….idk….well IT killed me :C

  2. residentevil5589 says

    GOSH DANGET!!!!!!!!! I couldent get to my spacebar in time when the girl with long hair( reminds me of the grudge <3 horror movies and im only 11)came out now i got my spacebar ready 4 anything *pats keyboard*

  3. DeathIsForever says

    and Cazzy? no it’s not, but what happens after is. (I’m sorta a wuss too O_O)

  4. DeathIsForever says

    no i did NOT turn up the volume.
    I practically jumped when the creepy ghost lady/man came.

  5. Cazzy says

    Did anyone else start to panic when it said “play video”. I have is it scary? I’m a bit of a wuss :(

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